Planning a perfect Bachelorette party


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Perfect Party

Is this the last time you are going to see your friend single-unmarried? So you want to give your best friend an unforgettable girls’ getaway, but the who, what, when, where and how of a destination bachelorette party is already giving you the spins!?

Fear not! We have come up with what is called the mantra of planning the perfect Bachelorette party and an ultimate Sayonara to your best buddy. Knowing from venues, to finances to budgeting to themes. We have an answer to almost everything under this category. Here’s how a bridesmaid or maid of honor earns a gold star to her pink tiara.

Steps To Plan A Perfect Bachelorette Party

1Consult your bride-

Perfect Party

Always consult what your bride has in mind. Is it the flowery, beautiful, kind she wants with an entirely beautiful view or does she want to be glamping up for pub hopping. Know it from her first so you can decide from where the entire party can start off. But in order to keep the plans centered to togetherness, plan a place which everyone can afford. Because end of the day, it is not how much fun you have in planning and being together, it is the ‘plan’ by itself. Plan it in such a way, that it is affordable and reasonable for all the members in the group. You do not want to blow the entire savings on a party. So plan a weekend getaway for an affordable yet really exciting destination.

2Guest list-

Guest list

The next important thing is whom to call for the party. The invitation list should come directly from the bachelorette. Typically the list will include only the bride’s closest friends, but she should make the final call. So consulting her is an important aspect even in this. You wouldn’t want to be calling people she might not want to see to her own party. Once you have the list of ladies, it’s your job to set the tone for good times. Pitching the weekend as a great excuse for a girls’ getaway, filled with fabulous activities, will help build excitement and prompt people to book. If someone can’t attend due to work, cost or schedule, ask them to email you separately to keep the group emails upbeat.

3Finance management-

Finance management

This may sometimes be one of the most difficult or embarrassing part of any party. But when it comes to bachelorette party, thing shave to roll easily because it is the friends who are organizing it. Wondering about bachelorette party protocol? To give the bride a proper Sayonara to single hood, it’s habitual for the guests to chip in for the guest of honor.

Aside from travel expenses, the entire group is expected to cover all activities or meal expenses for themselves as well as the bride. As the maid of honor, it’s a nice gesture to buy cheerful favors and decorations, but it’s acceptable to ask the group for any contributions—be it in money or time.

4Cost cutting-

Cost cutting

When it comes to cost cutting, girls have to be always be witty and wise. It is nothing wrong to ask for discount options or open bar stating that you are having a bride amongst you. Sometimes, restaurants or bars are kind enough to buy all the girls one round of drinks on the house. Also, always calculate where to spend. You can always hang out and drink by the pool in the resort than going for an expensive massage. Pregaming beforehand ahead of hitting the private party that cost a bomb can be some ways to cut costs.

5Think of a theme-

Think of a theme

To help guests pack, let them know the recommended attire for the weekend’s events—from club dress codes to necessary gear for outdoor activities. Decide the theme prior in hand and give each of them an idea on the desired way you want them to dress up. Try thinking on sequin accessories or a wild-party theme or prepare a similar hat that says ‘Bridesmaids’ and one that says ‘The bride’. After all, one of the best parts of the bachelorette weekend is getting ready together. As a fun favor, hand each girl a mini bag filled with the bride’s favorite travel-sized beauty goodies and a personalized luggage tag before you jet off to your location.

6Keep it simple, beautiful and memorable-

Keep it simple

One of the best ways to make a bachelorette party happening, it by keeping it simple, beautiful and memorable. Do not think of overdoing the party with big things planned ahead. If it gets un-affordable or if your bride is not in senses during the entire weekend, it doesn’t make a nice memory. Always plan for what is necessary and cut off the rest.

Talk, discuss, get kinky and do whatever the bride asks everyone to do. Ordering a cake and making it naughty can make it even more fun. Buy a lot of party poppers, tiaras, to make it festive. Give her a memorable goodbye to being single. Consider giving her a good gift from all of the girls if possible.

It definitely is a big step for your friend and she is going to enjoy every little thing you do for her. Try to keep away cat fights, unwanted memories or anything that will end up upsetting her. Remember, it is going to be only her and she should be the focus no matter what. Trivial matters like money, planning, cost, shouldn’t affect her since it is her party. If you are a maid of honor, remember to cover her expenses by sharing. Never let her spend. After all, this is the least best buddies can do to give her a great goodbye!

-Pavithra Ravi