2 Week Diet Plan and Workout Plans For Weight Loss – Make The Changeover Easy


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Weight loss in 2 weeks
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The fight for weight loss brings us the craziest thoughts. Did you ever wanted a machine that can shrink your body as much as you want? When you get such silly thoughts, your mind roars “Be practical”.

Then what you have to do?

Give the happy news to your taste buds and tummy saying- “All healthy and good food is coming in for you”.

No choice now, let your settled blood run well and let all your organs stay alert. Let all the body parts unfold. The inside you should become feasible to get the results out.

Diet Plans and Workout Plans for Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

Never we are in an urge to loose weight? We delay the plan of weight loss and give some breaks. Suddenly, we throw a challenge to ourselves when we want to slay in our family or friend’s wedding. We also feel the urge to lose weight when we realize that the favourite denim jeans is not fitting like before.

The challenge can be of some kilos in few days.

Here, the point is to keep your health stable and not to disturb your lifestyle. You need such guide that which can give you all positives.

So, we this time we came up with the diet plans and exercises to lose weight in 2 weeks. This can make you happy, if you are looking for the same.

Diet Plan 1

Diet Plan 1
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Indian weight loss diet plan for 1st week

As your body is used to a routine yoWatch the demonstration to get a better ideau will think twice to give a rapid change. But this will not bring you down with proteins and vitamins intake. The diet plan for the first week is designed in the way your body can take easily. So, you strictly need to follow the diet with the quantity and types of foods which are instructed here. You will happily get to settle in the diet plan by 2nd week.

Start your day with morning drink: Morning drink helps in boosting your metabolism and digestion at the same time. You have simple morning drink which help you release the toxins from your body and keep you refreshed. These drinks can be called as cleansers or detox drinks.

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Warm water with lemon juice and honey: This is the most effective morning drink that can help you lose your weight. Add lemon juice and honey to warm water and consume early morning. You can also add 1/2(half) spoon of grated ginger to it. There you will find the change in your body.

Pre-breakfast snack: You must complete your pre-breakfast snacking before 20 minutes of your breakfast. This will be much helpful for first week of your 2 week diet plan.

Almonds: One of the foods that can be preferred as pre-breakfast snack is almonds. So, you can have the soaked and pealed 5-6 almonds which can give you enough amount of fiber. Eating almonds your belly fat can be reduced and it hold your hunger.

Breakfast Meal: Make sure you have your breakfast before 9-9.30AM which will be a perfect time for breakfast. The happy breakfast is happy day most of the times. You can’t raise your calories intake or you can’t down your nutrients. The food you consume in breakfast make you feel light but energetic.

You must have the following foods for breakfast: Here, we are focusing to take good amount of protein and reduce the intake of calories. Egg whites are included to give you the sufficient proteins and milk for calcium.

  • 2 brown bread toast
  • (without butter)
  • 2 Boiled Egg white
  • 1 glass skimmed milk

Pre-lunch: If you could complete your breakfast by 9.00AM , then have your pre-lunch by 11AM. By having pre-lunch, you can prevent yourself from overfeeding. Taking food at regular and short intervals helps you to feel full. When you eat once there is chance of taking more calories and it results in storage in the body.

Fruits: It is better to have your favourite fruit excluding banana. Preferably, you must have the fruits that are high in fiber which will not allow you to take more calories during your main meal(lunch). Some of the fruits that are high in fiber are pears, strawberries, avocado, apples.

The Lunch Meal: The best time to have your main meal of the day is 1:00-1:30 PM. Let you have a elaborated lunch for your first week of your diet plan.

You must have following foods for your lunch meal:

Veggie Salad with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and beet roots; sprinkled with apple cider vinegar.

  • (Do not add salt)
  • 1/2 cup rice
  • 1/2 cup dal without tarka
  • 1/2 bowl vegetables cooked with minimum oil
  • 1 medium sized fish
  • (not deep fried)

The Evening Refreshment Diet: You need a break from your tough schedules. As said before, your weight loss diet should not disturb your routine. You can also release some stress by having the the refreshments like tea and biscuits. See that you take the evening refreshments at 4-4.30PM..

A cup of tea as refreshment:You can a cup of tea without adding milk and sugar. You can also have 2 cream cracker biscuits.

The pre-dinner: Make sure that you intake the food given below by 7PM. Pre-dinner diet will keep energized and active till your dinner. It is supposed to be light with some raw and semi cooked snacks.

Sprouted chick-peas for pre-dinner diet: You can have a 1/2 cup of sprouted chick peas with lemon juice but not salt.

Dinner Meal: Do not delay your dinner above 8.30 to have a proper gap for dinner and bed time. Dinner diet is unlike your breakfast and lunch. You must keep it less with calories, carbohydrates which will be a storage in your body and a cause for weight gain.

You can have the following foods for your dinner diet:

  • 1/2 cup rice or 1 chapatti
  • 1/2 cup cooked veggies(with minimal oil)

Wind up your day with last drink: As part of your weight loss diet, it is important that you have a drink before going to sleep. It can help you in digesting the food intake of all the day and increase your metabolism can be maintained even in night time. You must have this drink before 1 hour before you go to sleep.

Aloe Juice: Add 1/2 spoon Aloe Vera juice, a lemon wedge and 1/2 spoon of ginger juice.Aloe juice with lemon and ginger can help you detox all the toxins. As aloe functions for mutli tasking like maintaining metabolism and detox toxins, you can prefer this drink at bed time.

Indian weight loss diet plan for 2nd week

By 2nd week your body will start accepting your diet plan without any rejection. Your healthy food intake which is fully nutritious will be continued in regular intervals. All the specifications are well prepared to win your weight loss goal.

Early morning drink: I would say, early morning drink is similar to a warm up for a workout. It is to give you some energy and raise your metabolic capacity than normal.

Warm water, pepper and honey: Take warm water with 1/2 spoon of pepper and 1 spoon of honey. Black pepper in this morning drink will allow you to absorb more nutrients from the food.

The Breakfast Meal: Breakfast for second week must be detailed by including some good number of proteins, nutrients and fiber. If you have noticed, we skipped the pre-breakfast diet just to elaborate your intake for breakfast. Don’t you think breakfast such healthy breakfast can give you the energy for longer.

You must eat the following for your breakfast:

  • 1 bowl of oats with skimmed milk and crushed almonds
  • 2 chapattis with sour curd made at home from double toned milk
  • 2 Boiled Egg white
  • Any 1 fruit of your choice (except banana)

The pre-lunch: You need to consume easy digestive and light for pre-lunch diet which will fight your hunger till your lunch and still keeps you active enough.

Veggie smoothie: Prepare a veggie smoothie with kale, bottle gourd and cucumber. You can add some sour tasted fruits like pineapple to the smoothie and also sprinkle some pepper powder. It is better you don’t don’t add sugar.

The lunch Meal: It would be great if you can complete your lunch before 1PM for second week of the diet.

Fruit salad: Have a bowl of fruit salad with your choice of fruits adding apple cider vinegar to the salad. You are not supposed to add salt to the salad. (Exclude banana)

Evening snack: Evening snacks play a small role in your diet plan which you must take high protein food in less amount.

Boiled channa or corn: This time eat handful of boiled channa or corn added with lemon but not any salt. If you wish to have drink as well, you can have a cup of tea without sugar and milk.

Dinner Meal: During the second week of the diet, you should take your diner not later than 7pm at night. Your dinner should include.

Veg Salad: 1 bowl Vegetable salad prepared with Broccoli, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower along with the white of a boiled egg.

Post-Dinner: Toned milk contains the same amount of calcium and proteins but not fat. Toned allows you to take low calories compared to full cream milk.

Toned milk: You should take a cup of double toned milk before 1 hour you go to bed.

Bed-time drink: You must take the drink 1 hour before the bed time. The reason behind the drink at bed time is to keep awake for long time after your meal. You must have minimum of 3 hours gap when you are having a heavy meal. A small meal needs 11/2 hours of gap.

Aloe Juice:You can mix 1 spoon of aloe vera juice and 1/2 spoon of cinnamon powder with 1 glass of warm water and drink it to boost your metabolism.

Diet Plan to Lose 3 Kilos Weight in 2 Weeks:

Diet plan to lose 3 kilos
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Losing 3 kilos of weight may not be everyone’s target. Don’t you think 3 kilos is a good number that can make you fit. It makes a great difference and fit you in your tightened jeans or a pretty gown for a wedding.

Breakfast: Here you have the food options which can fulfill your breakfast. These food options of breakfast can give 300 calories which is a good amount to carry your energy until your next meal.

Go with the following options for breakfast:

  • Peanut butter and apple quesadilla
  • Strawberry French toast
  • 1 cup toasted oat cereal
  • Smoothie, Greek Yoghurt Parfait
  • Egg Sandwich
  • Maple Almond Oatmeal

Lunch: Lets make a the lunch a little more than breakfast by having 400 calories. Count not to cross the calories number.

Pick any of the following options for lunch:

  • A veggie salad with cucumber, carrot, radish, onion and cabbage.
  • A bowl of chickpeas or Kabuli Chana
  • (Which is made of less spices and oil)
  • Besan chilla with veggies
  • Cooked moong daal/Moong daal Chilla
  • Oats Roti, Veggies and Curd
  • Boiled moong Daal without tarka
  • Paneer Bhurji
  • Soybean chaat

Dinner: When you are chasing yourself to lose your weight, you must take fewer calories for dinner. This light food consumption is to help your digestion happen easily. Also see that it is homemade and healthy food with less spices and oil are instructed below.

Below are the options for dinner:

  • Sauteed vegetables with salt and pepper
  • Two bowls of veg soup
  • 1 Roti with regular veggies
  • Cooked moong daal
  • Seasonal fruit+ Yoghurt
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Egg-white omelette

Workout Plan for Weight Lose in 2 Weeks

Workout plan for weight
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Following a diet plan to lose weight is one part of the process and the other important part is workout. Until there is physical activities and movements in your body, you must not expect your body to get into right shape. The workout is not only to lose your weight but also to increase your stamina and flexibility. You can burn your calories effectively along with the diet plan with some simple exercises for the day.

The same exercises must be practiced for the second week of workout plan for weight loss.


1. T Plank:

Plank is the most effective exercise that can give you toned arms, back shoulders. It is an idea to increase the core strength. Choosing plank in your workout plan is a wise idea as it is an expert in showing results in shorter time.

Steps to do:

  1. You start position must be like push-up.
  2. Place your palms and feet on the mat.
  3. Raise your body and stay apart from the ground.
  4. Turn on side and raise your right arm.
  5. Let your left hand remain in same position.
  6. Told the position for 30 seconds.
  7. Now, turn on other side and raise your left arm up.
  8. Stay in the position for 30 seconds.

While doing reps, you need to take rest for some time and then repeat.

Side plank and T plank exercise in simple steps:

2. Around the Clock Lunges:

Around the clock lunges have many benefits along with weight loss. This multi useful exercise can be daily practice. As it can be followed with simple steps you can give a try and then make it routine of your workout.

Look in the picture to follow with easy steps:

Around the clock lunges
ImageSource: www.today.com

Steps to do:

  1. Take the starting position standing straight.
  2. Then come down taking the left leg back slightly bent.
  3. Now place your right leg back.
  4. See that your knees are away from floor.
  5. Bend on side with stretching out one leg.
  6. And keeping other leg bent.
  7. Repeat the same changing the sides.


1. Crab Kicks:

Crabs kick is other exercise that will help you lose tour weight easily. This cardio exercise can boost your metabolism and make you reach your weight loss goals easily. This brilliant exercise must be part of your workout plan to lose weight in 2 weeks.

Steps to do:

  1. Start with a tabletop position by placing your feet and palms on the ground. (See that your arms are straight)
  2. Keep your left leg in same position without any change.
  3. Extend your right leg and kick up.
  4. Then repeat the same your right leg.

Watch the video to make an easy practice:

2. Jumping Jack:

This can help in removing the overloaded calories from your body.

  1. A straight standing position will be your first step.
  2. Take your hand over your head while jumping.
  3. Then bring them back to your sides.
  4. And keep your feet and legs on the sides.

Watch the video for better right practice of jumping jack exercise:


1. Hop and touch:

The active movements in your full body will let you lose your weight easily. This exercise is to increase the metabolism. Other benefits of hop and touch exercise are improving stability and power.

Steps to do:

  1. Balance your weight standing on right leg slightly bending it.
  2. Bend down your hips and stretch out your right leg behind you.
  3. Touch the floor with right arm.
  4. Then jump back immediately.
  5. Repeat the same steps stretching out your left leg and touching the floor with left arm.

Watch the demonstration to get a better idea:

Watch the demonstration to get a better idea

2. Apple pickers:

Apple picker exercise is giving the sufficient movements for legs and arms. You can gain the toned legs and arms by practicing this exercise. As your joints need the fine movements in a day, you must count this exercise in your workout plan.

Steps to do:

  1. Stretch out your legs wider.
  2. Bring your hands on to your sides.
  3. Let your elbows be raised up.
  4. Lift up your right leg and then place back it on floor.
  5. Repeat the same by lifting your left leg.


1.Quad drops:

If you need slim legs which are well toned then you must use this exercise. You can fit into the any outfits and love the way you got your shape with some simple exercises.

Steps to do:

  1. Begin with push-up position by placing your palms and feet on mat.
  2. Take a proper support with feet and palms.
  3. Bend your knees keeping a few inches away from the mat.
  4. Then lift them back keeping the palms in without moving.
  5. This way continue to lift up and bend the knees.
  6. You need to do 20 reps of the same movements.

2. Arm circuit:

Arm circuit is the basic exercise that gives movements to arms. Many of the women have the arm fat and this is the best exercise where you can reduce the arm fat. Your toned arms are part of your fitness. When the fluffy arms are the reason for hiding your whole hands, you must practice this exercise.

Steps to do:

  1. Spread out your hands on sides.
  2. Bring your hands together in fronts.
  3. Do this step of hands coming from part together for 20 reps.
  4. Keep your hands together and spread out.
  5. Do this steps for 20 reps.
  6. Lift your arms up and down for 20 reps.
  7. Do this until you finish off 1 minute total.


1. Squat front kicks:

As squats are the brilliant way to cut down your calories and this exercise will be a good one for beginners. As squats can helpful greatly for weight loss and that too in less time, you must not miss them in your 2 week workout plan.

Steps to do:

  1. Take your position in squat as the first step.
  2. Stand up and kick forward with your right leg.
  3. Then back to squat position.
  4. Stand up and kick forward with your left leg.
  5. Together do 20 reps of this exercise.

2. Knee Tucks:

The main purpose of this exercise is to raise your core strength and flexibility. This exercise is also centers the abs to work and the other benefit of knee tucks is to burn the belly fat.

Steps to do:

  1. Make a downward dog position.
  2. See that your body forms into V shape by raising your back, up.
  3. Come to the push-up position.
  4. Then take your right knee till your elbow level.
  5. Stay for 10 seconds in the same position.
  6. Release your right knee.
  7. Do the same steps for left knee as well.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday):

You can practice any of your favourite exercises from the above.

Smart ways may go wrong and hard ways are always difficult. But what if you get a way that you can balance both. The above diet plans and workout plans are to balance both smart and hard ways. Need your little efforts to slay back in your real appearance. Gain the confidence and you will gain a lot on the way. Get ready to pull out your cornered dresses and say “no regrets”.