Alternative places where you can spice up sex


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Places to Have Sex

There are more places than a bed that can be erotic and amazingly interesting when it comes to sex. The passion with pillows and blankets is good, but not great enough. Making love in a big and luxurious bed is definitely marvelous. It doesn’t have to necessarily be big, it could be a small bed too. But sex is sex anywhere. But, when you can make love into lust, you could choose a different place. You can find the same passion that you have in bed in so many other places. Look around your house and figure out the various places you can actually have sex in. Aren’t there so many places where you can get cozy and comfortable for sex? It is good if you can imagine and picture every part of your act with him in the place you would want to do.

Do some research and get your lover’s juices flowing by telling him that you’ve been doing some research into great places to make love. There is all the chance in the world that he would be very desperate to hear about all the special places you have found to make things wild and passionate. The actual fact that you have taken so much pain to find out will turn him on even more. But before you jump into action, make room for pillows and blankets so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process of this slick and passionate event.

Well, if you are the kinky styled person, then why don’t you hire a luxury room that could provide many options? Yes, a day off from usual work, life and definitely your bed. Imagine the view of the ocean from the terrace but inside, the room has so much going on and so many options like a humongous large bed, a coffee table, a rug on the floor, and of course you also have the floors which would be hardwood.

Well, fascinating isn’t it? Then, here are some of the alternative places to have sex, where you can have all the sex you want.

Alternative Places Where You Can Make Love

1Getting wet in the rain

Rain kiss

What would you like to do if it rains? Wouldn’t you want to hold your guy’s hand and probably kiss him? Well, then this could be a possible alternative where you can take bath together in an open shower and wet rooms where you can move around under jets of water spraying on each other. When you feel the warm water that cascades over your naked skin, soap up a sponge and move it across the chest of your lover while you look straight at him. Sponge each other and enjoy the wet water into each other. Its nice and easy to caress soapy skin. It definitely feels nice isn’t it? So, use the bathroom or shower area as your alternative to start your romantic encounters.

2Try it on the stairs

Try it on the stairs

When you think that you can’t make it to the bedroom because of the over flowing love, having sex on the stairs could be a whole new level of raunchy and spontaneous alternative. Make sure to have a few cushions and make sure to use all the stair levels for you to enhance every sensation, which you will find is very different to lying flat on a bed. Experience it once and you will feel like doing it again and again on the stairs instead of your bed. Plus, every time you get down or up the stairs, you will never look at it the same way you did before.

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3Sofa love

Sofa love

Having sex on the sofa is one of the easiest places for anyone. Isn’t it? You can kiss on the sofa and that is definitely not harmless. Instead it can turn out to be a completely unplanned or unintended prelude to an erotic encounter. You can turn off the lights and play soft music in the background to make it more sensual. What better can you feel if the lights are dim and you feel completely exude to each other. Sofas are so comfortable that you both don’t even have to stretch out or lie down. Sofas are there for you to just experiment all the good things that you can do while sitting on the edge of the seat.

4Getting Floored

Getting Floored

If your sofa or table or even your armchair is quite uncomfortable for you, then you can definitely give your floor a try. When it is cold or if it’s the winter season, a rug is all that you need for a fire-ey night. It will help you stretch out and get hot and steamy together. If you have a fire place, then the light from the fire will bathe your body in a marvelous rich glow. This will definitely make you look amazingly pretty in the fire light, which will flatter your naked skin. This will definitely attract your partner and make him do more and more, sexually. You will be locked into passion of love and romance that you will not feel any pain having sex on the floor

5The office area

The office area

There is something extremely amazing and inviting when you have a relationship at office. The illicit feeling of making love on a desk gives you a great high. It is definitely, a one hundred percent fair bet that your lover has imagined you there in his office with him. Of course, you need to be more careful about your safety and all other necessary stuff, but feeling ecstasy is the only word you would define your love to be. It is everyone’s dream to make love in office- on a desk- pushing all the files away and having the most amazing sex in your life. You an tease, make out and kiss in your office.

The intimate feeling of being with your partner will give you all the goose bumps and lovely feel. So, it doesn’t matter where you do it. But, these exciting alternatives will definitely help you in spicing up your relationship and adding a bit more color to it. This will give you a feeling of happiness and a fulfillment. Now, if you have anything to add, let us know the favorite place where you have had it!

-Pavithra Ravi