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Nail arts that we watch in tutorials and the skills are wondering. The simple nail art designs are pretty cool. But what if you want intricate and flawless nail art? You have nail stickers as a second and best option. Nail stickers are lovely and it is also easy to do the nail art with them.

There are types of nail art stickers that you can try. When you are passionate to go with fancy, fashionable nails- you can choose nail stickers. The designs are attractive and trendy.

We choose something which is ready made over other options. This applied more to fashion outfits, accessories and styles.

Types of Nail Stickers- Pretty Nail Accessories

You don’t feel complete without all the accessories. You demand to be a adorned and look special for a special occasion. So, don’t even leave out your nail from adorning as you have the simple nail accessories- the nail stickers.

Now, know the various types of nail art stickers and the tips to use them. You will wonder how magical the nail art stickers are. Have a quick look and shop them next time!

1. Stencil nail stickers


The geometric nail art designs are trending. If you want simple geometric nail art, then these are heart winning for you. These nail stickers are easy to use.

You don’t need to rely on salon nail art as you have such attractive designs. The stencil nail stickers come in various designs from which you choose your favourite. It all your choice, style.

You need to apply the sticker on your nails and then your favourite nail polish. Then finish it with a top coat. This simple way of using the stencil nail stickers can decorate your nails quickly and perfectly.

2. 3D nail stickers


If you are looking for fancy and fashionable nail stickers, then you must go for 3D nail stickers. When you want to have realistic designs and patterns on your nails, these stickers are a total magic.

3D nail stickers are easy and ready to use any time. The modern ladies fall in love with these stickers. You also need not make an extra effort to make it look trendy and brightening. The 3D effect does all the styling you need.

When you want to give your nails a quick makeover for any special occasion, then you can shop for these stickers. You can easily match up them with various outfits and occasions.

3. Jewel nail stickers


Jewel nail stickers are the embellishments for your nails. If you want your nails to be the straight fashion element, then adorn them with jewels. The stones and sequins makes your nails look brightening.

The only that matters is fixing the jewels carefully on your nails. You can just use a nailart tool to fix them on your nails. After fixing the stickers, apply a top coat to all your nails. You can be carefree about the jewels falling off as you are securing them with a top coat.

Your nails look dramatic and shiny. This kind of nail art is great for night events and parties. If you feel it is overloaded to have too many jewels on the nails, just keep it minimal with few nail stickers. Make it elegant sticking the easy jewel stickers.

4. Lace nail stickers


The lace designs give your feminine look. Be it outfits or nails, lace designs prettify you. As you cant do the intricate lace design on nails, you can opt for the stickers.

The simple and casual nail art are not for a special day. You also want to see your nails getting a unique design. Reaching out to a beauty salon is not needed when you have the ready made nail stickers.

A girl outfit and lace nail art is a super combination for special evening. Lace designs that are shown in nail art tutorial always tempt us to try. Now, you can do it with ease and perfectly as you have lace nail stickers.

5. Embossed Nail stickers


Do you love those embossed rose nail art? Being a big fan of such nail arts, you must not miss trying them. Embossed nail art is unique and trending too.

The nail stickers are available with simple designs that are beautiful. If you want decorative nail filling embossed nail art, then you can explore for the designs. Your nails look dreamy with girls designs like blooming flowers, beautiful leaf designs.

When you want you want to showcase your nails with fashionable designs, embossed nail art is the best.

6. Nail stickers rolls


I love to do striping nail art! The simple stripes design make the nails looks modish. If you failed to do this nail art, now retry it again with nail stickers.

You get the nail sticker rolls that you can stick easily. The precise lines that you always wanted on your nails is very much possible with these rolls. The rolls are available in different colours and shades.

You can have plenty of designs with these nail sticker rolls. Geometrical designs, golden and metallic stripes- all these variations of nail arts become simple with these nail stickers.

7. French tip nail stickers


French Manicure is extremely classy. The classy French tips inspire us to experiment the nail art. But when it comes as shown, you feel happy. If it becomes a disaster, then you stay away form trying it again. Now, it is not the same!

The French mani that you fascinated for is not hard any more. You get the French tips in form of stripes. Detaching them from them sheet and attaching on the nails- is all you must do.

You can choose the French tips which come in different designs. Plain white French tips and deocrated Frnech tip stickers ar available.

If you want classy French mani, then choose the simple white stikcers. The decorated stunning French tip nails stickers are super attractive.

8. Sheet Nail stickers


Sheet nail stickers are preferred mostly for fashionable nail art. A sheet that comes with various elaborated designs. The stickers that come on sheet go gliding on your nails.

When you are not skilled at doing intricate nail art but still want, then you must look for these. It becomes a child’s play for you when you are doing nail art with these stickers.

9. Decal Nail Stickers


Decal nail stickers come in multiple designs to have unlimited nail art variations. The nail stickers that are making

If you are still in confusion about decal nail stickers- it is nothing but, the designs that come in specific shape. The random designs that are available in one sheet are decal nail stickers.

Decal nail stickers makes your nail art unique and fashionable. The stickers come iin the patterns that suit wide range of women. You can also set them with a combination of designs and patterns.

Nail Stickers Tips- How to apply them?

1. Firstly clean your nails

When you are applying nail stickers, make sure of removing old nail polish from your nails. For stickers to stick well on the nails, it must be clean and smooth.

2. Trim and shape your nails

For nails to look pretty and perfect, you must maintain a good nail shape. The fashionable nail stickers must suit your nails when you have nice nail shape. You have different nail shapes to look into.

3. Apply a top coat

When you are applying a top coat, it secures the design that you got with nail stickers. Top coat is like a protective layer for your nail art. So, don’t skip applying a top coat.

4. Remove the extra polish

After applying the nail polish along with nail sticker, the excess comes out. So, make sure you clean the extra nail polish that scatters out of your nails.

Use the nailart tools or toothpick to clean the excess nail polish. You must remember this step while giving a finishing touch to your nails.

5. Blend the shades

If you want be creative using the nail stickers, then you can try blending multiple shades. The colours and combinations that you include in the nail art makes it charming.

6. Use nail tools

When you are trying to stick tiny decal or jewel nail stickers, you must use nail tools. Nail tools will help you in fixing the stickers as you want. Just sticking the nail sticker on the nail tool and fixing them is like a play for you. So, keep a nail tool handy when you are trying any nail art with nail stickers.

You can get all kind of nail art that too easily just with nail stickers. Various types of nail stickers are available in the online and you can also find some in offline stores. When it is easy to be fashionable, take a chance and be that.

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