12 Latest Styles Of Kundan Jewelry- Elegant Touch


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Jewelry can let the women make style statements. The royalty in attitude and style works with the jewelry you choose. When you are selecting jewelry, you should if the design is made for your personality and matches you style. The fashionable jewelry that most of the women are picking these days is kundan jewelry.

Kundan jewelry is from the oldest forms of ornaments. The oldest style of jewelry with the latest is grabbing the attention of Indian women. The fashionable brides and celebrities of India are loving Kundan jewelry.

Kundan jewelry In Fashion And For Fashion

Kundan jewelry talks loud with fashion and brightness. A woman feels the pride of setting her appearance with this fashionable and traditional jewelry. Some of the styles and designs deliver the perfect style of this traditional jewelry.

Kundan is an Indian gemstone which is made into various sizes and shapes. Kundan jewlery is born from the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The jewelry is setting the royal and fashion standards. The styles of Kundan jewlery that is running in trend are shown here.

Check these styles when you are going for kundan jewelry.

Styles of Kundan Jewelry

1. Kundan Jewelry with pearl drops

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When you are already with your ethnic appearance, you may not find any of the jewelry perfect for you. Having a pair of Kundan earrings with pearl drops can complete your ethnic look.

Look at the pretty earrings attached for you. Imagine yourself with the samples. You will looked perfectly dolled up.

The earrings look grand and fashionable with any ethnic and semi ethnic outfit. The pearl drops and stuffed kundan stones are perfect together. You can have necklaces and neck chokers with this combination of kundan jewelry.

2. Kundan jewelry with emerald drops


Emerald is the colour that makes any jewelry bright and attractive. Emerald drops with kundan jewelry makes it look traditional. This can be a party wear necklace along with a pair of earrings.

When the jewelry comes with the drops, it is simple but classy. The jewelry looks precious and high in fashion with the emerald drops. Let the necklace do the styling with your favourite ethnic dress. When you are wearing a floor length kurti or a traditional saree, this style of kundan goes well.

3. Stylish Kundan jewelry


Kundan jewelry is not only for traditional look, it can also be stylish. You can pick kundan necklace for chic style. The giant kundan stones with the gemstones is extremely beautiful. It looks pretty when you wear it with special western outfits like gowns.

The stylish kundan jewelry is going to accessorize well and let do the unbeatable style statement. Many of the celebrities are going with this style of giant kundan stones. Your special appearance is going to give your too many compliments when you where a stylish kundan necklace or a pair of earrings.

4. Beaded Neck Choker With kundans


Neck chokers are alluring and a fashionable version of traditional jewelry. Neck chokers with kundan stones is extremely beautiful. A beaded necklace with the kundan attachments is totally spectacular.

The big designer and fashion creators are preferring this style of neck chokers. This is much like contemporary jewelry. Kundans make the jewelry look traditional. It is never a bad when the traditional styles get the fashionable designs. This style of kundan jewelry works beautiful as shown in the above image.

5. Multi colour kundan jewelry

Multi colour kundan jewelry

Multi colour kundan jewelry is super attractive. When a multiple traditional colours come into a piece of jewelry it is magical. When the space is brightened with colourful lights, it looks attractive. The multi colour kundan jewelry looks like brightened with colourful lights.

You will love the colour blend for your jewelry. You can also go customized with colour stones that you want in the jewelry. The love kundan jewelry raises when you find the multi colour one. How about the above multi colour kundan jewelry?

6. Layered Kundan Necklace


Layered necklaces are captivating. The layered necklaces do the styling that a set of jewelry does. A single jewelry piece can make you look grand and royal when it is layered. A layered necklace with kundan stones is breathtaking jewelry that every woman would want to wear.

Layered kundan jewelry is mostly preferred by brides in India for it’s heaviness and royalty. A traditional bride in bridal saree and layered necklace looks perfectly decked up on her big day.

7. Beaded Necklace with kundans

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The colourful beads can make the jewelry look fashionable. When the beads and kundans team up for necklace, it will be the most eye-catching jewelry. Showing up in an occasion with such jewelry makes you a stylish woman.

The white kundan stones and colourful beads is style exhibiting. You can love every segment of your appearance with one piece of jewelry or accessory. To set your style with one right piece- choose this for the next occasion.

8. Intricate kundan jewelry

Intricate kundan jewelry

When you see that intricate kundan jewelry- you will be awestruck. If you have to describe the jewelry, you become speechless. Intricate kundan jewelry which are well designed and detailed with the elements- is brilliant.

Intricate Kundan jewelry are crafted with multiple kinds of stones and beads. Intricate kundan jewelry is mostly suitable for brides. The jewelry that every fashion bride should look at. The jewelry looks royal and fashionable along with the traditional look.

9. Kundan Maang tikka


Maang tikka is ornament that is worn by all young pretty women in India. This loved jewelry piece woven with kundans is pretty. When you take the maang tikka on your head, it adds the ethnicity and makes you a traditional doll. Kundan maang tikka doubles the ethnicity.

You have classy kundan maang tikkas and bridal kuundan maang tikkas. You can choose simple kundan maang tikka for a traditional appearance to accessorize with your ethnic outfits. If you are looking for the bridal maagn tikkas, then go for heavy kundan maang tikkas.

10. Kundan woven pendant


A beautiful chain is incomplete without a lovely pendant. If you are looking for the lastest pendant for your chain, then go for a kundan pendant. Kundan pendants are pretty enough to make you look well accessorized.

Pendants are lovely with kundan stones. You can also pick kundan pendant which is multi coloured. You will fall in love with this tiny piece of jewelry when it gets the kudan stones.

11. Peacock kundan jewelry

Peacock kundan jewelry
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You cant take off your eyes when you looking at peacock kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry has the love of traditional and peacock comes to add a little more to it. You can check out the above attached images, where you have silver peacock earrings with kundans. This is great for ethnic and semi ethnic outfits.

The jhumkis with peacock designs and kundans is to lovely. The Indian traditional designs are always to elevate for attraction. And it is seen in kundan jewelry as well.

12. Kundan finger ring

Kundan finger ring
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Some of the styles steal your heart and you will aim to own them. Kundan finger rings fall in the heart stealing jewelry category. You will love to wear on the kundan finger rings as it looks ethnic and stylish.

You can check out the samples of kundan finger rings from the above. It is not just rings but the chains are attached. This is a latest style of rings with kundans. Did you love it and want to own one?

13. Kundan ear studs

Kundan ear studs
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Some women don’t like to wear the ear studs. All the styles of ear studs are not elegant and stylish. If you were not liking to tuck the ear studs, then they were not so great looking. Look at the kundan ear studs which are super attractive.

I feel like grabbing kundan studs in next jewelry shopping. You will fall in love with the studs once you look these studs. There are many styles and designs that you will fall for.

The accessories and jewelry that you pick must make your collection fashionable. Every bold woman holds the feminine style and classiness with the jewelry. A classy woman lets her jewelry do the talking. Kundan jewelry let you show both the shades with the latest styles and designs.

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