Benefits of sex in a Long distance relationship


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– benefits of sex in long distance

Firstly, sex is not just the external satisfaction you get. It is also the internal love that you both have mastered together since you are in a long distance relationship. When you see your love after so many days or months, all you would want to do is hug him, kiss him and directly go to him and throw yourself at him. Yes, we understand that part very well and so, we are here to tell you ways in which sex is better in a Long distance relationship.

If you see him every day, it definitely is lovely and fun, but not as much as it is when you are away and seeing each other after a long time. The love and affection is totally different when you are away because you are yearning for every minute of love that was spent away from each other. Well, we know that being away is not only difficult to work out the relationship, but is also difficult when it comes to having sex. You won’t be in easy access and could be missing out on a lot of sex. If you are catching up on a lot of sex when he comes down, know the benefits of sex in long distance relationship.

Top ways in which sex plays an amazing part in a long distance relationship

1The waiting moment

The waiting moment

It doesn’t matter if it is day, night, noon or midnight, you are just waiting for your souls to touch each other and have the much awaiting sex. Making love to each other becomes more like a routine when you are meeting after months or weeks. You are horny, he is horny and you guys can’t keep your hands off each other. And trust us, it’s all worth it!

2Weekend visits

Weekend visits

Weekends become more interesting with a lot of going out to fancy places, doing all the crazy things that you have always talked on the phone or chatted on the net. If you have been away for too long, taking trips will become your usual thing. A lot of hours of uninterrupted passionate sex and much more.

3Communication goals

Communication goals

The good thing about long distance relationship is that, communication plays a major role. Fortunately or unfortunately, you are not in physical contact with each other. So, everything that you have communicated to your guy, finally comes true and in live. So, you don’t have to repeat your likes and dislikes because you have already done that on the phone. Your guy is definitely going to remember what he should do, how he should do and when he should do things to you. The right time, the right moment and the right type hit you making you enter into the world of ecstasy.



You have probably mastered the art of a super mind blowing quickie. Things are different between you two when you are leaving from one place to another. If your guy is leaving to the airport and your passionate kiss becomes a passionate more than kiss, then you might as well take advantage of the situation and turn that to a quick sex. Yum! Isn’t it?

5Long distance sex

Long distance sex

When you are not in physical contact, you always have the electronic sex facility. Phone sex, sexting, video calling sex, strip tease and much more. You are no more a person who is left unfulfilled. You have your own ways of working things out. The extra perk is that, the sexual tension when you are away makes it more crazy when you meet after a long time.

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Sex surprises are amazingly fun. If you are away and one fine day, you find a sexy naked picture of your boyfriend with a gift package, wouldn’t that be the best day of your life? Well, if that is not the exact perk of long distance relationship, what is?

7Undivided attention

Undivided attention

You don’t have to be worried if your guy is thinking of something else, someone else or is even enjoying the sex, because you are having it after so long. You both have been craving to meet each other, so the attention is definitely undivided. There is no chance of him not thinking of what to do next.

8Mixed emotions

Mixed emotions

The best kind of sex is when you know that the emotions are filled in while having it. Sex with happiness, joy, anger, sorrow and everything is what makes it more passionate. The anger that you guys are away makes him do crazy wild stuff, the happiness that he is seeing you after a long time makes him be sweet to you, the sorrow that he is going away before the wink of your eyes will make him kiss you more and more.

-Pavithra Ravi

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