Honeymoon Attires For Your Easy Travelling


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Honeymoon Attires

We all love to wear different kinds of dresses when we go out with our partner on our honeymoon. We plan everything we will do with them. From getting up in the morning to having dinner. But sometimes we forget to pack according to the honeymoon needs and destination and either we regret not packing properly or spending these precious time in shopping required stuffs. Here are few things to remember when we pack for our honeymoon attires.

Steps On Honeymoon Packing

1Bathing Suits

Bathing Suits

Remember to pack bathing suits, if your honeymoon destination is Caribbean Islands or Goa. Try to avoid bikini because bikini will require to drop a lot of weight, and try not to stress yourself with a body transformation after the stressful wedding planning. Try a suit, which will make you feel comfortable with your body. Get something adjustable, there are a lot of options available.

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2Versatile Clothing

Versatile Clothing

No matter where ever may be your honeymoon destination, you need cloths which you can add and remove according to the rise and drop of temperature. Pack different kinds of cloths like tanks, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, swimsuit cover up, pullover, jackets, etc. These clothes should be something you can wear everywhere in the day or in the evening. Try to research the weather condition of the place before you visit.



Try to pack a few breezy and pretty lingerie wears. Lingeries does not take much space, so try to get some nighties and chemises for sleep time. Lingeries should be comfortable enough or a day-long wear. Try not to buckle or strap yourself with not in use lingeries.

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4Purses or Clutches

Purses or Clutches

Designer bags are the last thing you should try to pack for your honeymoon. Fabulous Italian costly bags are a strict no no. On a honeymoon, you don’t want to drag yourself everywhere you go. Plus it is a costly affair for some less-virtuous places you visit. Instead, save that money and buy some fancy, cute and waterproof comfortable Purses or clutches which have lot of comfortable pockets and zipped compartments.



Try to avoid new espadrilles, pumps and sandals for your honeymoon. Breaking a new pair of shoes while traveling can become a costlier affair. Instead, pack some used shoes or buy some favourite pairs that you are comfortable while walking. Buy these new shoes few months before, so you can avoid blisters and be a lot more comfortable.

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