5 Crucial Health Benefits Of Going Vegan


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We generally look for a positive change in any aspect. Not only getting awareness, but we also follow many things to be on the right path. The most crucial aspects of life are health and fitness. We keep thinking and browsing for the factor that makes us healthy and fit. Women always have the urge to trim themselves. Being fit is secondary but health is primary.

We love non-veg with the extra masala. But, we will let you know the facts of going vegan and you will start loving to be vegan than non-vegan. There are lot many benefits of being a vegan. Women go through various phases of life. It is important to be a vegan than a meat eater. Meat is giving us something extra, which we really don’t need in our body and food diet.

We are well known about a saying, “no pain no gain”. To enjoy the benefits of being vegan we should leave the tastes of non-veg. Make a move towards a healthy life by going vegan.

Why Go Vegan

Happy Moods: A study says that vegans are happier than meat-eaters. Vegans are less effected with depression and mood profiles compared to non-vegans. This possibility of a vegan being happy is with the freshness of vegetables and fruits. It purifies mind compared to meat and it is better you take organic food and plant-based dishes.

Better Skin: Vegans have a good skin texture and less macular degeneration with all the consumption of vitamin C. Women love to have a good skin texture and toned shape, then going vegan is a right way to gain a lovely skin and body shape.

No Body Odor: In fact, body odor is specific individually. But most of the body odor comes from food habits. Research repeatedly resulted to say no meat and no body odor. The vegan smell was pleasant.

So you can keep body odor at bay by going vegan.

Health Benefits of Going Vegan:

1. A Vegan Diet is Rich in Nutrients:

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The vegan diet is a package of nutrients intake. You can replace with unlimited foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts. Many studies and surveys proved that a vegan diet is rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin A, C and E.

2. Weight loss:

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A Large number of people are turning to the vegan diet to lose weight. In a study, a vegan diet helped people to Lose 4.2 Kgs in 18 weeks of the period. People following a vegan diet were allowed to eat stomach full but dint effect in putting weight like the normal diet. So, Vegans maintain a healthy body weight compared to non-vegan.

3. Lower Blood Pressure and Less Hypertension:

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Vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure and lower rates of hypertension than non-vegetarians. Pregnancy complications may affect women in higher blood pressure. So, women need to go with the vegan diet to keep blood pressure normal.

4. A Vegan Diet Helps to Protect From Cancer:

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Cancer is the evil attacking many women all over the world. There are many reasons that are causing cancer and kinds of gynecologic cancer are various. Benefits of going vegan include preventing cancer. Research also declared that eating fruits and vegetables every day may lower your risk of developing or dying from cancer. Vegans gain a 15% lower risk compared to non-vegans.

5. Lower Risk of Heart Disease:

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Lack of physical activity is the biggest cause of heart disease and it is found more in women than men according to research. Consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and fiber help in a low risk of heart disease.

How to Go Vegan:

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To go vegan you can just replace meat with many other food alternatives. You can try various new food items and keep yourself healthy and fit. Following are the few options to go vegan easily.

1. Have Nuts and Seeds:

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Have nuts and seeds have already started replacing meat. This a very good alternative of rich protein and vitamins. Additionally nuts, seeds are great sources of iron, fiber, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E. Nuts and seeds are the good content of anti-oxidants and o9ther beneficial plant compounds.

You directly consume nuts and seeds or make them into delicious recipes at your own interest. You can add these nuts and seeds as ingredients in your dishes to give you yummy taste. Try to choose something keeps you balanced and unroasted, raw nuts and seeds are much better.

2. Add Legumes:

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Legumes are everywhere. They add amazing taste to your food and nowhere less in health benefits. You have enough legumes to try in your vegan diet. Legumes contain 10-20gms of protein as per cooked up dish. They are the good content of fiber, iron, folate and manganese. In a study of 19 women, those who ate a meal containing 1.7 ounces (50 grams) of chickpeas had significantly lower blood sugar and insulin levels than those who ate the same amount of white bread or other wheat-containing foods.

3. Consume Fruits and Vegetables:

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Nothing can replace fruits and vegetables. But there are many ways to replace your favorite non-veg items and give you equal benefits with plenty of vitamins. They help you increase all the ways of giving you a healthy life. As we know, “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and it is all proven. We have much greater benefits with fruits and vegetables. You can effortlessly go vegan with fruits and vegetables.

4. Replace with Green Leafy Vegetables:

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Leafy vegetables are super beneficial. Leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli have the content of vitamins A, C and calcium. You make salads, soups, wraps with leafy vegetables and no chance of losing your taste goals of the food. Dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of many vitamins and minerals. Many research studies, declared that green leafy vegetables are nutrient oriented and they prevent women from cancer and promote heart health. It suggests teens to consume a minimum of 3 cups of green leafy vegetables per week or half a cup every day.

5. Take Sprouts:

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Sprouts are a brilliant option to go vegan. Sprouts are rich in oxygen, they protect your body from bacteria, virus and abnormal cell growth. When you soak the sprouts the fiber content in the sprouts allows you to lose your weight by removing the fat and toxins from your body. While sprouting, they increase with nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C & E and making them absorb more easily. They also keep away the disease like cancer. It is a low calories food. Hence, you can achieve your fitness goals having.

We know that going vegan is not possible overnight Hence, follow replacing meat with the above alternatives and gradually you will get habituated. Switch to be a vegan and watch the change and you will feel that finding a vegan option is the happiest thing.

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