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India is filled with engineers and mainly with people who thought engineering was their first love and turned their back to it. Well, a lot of women and men in India love to study engineering for a lot of things that come their way. One can be because of the money, two can be because they are under the ‘awesome’ category and three, mainly because the timings are actually flexible and they get a lot of benefits. Let’s face it, engineers are cool and in our country, we have like a million cool people. Everybody is an engineer and everybody has their own love life to fall back on. Whoever thought that an engineer was a boring choice can take it back because they are combination of many things. They are smart, they earn money and of course, they can be creative lovers as well. So, if you are planning on going out with an engineer, I wouldn’t say no to it at all.

Of course they are a little studious and approach everything in a weird way, but they can be pretty good lovers. A lot of engineers can be innovative, creative and very approachable. Any woman who loves this combination can fall flat for them and go head over heels. They aren’t the people who are posed to be or who are told they are. They can be fun, interesting and definitely worth loving. Take it from the living example, my engineer husband is pretty awesome! Here are the perfect reasons you can find why you should love an engineer.

So, here’s an ode to the trust and love an engineer can give a girl!

Top Reasons Why You Should Love an Engineer

1Talent + creativity

Talent and creativity

Let’s face it. Most men who are engineers would not have wanted to become one. Yes, there are so many people who dread what they are doing for work today. Some would have wanted to be a player, some would have wanted to be a musician, a dancer, a singer. Maybe he knows to play the guitar well! So, your engineer could be a creative person as well apart from the dorky engineering stuff he says. So, you never know how creative and attractive he can get when it comes to convincing you to fall in love with him.

2They go to any extent

They go to any extent

Yes, engineers are not dumb shacks at all. They can actually go to any level of creative freedom when it comes to impressing a girl. Don’t think of the guy as a duchebag. He could turn out to be pretty amazing and give you gifts that you never thought you’d receive. He would woo you with everything in a different way and still have his geek mode on. He can impress you with flowers, innovative gifts and spoil you with whatever you wish for. Because, let’s just say – they earn really well!

3He is a geek

He is a geek

Yes, being a geek isn’t a bad thing at all. When it comes to advice on any kind of gadgets or any kind of computer stuff, he is just there for you. If you are stuck and want some help when it comes to hardware stuff, he is going to help you out and fix the problem. Since he is an engineer, he will basically know almost everything about the system and the way it works and what probable problems could occur. So, if you love an engineer, this could your big save and you needn’t waste all your money by spending it on a computer problem.

4They hang out more often

They hang out more often

Actually speaking, engineers do hang out more often than anyone else. They know how to prioritize their work life and personal life. They definitely know how to handle themselves when it comes to fun with their girlfriends. They are pretty awesome even when they have exams the next day. Nothing really is new for them and they know how to handle an impromptu meetings as well. They have an answer for almost everything because they are used to doing that at office.

5Awesome last minute workers

Awesome last minute workers

Yes, engineers have been brought up in such a way in their field that last minute work is like a cakewalk for them. They are very easy when it comes to finishing last minute chores. They can help you plan a surprise party for your family member or friends in just a day’s notice. Since they have done all this in their past or doing it in their present, it is very easy for them to put everything together and start up an idea from scratch even if they don’t have a proper line of action. You can trust them with this and they will definitely own it.

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6Hero of the hour

Hero of the hour

Yes, if you have a mechanical engineer, you just have to tell him what the problem is and he will repair anything around you. You actually have a readymade engineer who can solve broken stuff at home without taking money. Since they love what they are doing, there will be extra effort towards fixing stuff. If you want someone who is dedicated to work, you can see it in them when it comes to doing what they love.

7They remember everything

They remember everything

The best thing about being in love with engineers is that they are insanely awesome when it comes to learning about things and mainly remembering it. Yes, they remember almost everything from birthday dates to anniversaries, etc. They have been studying in such a way that they have to mug up everything they learn. So, dates and important information is just mugged up and they remember whenever you want them. They are like clocks and reminders!

-Pavithra Ravi

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