Different relationships that decide your character


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Life could get confusing and there could be a point in life where everything may look hazy and difficult to understand. When this happens, you feel lost and irritated with life! It could be hard to remember who you are, your identity, your focus on life and so many other things. May be even what you should do next and what you shouldn’t. When you are in such confusion and trouble, examine what kind of relationships you have. The relationship doesn’t have to mean just with a guy because the relationship is a very broad concept. Think about the relationship with yourself, with your colleagues, with your parents, family, and friends. That will give you the answer on which you are, what all you have lost or what you want and where in life you want to head next. If you are in such a situation, here are the different relationships that decide your character and you on the whole.

Top Different Relationships That Answer a Lot of Questions

1Relationship with yourself

Relationship with yourself

Recollect the relationship you have been having with yourself. There could have been so many times you could have judged people for the way they treat you. Have you wondered how you treat yourself? When you can answer the good and the bad within yourself, you know what is necessary and what isn’t. You will figure out your strength and weakness. You will embrace your likes and dislikes and most of all, you will have a meaning for why you live. You will tend to accept yourself and love yourself with no conditions. When you love yourself unconditionally, that will be the heights of a good relationship that you have with yourself. That will decide the person that you will become.

2Relationship with your family

Relationship with your family

You get to know the importance of your family only when you have no answers for life. So, before you find it too late to ask for help and figure out what went wrong, it is better to figure out what should not be going wrong in prior. Spending time with family and building a rapport with them could be the easiest way you maintain a great relationship with your family. Talking to your mom about your problems, discussing with your dad about your professional life and spending quality time with your siblings cab brings larger perspective on their thoughts about you and your life. They always say you are the reflection of your family. So, allow them to reflect on you. Remove the barrier if you have any and talk to them. That will keep you going.

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3Relationship with money

Relationship with money

Everybody has a different relationship with money. It doesn’t have to be definite or follow a certain rule. You could ignore, abuse, deny the relationship you have with money, but back of your head you know that it still exists. Either you control your money or the money controls you. Being intrusive about the relationship with money will give you an insight on how you have been handling it all this while. You have to be picky and choosy when you handle money. Too much money may sink you into it. So, the relationship with money should be handled very patiently and valuably.

4Relationship in romance

Relationship in romance

The type of person you are involved in will tell you about the kind of person that you would turn out to be. Turning into your past, you need to check out the romantic partner that you were with and tuning the future or present, you need to see if you have changed or still dating the same kind of person or same person. This could give you a level headed, clear answer that will make you understand how romance plays an important relationship in your life.

5Your relationship with friends

Your relationship with friends

Friends could be the easiest way you could understand who you are. Like someone once said ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you what kind of a person you are’. That is hardcore truth. So, always evaluate yourself by the people you hang out the most with.

On the whole, to find out who you are, you have to understand that you need to have a relationship with all the basic above mentioned things. If you have a good relationship with them, then you are good to go. If not, there is nothing wrong in starting all over again. All the best in finding your inner self!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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