15 Essential Nail Art Tools


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Essential Nail Art Tools

Whether you are new to nail art or it’s your hobby, it is always important to keep your polishes and tools organized. You can store all of your stuff in a train case or in a drawer or in a decorated shoe box. Train case is very sturdy and great for carrying when you are traveling. If you are doing nail art, you want to have a variety of different nail polishes. A top coat and a base coat is vital and after that, it’s a good idea to have at least one of every nail color, a metallic gold and silver, some fun glitter polishes, and also some stripe for creating lines. Other than nail polishes, there are some other essential nail art tools you need to have in your kit.

Essential Nail Art Tools

1Cuticle Cutter

Cuticle Cutter

The first thing is a cuticle cutter. You can also use to for removing hangnails for the clean and neat look.

2Nail Filer

Nail Filer

A nail file is always essential for maintaining nail length and switching up your shape.



Nail Art brushes are a huge essential for creating your nail art. You need a striper brush for creating lines, fan brush for nail art techniques and also for brushing away excess loose glitter. The fan brush is also used to apply glitter and create a fade or other effects. Round brush is more versatile and most common nail art brush. The brush is used for creating designs, strokes, patterns and also 3d nail art with acrylic powder and monomer. Flat brush is also known as shader brush. It is used to create long fluid strokes, blending and shading. Angled brush is used for creating flowers on the nail. The detailing brush helps in creating effects on the nails. Dotter brush helps you create larger dots. These are the most essential nail art tools.

4Rubber Cuticle Pusher

Rubber Cuticle Pusher

You have to first moisturize your nails with oil and then use rubber cuticle pusher to push them back instead of cutting.



They are awesome for picking up gems, studs, and other 3d decorations and placing them on your nails.

6Nail Clipper

Nail Clipper

Again, like the nail file, great for maintaining nail length and creating your perfect nail shape.

7Tooth Picks

Tooth Picks

Toothpicks are awesome for nail art. You can use them to create so many different designs in place of dotting tools and even nail art brushes. They are also great for picking up little nail decorations.



If you want a perfect gradient or ombre nail, makeup sponges are your key success.

9Buffing Block

Buffing Block

A buffing block is a way to smooth nails. The block has an emery board with different colored panels. It can also be a foam block with different textures. Some buffers have step 1 to 4 written on the block.

10Plastic Nail Art Wheel

Plastic Nail Art Wheel

It is always a great idea to practice nail art designs before you try them out on your nails.

11Nail oil

Nail oil

Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized is key to having them neat and healthy looking.

12Clear Tape

Clear Tape

Like the doting tools, this is another huge product for creating nail art. There are so many possibilities for creating lines and shapes to placing it around your nails to protect them from polish during certain design techniques such as marbling and splattering.

13Stamping Plates

Stamping Plates

These are a great way to quickly make some fun nail art over your nails. They come in thousands of different patterns are easy to use. These are very essential nail art tools.

14Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers

If you don’t have enough time to create cool nail art, what you can do is you can use pre-made design. These stickers come in various designs including names and numbers. You need to just press the sticker onto your fingertips.



Glitters, different sizes, colors and shapes of rhinestones will add a new look to your nails. You can add glamour to your nail art by putting these decorators.