Must haves for the 9 months of pregnancy


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There are certain things that a mom to be should posses because the 9 months of pregnancy is not going to be a piece of cake. It is going to be difficult and you are going to need a lot of help from your fellow beings. Well, while pregnancy is the most beautiful part of your life, you should also remember that there are certain must haves that you should not forget. These must haves are important because sometimes you may not like it, but they will help you get through the tough times. We are not talking about phones or iPads. We are talking about all the basic stuff that is required for a newly pregnant you!

While you are expecting, sometimes you may seem off guard and not know why you are feeling a certain way. But, don’t worry, these things are supposed to pass and not bother that much. So, we are going to tell you all the essential must haves you should have during 9 months pregnancy or buy right away so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Top Must Haves While You Are Pregnant

1A camera

A camera

Memories and memories only, all the way! Well, if you don’t have pictures of your pregnancy, then you will have no fun. You need to make sure to have pregnancy pictures and beautiful bump photos. You need to document all the memories of you and your partner. When you document it, you will rewind the times you went baby shopping, got your house baby proofed or how many times you peed. Some could be cute, you could get some emotional and some could make you laugh. So, a camera is something that is very important for you when you know that you are pregnant. You may not feel very photogenic at times, get angry at your husband for clicking your pictures, but lets face it, pregnancy is a very beautiful thing and so, you have to go with it.

How exciting is to take monthly bump belly pictures? Make a great photo shoot out of the pregnancy. You can actually make it beautiful and memorable and show it to your baby when she/he grows up.

Here are some baby names you can choose for your little one in the 9 months time!

2Ballerina shoes

Ballerina shoes

If you have been wearing high heels all this while, then you are going to take a long rest from heels and move to ballies. Your dainty feet are not going to be dainty any longer and you may suffer from swollen toes and cracks that may hurt your leg a lot. You would have gained some extra weight, so heels are going to feel very heavy on your legs. Plus, medically, it isn’t that good for your hip and child also. So, ditch the hells and buy yourself comfortable flat shoes so that you don’t feel painful all the time. The 9 months of your pregnancy period is the time you should take care, so buying these comfy shoes will be a change for you. You can cover your feet and save it from the blister and everything. Yes, your body is bound to change, so don’t be surprised if even your feet are changing slowly. Buy different kinds of ballerina shoes and rock ‘em.

3A water bottle

A water bottle

Well, you are drinking and eating for 2 people. So, remember that you should drink 2-3 bottles of water extra, so that you don’t feel parched. If you are shopping, or going to the local market, don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you, especially when you are running errands. Whenever you are thirty, remember that even your baby inside would be thirsty and parched. It could be any kind of fluids like even lemon juice or orange juice. It doesn’t have to be restricted to just water. Make sure you are never caught out in the hot sun without a water bottle.



You need to pin down every detail of yours in the diary. Yes, the pictures are great, but like the pictures, you also have to document your pregnancy by taking note of how you feel every day. You need to write a blog or a diary as to how you feel every day, so that you can keep the journal for the future when you need to know how you felt. Not very often does everyone have a diary, but the advantage is that, when you have one, you will know how you were emotionally happy. Remember the first kick? Do you have a photo? Great, but how do you feel? Your diary can tell you if you start writing one. It is definitely an emotional roller coaster, so writing everything down will make it easier and simpler for you and your emotional outburst. Sometimes, you don’t even want to talk to anyone. That time, your diary can be of use!

You could in fact write down every month’s progress and give it to your child as her ultimate gift when she turns 15! How cool would that be?

Pregnancy is all about having a lot of fun, rest and most of all, loving your baby like nobody else. So, have a great pregnancy memory and do buy all of the above must haves, because if you don’t buy now, you will never do.

Happy pregnancy!

-Pavithra Ravi

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