Short Bun Hairstyles – A Twist Of Tale


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Buns For Short Hair

Girls who have short hair feels like they do not have any styling option than the girls who have long, shiny and thick hair. A lots of braids, buns and ponytails styling seems to have been made for the long haired girls only. But even, short hair girls can now enjoy different kinds of styles, and rock the look. The best thing in a short hair bun is it gives options other than a ponytail. With short hair bun we can rock the look with lots of cuteness and stylish features. Here are some short bun hairstyles i.e., buns for short hair, you can choose.

Some Stylish Buns For Short Hair

1Messy Top Bun

Messy Top Bun

Messy top buns are extremely cool and gives chick look to flaunt if you have a short hair. This extremely versatile bun gives a casual as well as classy look. It is very easy and so much perfect that you can recreate it for every occasion or party.

Use your fingers as a comb rub it through your hair, pull as much you can into a ponytail. Do not use a brush or comb to make it look messy. If your hair tie is unable to hold all your hair, keep them loose as it will give a beautiful hairstyle.

Divide the ponytail in two halfs, and add volume using a teasing comb. Around the base, wrap one part around. Secure it with bobby pins, again wrap the other part in the opposite direction and pin. Coat the pins with a hairspray, to prevent it from falling.

2Messy Side Bun With A Headband

Messy Side Bun With A Headband

Headbands were supposed to be an accessory for little girls. Headbands are now a trend for everyone. It gives a cool chick look not only for long hairs but also for short hairs. Some new trendy and classy headbands can boost up any hair look. In here, side bun with a headband can give an adorable look.

Apply smoothening serum and spray heat protectant spray on your hair. Part your hair on one side. Curl your hair on the bigger part. Brush through the curled section to create a messy look. Divide it into three parts, take all the hair from the middle part to the side of the large part. And twist into a low bun, use bobby pins to place it properly.

Start braiding the hair of the smaller part, and tuck it into the bun. Pull the hair of the bigger part back and wrap around the buns base with pins. Place a headband of your choice. This is more of a casual look with all the tendrils escape.

Loose Side Bun

Loose Side BunThis loose side bun hairstyles are very popular and glamorous for short as well as long hair. It is even very easy to style.

Spray a heat protectant and apply a volumizing product in your hair. Top of the hair must be smooth, so do some hair straightening. Try to curl loose curls from the same flat iron. Leave the front portion, and make a low side ponytail. Back-comb the ponytail to add volume. Then use the end of the hair into tucking at the base. Use bobby pins for securing.

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3Simple Top Bun

Simple Top Bun

This is a simple and sophisticated look to get with a bun. It also provides a perfect look, for an ordinary bun.

As the name suggest it is very simple and easy bun to make. First, you have to gather your hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. You can use volumizing serum or blow dry to add volume. Divide the pony into two parts, wrap one part around the base, then another part in the same direction. Use bobby pin for securing.

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4Low Rolled Bun

Low Rolled Bun

Beauty and elegance is not time consuming. So does this bun. It will take 5 minutes of your time to make this hairstyle.

Brush your hair after applying smoothening serum, split your hair into two part. Tie your hair after twisting each section, with elastic bands. Fold your ponytail and wrap around to make bun. Secure it with bobby pins.

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