Some Amazing Bottle Gourd Benefits


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Some Amazing Bottle Gourd Benefits

What is lauki vegetable, Well bottle gourd is a white flowered gourd also popular as calabash, opo squash, long melon, suzza melon, Tasmania bean and in India popularly called as Lauki, AAL, doohi, ghiya, lau, chorakka, sorekkai and dudya. It is a rich vegetable in Indian cuisine with pale and waxy texture. It has some amazing health and beauty benefits which make it popular as a curry and soup. Also as an additive in many other foods.

Since it is shaped like a bottle its more popular name is bottle gourd. When cooked its sedative and anti-bilious properties relax and sooth people. It is slightly bitter and astringent like. The wonderful benefits for health and beauty make bottle gourd and amazing vegetable choice for all.

Properties of Bottle gourd:

  • Bottle Gourd is a rich vegetable with least number of calories.
  • It is rich in water, and almost 92% of it is water.
  • It is rich in vitamin C K and calcium
  • It is good for heart as it brings down bad cholesterol levels in body
  • It has just 1% or low-fat content and very low in saturated fat
  • It is rich in dietary fiber also minerals like zinc, magnesium, manganese, and zinc
  • It is a good anti-oxidant

Why lauki juice is so popular:

Lauki juice or bottle gourd juice is extremely popular among diet and fitness freaks and also old school believers. lauki vegetable juice is a simple and easy to prepare healthy and tasty delight. lauki juice is over 95% water and thus helps in almost all internal systems and functions within the body. Its rich antioxidants help in weight balance and control. The Vitamin C with its antioxidant properties helps in protecting the cells from being damaged. Zinc in lauki helps in maintaining healthy functioning of cells and regulation of hormones in the body.

Lauki Juice health recipe:

Lauki Juice health recipeBottle gourd juice is easy to prepare and takes hardly 15 minutes to be ready. Lauki juice recipe and ingredients are just a few which are readily available at home. Let us learn how to prepare juice of bottle gourd:

Unboiled lauki jucie:

  1. Cut the stem of Lauki and taste both ends for any bitter toxins
  2. If it tastes bitter discard it else peel the areas of its skin where you see spots or any damage to remove dirt and infections
  3. Now put it in a blender and add salt, black pepper and lemon juice and mint leaves, coriander and green chilly as per your liking.
  4. Add some water for good consistency to drink
  5. You may also add cucumber to bring more health and taste to it
  6. Now strain it through a strainer so that all big lumps of unblended lauki are removed.
  7. Now drink it every day for amazing benefits

Boiled lauki juice:

  1. Cut the stem of Lauki and taste both ends for any bitter toxins
  2. If it tastes bitter discard, it else peel the areas of its skin where you see spots or any damage to remove dirt and infections
  3. Now boil it in a pressure cooker for one or two whistles.
  4. Let it cool and blend it
  5. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice, coriander, mint and more herbs if you wish
  6. Now mix it and strain it
  7. Drink it every day for amazing benefits

3- Fried lauki juice:

  1. Cut the stem of Lauki and taste both ends for any bitter toxins
  2. If it tastes bitter discard, it else peel the areas of its skin where you see spots or any damage to remove dirt and infections
  3. Now boil it in a pressure cooker for one or two whistles.
  4. Now let it cool down and blend it
  5. Strain it and fry in a pan
  6. Add flannel seeds and cumin seeds in butter or oil in pan
  7. Now add the juice and let it boil for to 5 minutes
  8. Drink every day before meals as an appetizer

Precautions when drinking bottle gourd juice:

  1. Always taste lauki before preparing and discard bitter lauki as it is toxic
  2. Drink fresh lauki juice and never keep it stored in fridge or outside as it turns black due to its iron contents
  3. Use the peels also as they contain more nutrients but for taste If you don’t like discard the peels
  4. For seeds which are hard and tough to blend, remove them

Health Benefits of Lauki Juice:

There are several benefits of lauki juice. And it is a special recommendation for people with diabetes, blood pressure, and a heart condition. Some of the health benefits of lauki juice are:

  • Helps in digestion and treats constipation:

Bottle gourd is rich in insoluble fiber along with high water contents. Since it is light and easily digested it prevents constipation and aids digestion effectively. Consuming lauki juice regularly helps in curing acidity and flatulence.

  •  Helps in curing urinary tract infections; UTI:

Lauki is diuretic in nature and has sedative properties too. It helps in removing toxins off body and also with aiding digestion it helps in curing constipation as well

  • Lauki cools and soothes our body:

Having around 95% water content and rich antioxidants it helps in cooling down our body. It helps in replenishing the lost water in the form of sweat.

  • Lauki treats sleeping disorders:

Mixing sesame oil with lauki juice helps in treating insomnia and its sedative properties are rich and beneficial to cure sleeping disorders.

  • It is heart healthy:

It keeps the heart healthy and regulates blood pressure.

  • It is helpful in reducing inflammation of liver:

Ayurveda recommends lauki juice helps in reducing liver inflammation.

  • Replenishes loss of water in a body:

Sweating, fatigue, and diarrhea can be treated by increasing water content in the body which is done easily by lauki juice. Extreme thirst among diabetic patients is very common, and drinking lauki juice helps in curing it by revitalizing and replenishing water.

Replenishes loos of water in bodyBeauty Benefits of Lauki Juice:

In addition to the amazing health benefits of lauki juice there are rich beauty benefits of drinking bottle gourd juice regularly. It helps in curing premature graying of hair and baldness. It provides a rich and nourishing glow to the skin in addition to preventing acne and pimples. Some beauty benefits of lauki juice are:

  • Smooth, shiny and radiant skin:

Lauki internally cleanses and revitalizes our system, thus promoting rich and radiant skin without any deformities. It also balances sebum thus preventing acne and pimples

  • It prevents premature graying of hair:

The rich antioxidant properties in addition to oozing vitamins and minerals in lauki helps in preventing premature graying of hair

  • Weight loss and fitness:

Lauki juice is the right ingredient for your weight loss ideas. It’s fulfilling, lowest in calories and fats and also promotes health. Vitamins, water, and fiber in bottle gourd help in increasing metabolic rate of our body thus helping in shedding off extra weight

  • Treating wrinkles and premature signs of aging:

Lauki juice helps in treating wrinkles and also fight premature signs of aging. Vitamin C and zinc in bottle gourd helps in curing these skin deformities.

  • Lauki juice helps in hair care:

Vitamin B in lauki helps in giving a soothing effect on scalp and controls premature graying. It also reduces frizziness and discoloration of hair by making some amazing hair masks.

  • It helps in treating puffy eyes:

Water contents and its cooling effects help in treating puffy eyes. Just put some slices of lauki on eyes and see the miraculous benefits

  • Lauki juice helps in preventing suntan:

By just applying lauki juice over the infected area and also drinking lauki juice sun tan can be cured.

Lauki Juice Beauty Recipes:

  1. Lauki juice mixed with amla juice for dandruff treatment: Mix bottle gourd juice and amla juice in equal quantities and massage this on your hair for 15 minutes until it penetrates.
  2. Lauki juice mixed with sesame oil for treating gray hair: Mix lauki juice and sesame oil in equal quantities and apply on hair. Now leave it for 2 hours and wash it thoroughly to let it air dry.
  3. Lauki juice and cucumber face pack: Grate cucumber and lauki. Make a paste and apply on face. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
  4. Lauki juice and tomato juice for scrubbing and cleansing skin: Mix lauki juice and tomato juice and apply on face. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash away with lukewarm water
  5. Lauki juice with yogurt and gram flour: Mix lauki juice with besan and make a paste, add a little yogurt and thicken it to apply all over the face. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash away with lukewarm water

The above compilation on Some amazing bottle gourd benefits is to help you reap the awesome benefits of this amazing vegetable in terms of health and beauty. Be sure to check with your health care provider for more

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