Top reasons why you do not have a boyfriend


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No boyfriend

There could be a million reasons why you have a boyfriend. You are pretty, smart, witty and everyone loves you. But if you are single and you have no boyfriend for a very long time, do you know the reasons for it? You make up assumptions, thinking he’s somewhere around and he will come like a shining armour in the silver night! Will he? Well, here are some really good reasons why you don’t have a boyfriend.

Some Reasons You Are Still Single

1You’re needy


Sometimes, girls can get very irritating and pressurizing. You met him two weeks ago, went out a couple of times and now you are texting him a million messages and freaking him out. You are not leaving the guy alone, which could be one reason why you are branded as a psycho in his eyes! You went from 0 to 60 in a few days. You’re already planning for next weekend. This could be the number one reason why you are single.

2You like players


You know that you do not want to be with the guys who hurt your heart and play around you. But you just can’t resist falling in the pit again and again. You thin you will be different this time, but the same things keep happening to you. The player always wins, because the player always walks away.

3You’re a princess


You want a man who will take you in his arms and never leave you. Expectations can be valid. But the trouble happens when one starts to over expect certain things. You want a man who will proclaim to the world that he is whipped as butter. He will worship the very ground you walk on. Do you really want a guy who will eagerly go to a bunch of chick flicks with you? Wouldn’t you rather accompany him to Transformers from time to time?

4You flirt too much

flirt too

Flirting is necessary. Let’s face it! Everybody from a teenager to an old fellow, flirts. Flirtingis an essential skill in any woman’s toolkit. It indicates the guy that you are signaling him out for a special attention because you are attracted to him. But if you flirt with every Y chromosome around you, that act is counted cheap and you go from ‘Wow, hot woman’ to ‘needy woman, Ugh!’. It loses its effectiveness and makes you very not choosy. Also, if you are spending time with a guy, but can’t stand the idea of hiding your light under a bushel, he is not going to appreciate your flirting with other men. It makes him look and feel less manly, and awakens unwelcome feelings of jealousy

5You’re not in the game

not in the game

If you are not in the game, you are just not there. You are bound to miss those little fun which you should ideally be a part of. If you are too shy, reserved or aloof, no guy would make a move on you. Many beautiful women are rejected for the same reason. If you know the guy, try to talk or at least smile at him. If you find a guy interesting, strike a favorite conversation with him and pay him some attention.

6You’re too picky

too picky

You want a guy who is 10 on 10. You want him to be witty, handsome, smart, funny, generous blah blah blah. Where have other things gone? Girls can’t get satisfied with just 2 or 3. They want it all. Get realistic. How about well-educated, funny and generous? Or handsome and witty, but a poet, i.e. broke? Perhaps financially successful, generous, and fun to be with, but never went to college? Keep an open mind when you’re sizing up men. Allow yourself to find the good in men.

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7You’re a Girl Gone Wild

Gone Wild

Don’t be drunk, always. It is okay to go out with friends. But dancing on tabletops all the time without a sense of yourself, is not very appreciative.Drunk is ugly. No one, male or female, ever became more attractive when they got.When you are drunk, you say and do foolish things. Step away from the beer pong table. If you wouldn’t do it sober, then you really don’t want to do it at all.

8You’re ditzy

You’re ditzy

Never, ever try to be girly. There is a huge difference between girly and feminine. Being feminine by nature is something totally related to the attributes of your womanhood. Being girly is too sheepy! If you’re with a guy who wants his women stupid, you need a new guy. Lose the simpering act.

9You’re high maintenance

high maintenance

You want to be always on the top. You want your guy to be apologizing and you expect him to do the right things always. Otherwise, fight ensues. You always feel slighted. He’s always saying and doing the wrong thing.Fighting all the time can be rewarding in the short-term, because it amps up the sexual tension of makeup sex, but ultimately it’s a total boner-killer.

10You’re aggressive


Be a feminist, not aggressive. You shouldn’t be acting like one of those guys. Liberated women are appreciated and well received among guys, but remember that intimidating a guy too much might result in being lonely. Guys are programmed in a way where they have excessive testosterones and look for an opposite who have a lot of estrogen. You can be strong, independent and very very female too!

11You’re self-absorbed


Obsession is a major reason why guys don’t like most of the girls. Everybody talks about themselves and it is fine to talk about oneself. But how much will a guy keep hearing about you. You should let the other person talk also. So,try to be less self obsessed with yourself. You’re not emotionally engaged in a caring and generous way. If you’re not curious about him; if you are not hungry for details about who he is and what he’s into, then maybe he’s the wrong guy. Or maybe you’re the wrong girl.

12You’re a homebody


If you are going to sit at your home and just keep waiting for the guy, it is never going to happen. You are not meeting new people or visiting people or going to parties. You do not want to socialize, then hey! Why wouldn’t you be single? And by the way, get off the cell phone. The adorable guy behind you in line at Starbucks can’t say hi if you’re on your phone, plus he’s hearing you sound like a complete idiot with your BFF.

13You’re too hard to get

too hard to get

You can act too cool for a person, you can look challenging to get. You can create curiosity. Everything is good, but when you play hard to get and if the guy has to crack too much into you to get you, he isn’t going to do it anyway. If he asks you out spontaneously for tonight, that’s a real invitation. If you are interested, accept. A guy’s suggesting a plan on the spur of the moment is not him treating you badly. It’s him expressing an interest in spending time with you.

14You’re flaky

You’re flaky

Never be a dilly-dally person. Do not blow off your plans with the guy you just met for a long lost love who wanted to just talk to you for a second. A plan is a commitment. Don’t blow someone off when something better comes along. Don’t ditch him because your friend “really needs you.” Don’t double book yourself. Don’t be late. Don’t get drunk and not show.

15You’re materialistic


You know what? The best dates are cheap dates. In fact, it is even better if your dates are free dates. Try to cook,hang around each other, go for walks, do all the couple stuff. Do not think of expensive gifts on your birthday. He isn’t going to appreciate if he gets to know that you are expecting an expensive gift as a love return. Remember, a handmade card or even a rose is a gift. It is not the gift that matters, it is the love,affection and mainly the pain that matters.

16You’re scared

You’re scared

You have been there, done it before. You just are scared you will get hurt more and more again. But that shouldn’t bother the relationship you are having now. This leads you to be withholding. He puts it out there you like the guy so much, but you are just not ready to get committed into something you know would turn out to be wonderful. No guy will stick around to watch that happen. You’ve got to find a way forward. There is no love for any of us without considerable risk, so do what you need to do to work through it.

Try to be open with things around you. First things first. Always try to just be ‘you’ and the rest will just flow. Try a new approach, and see what happens. Can’t hurt!

-Pavithra Ravi