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Fashion Style Tips

Handbags, are initially just some simple pouches that are being used to carry all the important items such as the keys, money and many other personal belongings. Fashion style tipshave developed handbags into more sophisticated fashion items, which now come in many shapes as well as sizes. The materials that are used to make include leather, suede, fabric and plastic, amongst other things. They are also being used by men as well as women all over the world and they can cost anywhere from a few rupees to several thousands of rupees for ahigh end designer handbag. There are so many different types of handbags, now-a-days which can be confusing to select which one to use at that given moment. Whether you are going for a stroll in the park or for a night out in the town, each handbag has some practical use for every specific scenario. So here, are some famous handbags fashion style tips, you can use.

Fashion Style Tips



A Satchel is basically a large as well as sturdy handbag which has a wide flat bottom, a main pocket that is covered with a flap, a shoulder strap, two small handles and zippers or clips for sealing pockets. This type of handbags can be worn by both men and women. Usually it is worn, with the strap over one of the shoulders and the satchel that is resting on the opposite hip.

Fashion style tips makesatchels one type of large handbags, that are mostly used to carry many large items such as books, files or even a laptop. They are most predominantly used by those people who are going to work.

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2Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag

As the name implies, a bucket bag is just like the shape of a bucket. Usually with an open on the top and a drawstring closure and also two shoulder straps. This type of handbags is very roomy and is used predominantly by many women.

Due to the roomy design as well as sturdy structure, the bucket bags are generally being use to carry many items that you can also find in any regular purse like make-up, money, cell phones or also larger items like shoes or even tupperware.



Fashion style tips makes clutch as one of the smallest type of handbag available and is also essentially a small, very fancy looking, type of pouch. It is mostly rectangular in shape which have buckles or even zippers close to it and most of the time it does not have any type of straps attached to it. Thus, it is mostly carried directly by the owner’s hand or inside the purse.

A clutch is mostly used by women to carry their very small belongings like the card, money, makeup and also if there is any room left, a cell phone. Women usually use them when they are going out of the town wearing special dressesand do not want to take something too bulky.

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4Tote Bag

Tote Bag

A Tote bag is quite very large compared to any regular sized handbag, but also not as large as a satchel. They are available in rectangular or even square shape with an open top, large wide bottom and two shoulder straps.

This handbag is also known as a ‘shopper’, because it is often used by many women when they are shopping due to the large capacity to carry many types of items.

5Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag

A baguette bag is basically a small purse which is also rectangular, with a small strap to carry. It also have a long wide bottom and a short depth, which is usually secured with a clip or a zipper. This handbag also resembles the shape of the french baguette, hence the name as baguette bag.

Due to the small size, these baguette bags are not very much in utilitarian. They are also used in a many similar fashion as the clutch, to carry small items, however, they are also slightly easy to carry thanks to the convenient strap.

6Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

A hobo bag is basically a handbag which is quite roomy and it also has one main opening at the top with a shoulder strap to carry. The main opening is mostly secured with a zipper. Inside the bag, there can be many other smaller compartments.

A hobo bag is an everyday handbag, that is used by many women to carry the personal belongings such as the makeup, wallets, phones, keys and any other accessories.

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A crossbody bag is very comfortable and amazingly wearable handbag. Hands are free, so you can do anything like shopping, train commuting, coffee-down-the-street-carrying; and many other endless possibilities. If you are expecting to have the hands full on any certain day, then you need one of these.