What women REALLY mean when they say these phrases


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Women and Words

The differences between a woman and a man is a tremendously popular topic. Remember the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’? Well, yes.. That is how all of us are. Most men are confused by the way women generally talk and what women really mean? They have their own confusions and a hell lot of questions running in their mind. The first thing every man is thinking about you is ‘Why you do not talk what you mean’. There is a hidden meaning behind almost everything a girl talk. Women use diplomatic notations, analogies, arguments and silence as their defense mechanism. All the questions are rhetorical and everything has a hidden meaning to it. No wonder men have no clue what women expect from them! Yes, women know how to introduce ideas and alternatives through the back door. Men are basic, women are the details. Details, details, details!! If the guy doesn’t get the details, what is the fun in talking to him? Right?

Sometimes men are guilty of not saying enough. In other words, “Women can’t hear what men don’t say. Well, and women! Women are a little guilty of not saying what they really want to say, but that is because they want the guys to get them! Girls, try to decrease the amount of sarcasm in your tone. There are a few phrases used by girls that guys don’t understand. Want to know what?

Here are some things in general women REALLY mean when they say these phrases that scares the guys!

Common Phrases That Women Really Mean



When ‘fine’ is used, it means not just ‘fine’. It means that you are done with the conversation and are going to leave the guy with confusions. Men generally think of this as a sword word, because, well it is! The word fine means, everything that has been spoken is done and the guy can now just shut up!



Nothing could be a very subjective and varies from one woman to another. But, sometimes, all you mean is the same. This usually comes when your guy asks you ‘What’s wrong’. The simple word sums up that everything is wrong and is falling out of place. This word signals that there is no further conversation required from the man and he can just shush up and leave. The feeling is to describe a feeling where you want to confuse the guy upside down, front and backwards!

3‘We need to talk’

We need to talk

Tong! Tong! Tooong! That is the alarm that you hear from the guy’s heart. Yes, when you say ‘we need to talk’, it is either to tell him that, he is out of your life or to tell him that he has been messing up in the following ways.

4‘That guy hit on me’

That guy hit on me

When women say this, you mean only one thing. You want the men to pay attention to you and not take you for granted because, if he does, you will replace him with the man who has been hitting on you. When feeling insecure, women generally like to remind men of their worth by pointing out its high value to others. So, ladies! Do you do it quite often? Think!



When you say ‘what’, it is either to signal the guy to change the word he wants to tell or just because you really didn’t hear. This can be differentiated using the tone. If it is the sharp ‘what’, it sure is the former situation.

6‘I am fine’

I am fine

‘I am fine’ always means you are not fine and you want him to just goddamn understand this and lend his shoulder to cry. Most of the times, guys ask this on purpose because they kind of know what ‘I am fine’ means by now.



When girls argue and say ‘Thanks’, it surely means that you are thanking them for hurting so much. Period! No looking back.



Guys, if you are by any chance reading this, Just walk away! When women say this word, they are pissed off and this could easily escalate into a burly row. Better to just cut your losses.

9‘First of all, second of all’

First of all

When a woman says, ‘first of all’, you don’t have just one or two in mind. You have categories under every ‘of all’.

Well, guys do tend to get scared of the phrases you use and sometimes go into self defense mode. Although all these examples involve gender stereotypes, that does not mean that they don’t happen or that something very similar doesn’t happen quite often. We need to think very carefully about how we communicate. Actively listening is key to success, as is keeping a cool head and realizing that there are essential differences in the way we communicate our needs.After all, falling in love is easy and very natural. Staying in love and building a lasting relationship requires a great deal of work and effort. Just that the guys have to work a little harder!

-Pavithra Ravi