Yes, You Are Right! Honeymoon With Children Is Possible Now

Honeymoon With Children

Isn’t it the most romantic thing, to go on a honeymoon for the second time? We feel so blessed, that we can enjoy time with our loved one again. But sometimes it becomes difficult to take a second trip to honeymoon when kids are around. Now when, I say the honeymoon with kids, you might get confused, and say that it is a family vacation. Well yeah, you are right in some way. It is a family vacation, but with a twist, and planning a honeymoon with a baby is much more complicated. Finding a time alone, as well, keeping the little one entertained, all depends on the destination you choose. There are a lot of places in India as well as in foreign lands where you can find a lot of children friendly places, where you can take your children for your second honeymoon destination.

Places To Go For Second Honeymoon

1Enjoy the romance in a toy train in Darjeeling

romance in a toy train in Darjeeling

Darjeeling’s scenic beauty is a sight that you would want to behold for your second Honeymoon. It is a perfect summer destination for couples, from a scorching heat from rest of the country. This hill station is like a haven for the couples with children. Its picturesque backdrop of the snow-capped mountains, the blue sky, and the lush green tea gardens are the most romantic part you can enjoy, as well as, experience from the toy train is definitely what kids need the most.

Adventurous Honeymoon

2Indulge in yummy chocolates and love in Ooty

yummy chocolates and love in Ooty

Ooty is known as the Queen of the Hills in South India. It is also another summer escapade for couples who are looking for romantic views. Ooty not only provides a very relaxing and romantic atmosphere for the couples, but also gives a lot of treats for children with many chocolate goodies available at their local confectioners. You can take your child to the Honey & Bee Museum, to make them know about honey making.

3Dance with Puppets in Udaipur

Dance with Puppets in Udaipur

Udaipur is also known as the City of Lakes, with a lot of romantic scenery and is a good way to acquaint your child with history during the trip. This royal city is, very rich in knowledge and culture forall the ages, making it the perfect destination for your child on your second Honeymoon trip. Children can have a good time watching puppet shows, that tell some really nice and interesting stories, as well as, they can enjoy the sound and light show at the City Palace which presents the historical journey of the city. When your child is busy with the puppets, you can enjoy this City of Lakes, with romance and love.

4Travel with Camels to find love in Jaisalmer

Camels to find love in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer’s golden sand is the most definite children friendly vacation place that they won’t be able to forget. You can take them to an overnight desert safari in Camels, and enjoy the moonlit sands that will twinkle in their eyes. It is also the most romantic destination for your second Honeymoon, where you can sit in the middle of golden sand and enjoy each others company, which you are going to treasure the amazing memoirs for your life time.

5Play with Elephants in Thekkady

Play with Elephants in Thekkady

What can be a perfect spot to enjoy with kids than Kerala? The weather is pretty romantic and the backwater provides the best means that can unwind the senses. Elephants are the answer if you are thinking about how to keep the children busy. You can experience the joy of seeing elephants, in their wildlife and experience the nature in the most natural way. What is best than enjoying the most precious moments enthralled with nature, while cuddling your better half.

Honeymoon Attires For Easy Travelling

6Whoosh the romance in Snow at Auli

Whoosh the romance in Snow at Auli

Remember that children love to do unusual activities that can give a break from their regular routine and Auli in Uttarakhand can provide you with this. The softness of snow and the cool weather provides you with an ecstasy to indulge in the most orgasmic best in your second honeymoon. There are many Government certified operators who can provide ski lessons for beginners and kids will definitely won’t leave this place.

7Walk in the Waters in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The blue water and the pristine beaches are the perfect spot for your second honeymoon destination with your child. Children can enjoy swimming with elephants here, as well as, can explore the underwater marine life. Also one of the best things is that they can have fun while walking in the water, as the buoyancy will lift them up and while you sitting in the white sand, romantically excite each other.

8Fly with birds in Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Fly with birds in Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Maharashtra’sone of the most beautiful bird sanctuary, will fill the kids with a lot of excitement. They can spot the rare Siberian flamingo’s and around 400 different species of other birds. It can be their awesome experience when they will be able to feed the birds and while the children are busy with the birds, get your romance bird fly with you.

9Meet the Mickey Mouse in California

Meet the Mickey Mouse in California

Are you thinking of a Honeymoon in California? Then California’s Disneyland, Legoland Resort and Universal Studios, where your kid won’t want to head with you. This stretch of America’s coastline is the perfect destination for a family Honeymoon and the road trip to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, is taking all the sites and sounds, that this city is famous for.



This island nation is mostly known for its laid-back atmosphere, reggae music, stunning beaches and delicious food. It is one of the most romantic destinations to select for your second Honeymoon. You can spend your days eating through the country while the children play with the local kids or can try lounging on the beach as your child is building sandcastles and splashing in the calm tropical waters. You and your child will fall in love with Jamaica and sure that you might not want to leave. These stunning beaches, will add a perfect romance in your love story.

11Romance yourself in Hawaii

Romance yourself in Hawaii

Hawaii is the world’s most romantic places. You can look forward to the beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, and great food. Your child can indulge in the sun, surf and sand, that this island has to offer.

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