7 Things You Should Never Buy From The Airport


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Never Buy From The Airport

So, You feel really happy that you got yourself a great deal, with that favorite bottle of wine you bought the last time at the airport duty free store. We hate to break it to your friend, But that may not actually true. So while we wait for boarding the flight while traveling to national or international places, the exquisite looking shops selling all kinds of stuff lure us into buying the most unnecessary things at times. But a lot of times we end up paying a lot more for the simple item which we could easily have bought at a local store for much lesser.

Here is a list of 7 things you should never buy at an airport but more often than not, just end up buying it.

1. Books-

BooksOne of the most expensive items of sale is books. A lot of travelers tend to buy them at the last minute from the terminal shops, but the books available on the airport usually marked up at an average 30 to 40% higher than the MRP. These books tend to become extremely costly and normally for that price you could end up buying the same book and another one with it, for the same amount. Always plan ahead, take a book in your bag to fight impulses to buy books at the last minute. Carrying a book from your shelf is completely free.

2. Neck Pillows-

If you are traveling for a longer journey never forget to carry your own neck pillow. The neck pillows that you usually get at the airport shops are not just expensive and marked up high, but also, they are unhygienic. Since, a lot of travelers usually touch and feel the pillow with their hands which are not necessarily washed, and some even try them on over their sweaty necks, It is a much safer option to buy it beforehand from outside, or even online a week in advance.

3. Duty Free Alcohol-

Duty Free AlcoholWell, a lot of you look up to buying duty free alcohol from the airport duty free stores considering the huge save up on taxes, it will be a shock to them to know that the tax component is not that big after all. Plus, the added extra that the bottles are marked up for, makes it even more expensive than the same bottle you get from outside. Its better you buy a bottle from the supermarket with your own convenience and also prevent the hassle of taking it home safe during travel.

4. Water-

One of the most basic necessities, water is the most important item marked up in price at the airport. We usually prevent carrying a water bottle with us since the security check-ins at airports prohibit you from carrying them. Well, instead of spending thrice the original price of the bottle on just a liter of water, always carry a Collapsible water bottle or an empty bottle to refill at the water fountain post check-in. Or else you can also ask the flight attendants to fill it up for you after you board the flight.

5. Souvenirs-

SouvenirsWe understand that you really want to get a small Eiffel Tower for your friend, on the way back from Paris, but do you really have to wait till the airport to do that? The souvenirs that you usually get at the airport are not well made. Sometimes, they are not even detailed and authentic. You get cheaper quality in a higher price and still end up with a sub standard product. If you really wish to get souvenirs, always buy them from the local markets of the city. The airport souvenir shops are really not worth the expensive charges they ask.

6. Foreign Currency-

While exchanging your currency for foreign one at the airport seems like a logical thing to do, it may not be the best deal you get. Airport’s currency counters are usually crowded with travelers to exchange their currency, the airport counters end up charging you more transaction fees than your bank or other exchange places. One useful tip is, carry your international ATM card and directly withdraw money from that country to get a great bank rate and also skip the long queues.

7. Luggage-

LuggageIf you think you have over shopped and your check in luggage is probably going to exceed your weight limits, the obvious choice is shifting a few thing to your cabin luggage. But do you plan to buy this bag at the airport? Well, if you do the you should know that buying luggage at the airport in desperation can be tricky. You are not exactly aware if a particular brand of luggage is well built and worth the marked up price. Even though your current journey may be benefitted in the long run the expensive airport bag may prove unworthy of the price. If you still ought to buy, make sure you buy a brand you already know.

8. Chocolates-

Who doesn’t like taking a box of chocolates home from the airport. We all have been guilty of this crime at least once in our lives. But there is one major marketing gimmick that makes buying chocolates at the airport really expensive. These shops have the size of the chocolate packets in larger sizes. Even though if you think the price offered is reasonable, they make us buy more stuff by displaying the larger sized packets out and compelling our inner shopper. But before buying, honestly consider if you actually need those amount of chocolates at all, or you can make do with the one bought from outside.

9. Snacks-

This might seem stupid you may think. You can go hungry anytime right? So, even though buying snacks at the airport is not a shopping decision it’s more of a necessary buy. But you should still refrain from buying the stored products like doughnuts and pastries at the airport counters. Usually, these places are open day and night, they tend to store food until it’s sold off, A lot of times you wouldn’t even realize how long has that piece been waiting there. For fresh foods always carry a fruit along. And for sudden hunger pangs instead, opt for packaged foods that are well labeled.

10. Wi-fi-

Wi-fiAlthough this may seem like a necessity for international travelers with no roaming connectivity, don’t rush into buying airport Wi-Fi. These Wi-Fi networks are extremely slow and often very pricey. Instead look for a Restaurant or Starbucks cafe that offers free internet access. Also, try sitting nearby the elite traveler’s lounge. You can access their free internet from quiet a distance.

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