Curly Hair Care Tips and Tricks


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Hair Care Tips

Everyone has different types of hair. It can be either straight hair or wavy hair or curly hair. Maintenance for each one is quite different from another. Some have naturally curly hair. Though they have good hair textures, it is tough to handle and take care of curly hair. So, here are some hair care tips for curly hair.

Hair Care Tips

1Water Temperature

Water Temperature

When you go for a shower, use warm water on your hair before applying shampoo. Warm water helps to open your hair cuticle allowing your shampoo to do its job. Make sure you cleanse your hair properly. After you are done with shampoo, use conditioner. Make sure you continue to use warm water and then apply the conditioner. After 10 minutes rinse your conditioned hair with cold water. This will help to close the hair cuticle and allow moisture to be retained which will help from frizzy hair as no one likes frizzy, curly hair.

2No Towel

No Towel

When you get out of the shower, do not rub your hair with a towel. Instead, use a micro fiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt. This will help to prevent friction or frizzy hair.

3Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Curly hair is prone to damage, breakage, etc. Use hair oils at least once in a week. They can be really beneficial to your hair. You can opt for coconut oils or organic oils. Apply oil on your hair and massage properly and then wash your hair with shampoo. This will help to add a little bit of shine to your hair.

4Do Not Brush

Do Not Brush

Most often what women do is soon after they have finished their bath, they comb the hair which is wet. But this is wrong. You should always brush your hair before you go for shower not after that. Every hair type is prone to damage, especially curly hair if it is wet. So, if you brush your hair in the shower or after the shower, your hair will be damaged and broken. It will also become frizzy. So, don’t comb your hair.



Use shampoos and conditioners that are good. Don’t buy the cheapest shampoo available. Sometimes there are many awesome products that are cheap. You can buy them but do check out the ingredients before buying. Don’t buy any product which has alcohol in it. That is not going to be good for curly hair. So, always buy a shampoo and conditioner which helps your hair nourish because most of the women complain about how dry our hair is. You can opt for products that have coconut oil in it. These ingredients are essential as they are part of hair care tips.

6No Heat

No Heat

Applying heat on your hair breaks your hair and damages it. So, avoid straightening or curling your hair as much as possible. If you still want to use a blow dryer, then use it with the diffuser.

7Do Not Touch

Do Not Touch

Everyone has this habit of touching hair or curling hair with fingers. This is not good. Avoid touching your hair till it gets dry because the more pull on your curls, it will get loose and your hair will become more frizzy.

8Start from Down

Start from Down

Whenever you wash your hair, apply a shampoo or a conditioner from down. Start applying to the end and then go up. This rule applies even when you comb your hair. By doing this, it will help from hair breakage or split ends.



Use satin pillowcase while sleeping. If you use cotton pillow case it will have a lot of friction against your hair. So, use a satin pillow case to avoid friction and frizzy hair.

10Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Always use hair accessories to your advantage. You can use hair bands, ties, clips and ribbons available in different patterns and colours. Use them as much as you can. They help to hold your hair under control and also makes it more stylish. Make sure that you are using the hair ties that don’t have any metal bands on it so that your hair doesn’t get stuck in the band.

11Shower Cap

Shower Cap

When you are in the shower, condition your hair and put on your shower cap. The shower cap will help the heat from the shower to penetrate the hair shaft with the conditioner.



Have you ever wondered how much product you have to use on your hair? What you can do is the section of your hair into sections and then take your thumb and first finger and wrap around one section. Whatever size that your fingers have created is about how much product you need to use.

So, If you follow all these hair care tips, you can surely maintain your curly hair very easily.