14 Effective Ways to Reduce Belly Fat Without Exercise


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Reduce Belly Fat Without Exercises

Losing weight is highly tough and you don’t even know from where and how you got all the fat in your body. This is a sad fact that you were unconscious of gaining weight. When you realize that you put on your weight, you start exercising and dieting. But how long you are able to do?

Keep weight gain and loss aside but the most worrying part is your belly fat. This makes you hide it with oversized outfits. You don’t even pick your own gorgeous dresses that are lying in your closet.

If you are ready to do anything than exercise to reduce the belly fat, then you must pay some attention here. These are the easy and effective methods to cut down your belly fat without exercise.

Now Reduce Belly Fat Without Sweating Out

1. A Right Posture


You need to set your body posture to lose your belly fat. When you letting your stomach slouch and slump, it increases the fat. So, try to keep maintain a good body posture by standing erect. The stiffness in body can cut off the belly fat. Whenever possible, try to stand erect and you will be able to lose the calories.

Try to improve your posture by standing and sitting straight. Let your shoulders be raised and see that your feet touches the floor whenever you are sitting. All these simple things can let your belly stay flat and bulge up.

2. Hot Water Therapy


Hot water therapy is efficient and healthy in many ways. One of the most crucial benefit is reducing the belly fat. Make sure you drinking hot water early in the morning with empty stomach. This lets flush out the toxins. This is the best way to detox your stomach.

You also don’t feel constipated when you follow hot water therapy. Having hot water every morning makes you feel light and refreshed as well. So, you see that you have 2 glasses of hot water as soon as you are up from the bed. Why late to start it?

3. Hydrate Yourself


You need to keep yourself to remove impurities and waste from your body. This helps you lose the weight especially in midsection. You can also keep sipping infused water to detox your body. Count the amount of fluids you are taking. See that your body gets enough hydration which promotes digestion and then you can cut off the paunch.

As you are asked to drink water, do not drink too much which may also cause bloating. On an average, every person must intake at least 8 big glasses of water everyday.

4. Walk for Hours


You need for walk for few hours and it need not be at a time. Break your walking time into intervals.

See that you walk at least 30-40 minutes a day. This keeps you away from increasing the extra pounds at your waistline. To make walking fun and easy, take a partner along with you. Have a brisk walk for few minutes and this will be fun you have a walking partner and this is not considered as exercise.

5. Intake Vitamin C Food


When you are eating food filled with vitamin C, the you are eating right. Try to take at least one fruit that is loaded with vitamin C. You have many fruits that are great sources of vitamin C- lemon, kiwi, orange, guava. Having vitamin C is another way to keep yourself hydrated. The key here is, you are taking less calories but vitamin oriented food. And this ensure you have healthy diet and let you achieve the flat belly goals.

6. Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet


Chia seeds is the best hunger suppressant. As it has the soluble fiber and makes you feel fuller, it can reduce the belly fat. One of the study found that eating chia seeds for breakfast can reduces the hunger.

You can consume chia seeds water which keeps you hydrated as well.

7. Lemon Water


If you are aiming to reduce belly fat without exercise, then lemon water must be your alternate solution. Lemon water promotes fullness along with hydration. It shows the results in few days by reducing the paunch.

So, start taking lemon water every morning with empty stomach and continue for 1 month.

8. Ginger Tea with Honey and not Sugar


It is an effective detox tea that works on removing the the belly fat. It also reduces bloating and improves digestion. If you are looking for other health benefits with ginger, then it has anti inflammatory properties and it is anti cancer.

It helps in overall weight loss along with belly fat as it speeds up the metabolism. You can remove the bad toxins. The best time to have ginger tea is after a heavy meal which promotes digestion. Make sure you have ginger tea without sugar and instead add honey.

9. Green Tea

Green Tea For Reduce Belly Fat Without Exercise

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks which helps in detoxing your body. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and moreover metabolism which is a lead for reducing belly fat. At first, green tea breaks the fat cells and moves it into your blood stream. You also tend to have less calories when you have green tea by reducing your appetite.

You must start having green tea before going to bed which let you stay up with metabolic rate even when sleeping.

10. Coconut Oil in Your Diet


Coconut oil is beneficial universally for reducing belly fat. Adding coconut oil let you increase your metabolism. You will also be able to store less fat by consuming coconut oil through diet. It can suppress your appetite.

It is easy to add coconut oil to your diet and make taste healthy food. You can also gain vitamins E and K, iron, calcium.

11. Use Garlic


You must have raw garlic with hot water and that should be the first thing in the morning. Garlic can keep fit by burning all the calories. Garlic is known to suppress huger. The compounds in garlic are known to stimulate weight loss and it is one of the best ways for reducing belly fat without exercise.

12. Have Soluble Fiber


Many studies proved that eating soluble fiber helps them to reduce belly fat. Soluble fiber can make you feel fuller and you take fewer food. Soluble fiber can be digested easily and prevents belly fat. It is a smart way of losing fat in your mid-section. Many studies proved that soluble fiber reduces the belly fat.

13. Enough Sleep


Getting enough sleep is not the solution for weight loss or cuts your belly fat without exercise. But your aim of toned belly is becomes difficult with lack of sleep. Lack of sleep also causes stress which can indirectly and gradually forms a fat layer at waistline.

See that you get 7-8 hours of sleep to reduce the belly fat along with other measures.

14. Body Wrap

Body Wrap for Reduce Belly Fat

Body wrap is one of the effective ways to reduce the fat near the midsection. It is not an unnatural way and it just goes with some techniques of massaging. With massage and wrapping, blood flow increases. The process of body wrap let you sweat and remove the impurities as well.

It also reduces cellulite along with stomach fat. It is definitely a way to get a flat belly without exercise.

You can keep all your promises made to yourself of reducing your belly fat and it is without exercise. Now, you must be that lazy to even try these effective and workable ways. Not only a flat belly but also lets you gain other health benefits when you follow the above ways. All the ways of reducing belly fat without exercise are including the health benefits. And nothing should stop you after this!

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