7 Best False Nails in India- Pretty And Happy Nails


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7 Best False Nails in India- Pretty And Happy Nails

Which feature you love in you? I love my nails! So, every woman would have a love for her features. But it doesn’t mean that we should be gifted with all the beautiful features. Some women are blessed with beautiful eyes and some with flawless skin tone. Rest is to beautify as you want.

We see too many false beauty products like false eyelashes, hair extensions and nails. All these are great inventions to feel beautiful. So, women who have less nail growth can go with false nails. You have an awesome list of false nails that are available in India.

You can check how false nails are doing the styling. For the next special occasion, you don’t need to wait for nail growth as you have false nails.

False Nails In India That You Must Try

The artificial nails are of different types as per the customer’s tastes, use and comfort. All types of artificial nails are not popular. The hugely preferred type of artificial nail are acrylic nails. You also have gels which can make false nails. Another less popular nails are fake sticker nails which are to stick on the natural nails with glue.

Best False Nails

1. BONJOUR PARIS False Nails


Bonjour false nails come in fashionable pink colour with glitter nail art. It is easy to use the nails by attaching to your natural nails. You have various designs and nail arts which are variants of the product.

The pack of this product contain 12 false nails. It is provided with glue which works best in sticking the false nails. It is also an affordable product that is available in India.

2. Round Tip Full Cover Fancy Stone Nails

Round Tip Full Cover Fancy Stone Nails

The product provides the 12 nails in the package. You can easily apply the false nails with the given glue. The glue lets the false nails hold on securely.

The nails got a smooth finishing and trendy stone design. We can also call it a good deal as it is an affordable product with good quality.

3. SoSh Artificial Imported FalseNails Metallic Design

SoSh Artificial Imported FalseNails Metallic Design

The product has many good features that make it a good buy. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The false nails also must be removed easily which is a tough job. But with this product, removing the false nails is simple.

The given glue keeps the false nails stay secure. You can also reuse the nails when you want. The nail design can go with party wear and casual outfits as well.

The pack comes with 20 nails and we call it a reasonable price. You also get false eyelashes for free which is another benefit.

4. TIMESETL 500PCS Coffin Fake Nails

TIMESETL 500PCS Coffin Fake Nails

You must love these fake nails for it’s quality. You can happily try the nail arts on these false nails. The nails are made of natural colours and are free from chemicals.

The nail size is too big which can be filed if you want. There are various nails shapes that are available in a single product. If you want trendy shaped nails, then you can pick this product. The nail shapes that are available are coffin, ballerina, oval.

The nails that are provided in the package are of various sizes. You have 10 different sizes of nails.

5. FOK False Nails

FOK False Nails

The package of this product contains 10 different sizes with 20 nails each. These fake nails match your natural nails with shine and colour. You don’t like you are wearing fake nails. You can also use these fake nails for both professional and casual use.

You can go with the fake but natural looking nails on special occasions. The shape of the nails is trendy.

The nails are comfortable and light to wear. The material that is used to make these nails is environmentally friendly. Hence, it is a safe product to use. It is an affordable product that is available in India.

6. Smile n Style Essentials False Artificial Acrylic Nails

Smile n Style Essentials False Artificial Acrylic Nails

The quality of the false nails is great which is not too thin or thick. They match with your own nails as you have various sizes and shapes. The wear of these fake nails is of lightweight.

You can do your favourite nail arts on these artificial nails. The product comes along with glue that holds the nails for long days. You also have well designed fake nails which are from the same product.

The material that is used for to create this artificial nails is environmentally friendly. The nails are non-toxic and smell free as well. It is an affordable product that you must try.

7. Foolzy False French Nail Tips

Foolzy False French Nail Tips

French tip nail art is classy and a bit tough to do. No worries! You have this lovely product which gives your nails French tips. These are nail stickers which are different glue sticking nails.

The nails look natural and also easy to wear. A must try false nails product that is available in India.

The nails are safe to use without any toxins. It comes with 24 nails of different sizes. You must consider the price as reasonable.

When you are using false nails, it must let you feel comfortable with the wear. Then comes trendy look and other features which are basic to be the best falsies. The above listed products are good as false nails.

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