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Christmas Eye Makeup

We wait for festivals to come and add the joy. The festive joy that you want to burst out can also be with fashion ideas. The way you dress and makeup shows your passion of celebrating the festivals. Christmas Eve is one such time where women cheer with their fashion.

Have you ever tried the lovely eye makeup ideas for Christmas? This is enthusiastic and cheerful idea for fashionable women. The eye makeup is not just to show off the glitter to look Christmasy.

If you have not tried the Christmas eye makeup ever, then just do it this time. If you miss doing it this time, you need to wait for next Christmas to look that beautiful.

Christmas Eye Makeup Ideas

The eye makeup ideas must resemble the Christmas theme. The simple ideas can give your eyes that pretty Christmas look. You will love to roll your eyes and throw the cute expressions with the eye makeup for Christmas.

1. Snowflakes Eye Makeup

Snowflakes eye makeup

Snowflakes are the most beautiful thing that you must watch during Christmas. Let the beautiful snowflakes land on your eyelids. You can brighten the eye makeup with the glitter and lovely shades.

Creating the snowflakes on eyes is easy but the look is extremely pretty. Colour snowflakes is a super cool idea and white is classy. It looks totally in fashion and an apt eye makeup idea for this Christmas.

2. Candy Cane Eye Makeup

Candy cane eye makeup

Candy cane is a symbolic accessory that we attach to the Christmas tree. Now, take it on eyes which equally beautifies your eyes.

Oops! Don’t take the candy cane but the shades for your eyes. This can be the most stylish eye makeup for Christmas. The combination of red and white make you look bright. It also makes your eyes look attractive.

3. Golden Flakes Eye Makeup

Golden flakes eye makeup

Wow! Golden flakes add the beauty the Christmas decor and theme. Then, also don’t miss golden flakes for Christmas eye makeup.

If you love to give your eyes a smoky look with Christmas theme, then this works the best. Your eyes glitter with every blink and you look pretty when you blink with Christmas glittery eyes.

4. Green Smokey Eye Makeup

Green smokey eye makeup

How can you miss green on Christmas eve? The world is filled with x-mas trees and it is full of greenery. So, just go with the green smokey eye makeup. You can play with green shades and glitters to create the smokey eye makeup for Christmas.

You can flawlessly glam up your eyes with the green eye makeup for Christmas. Make it a multi colour eye makeup adding the colours and glitters to your eyes. The liner and stickers add the beauty and charm of Christmas eve to your eye makeup. The green smokey eye makeup for Christmas is going to be unique.

5. Christmas Bells Eye Makeup

Christmas bells eye makeup

The colourful Christmas bells makes your eye makeup look adorned. You can play with the colours doing the bells eye makeup for this Christmas. The hanging bells on your eyes make it an extremely adorable eye makeup.

A lovely outfit for Christmas which makes you like an angel must go with this eye makeup. Match it perfectly to look fashionable.

6. Stars Eye Makeup

Stars eye makeup

Stars are seen all over during Christmas. This will be a perfect eye makeup for Christmas with stars. You can choose the shining star sticker to go with this eye makeup idea for Christmas. You can also create the stars with the eye pencil which is another simple idea.

The dark smokey eyeshadow and the silver shining stars look pretty. To can rock at the eve with this trendy and fashionable idea of eye makeup.

7. X-mas Tree Eye Makeup

X-mas Tree eye makeup

The X-mas tree is the centre of attraction of Christmas eve. So, go with the highlight of Christmas for your eye makeup. Add the leaf green colour that brightens your eye makeup, then the cherry red. Attach the accessories that you hang on the tree.

This is an inspiring and innovative eye makeup that shows you up as a fashionable woman. Let your love Christmas be celebrated with such eye makeup ideas.

8. Santa Cap Eye Makeup

Santa Cap eye makeup

What makes the cap look like Santa’s? The colours red and white are enough to make it look like Santa Cap. This is a unique eye makeup idea that you can do this Christmas.

The first shade must be red and then white. Let the charm of eye makeup raise with the glitter shades. You can also stick some of the stickers to make it a creative eye makeup for Christmas. All you need for this makeup is enough of shades in your eye makeup kit.

9. Silver Drops Eye Makeup

Silver drops eye makeup

Do you love silver eye makeup? But not smokey this time. Let your eyes get the Christmasy look. You can add the glitter or pastel eyeshadow and stick the silver drops.

The tiny silver drops can beautify your eyes fashionably.You will look pretty on the day of Christmas with eye makeup that matches the shine of festive. You look like a lady with sheen and silver sheer on Christmas eve with this silver eye makeup.

10. Golden Stroke Eye Makeup


Do you want to keep the eye makeup classy on Christmas eve? Then, simply mattify your eye makeup with a dark pastel shade and give the golden strokes. The double stroke of golden stroke elevates the beauty of this eye makeup.

You can go with this eye makeup when you want to keep it simple and classy. You also don’t need to work more to make this lovely eye makeup.

11. Multi Colour Eye Makeup

Multi Colour eye makeup

A single shade can do spectacular makeup and imagine what the multi colour can do. Not a mess for sure! The multi colour eye makeup is lovely with the

12. Colourful Eye Makeup


Eyeliners are favourite when it eye makeup for any woman. Let the eyeliners go colourful with dotting. The strokes on the liner are too cliche for Christmas. Give your eyes the multi colour dotting with the Christmasy colours like red, white and green. This give your eyes the Christmas matching look.

If you want to add glitters to your eye makeup, it will be a creative idea. It is not over decorated but simply attractive.

13. Floral Eye Makeup


Floral designs and the elements make everything pretty. You can also make your the Christmas eye makeup pretty with the floral eye makeup. Let your eye makeup look breathtaking with the bright shade and white floral. You can look at the above image which is all lovely for Christmas.

This eye makeup suits your pretty outfits. The Christmas party is little more enjoyable with such eye makeup idea.

You can make your eyes look adorned with Christmas theme. Your love for colours of Christmas comes on to your eyes with makeup. Every Christmas, outfits grab the attention but for this Christmas the eye makeup will be it.

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