How To Take Care Of Broken Nails


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Broken Nails

Broken nails can be hard or should I say maintaining beautiful nails can be difficult. We all know the pain of a broken nail. But, the need to have a manicured nails exists in all of us. Broken nails can be seen mostly among longer nails. Getting manicured done every alternate day is not always possible, it can be because of the budget or can be also because of the time. So here, are some home remedies tips on how to take care of the broken nails, from all the harsh things you do.

Ways To Treat Broken Nails

Mending the nail

Wash your hands or feet

  • Wash your hands or feetBefore you try to fix the broken nails, you must make sure that your hands are clean as well as free of oils.
  • Then use warm water and some soap to wash off the hands. Later, dry well with a towel.
  • Remember to wash as well as dry carefully to avoid the accidental snagging of the torn nail and making the matter much worse.

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Nail mending material

  • Nail mending materialIf you are having a special nail mending kit, then try to use that fibrous paper in the kit and then cut a large section that is enough, to cover the nails and then wrap it under the tip.
  • If you don’t have a nail mending kit, then you can cut a piece of material out of a tea bag. This is one of the most common substitution, and it also works quite very well.
  • If you do not have nail mending paper or a tea bag, you could try a handkerchief linen or evencoffee filters.

The material must be large enough to cover your broken nails entire break.

Attach the mending material

  • Attach the mending materialNow apply a small dot of super glue or the nail glue on the broken nails and use the applicator tip to swirl the glue around. Swirl it gently until it can cover your entire nail. You can use tweezers to place material on the nail over the glue.
  • If you are using a nail mending kit, then you can use the nail mender liquid in the kit instead of the glue and then apply it using the brush applicator, which is in the kit.
  • You can use the tweezers to smooth out any type of bumps or even the wrinkles in the material. The material must be as smooth as possible.
  • If it is necessary, you can usesmall nail scissors or even regular scissors to trim away the excess material.

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Wrap the material over top of the nail

  • Wrap the material over top of the nailThen pinch the tweezers over the material at the top of your broken nails, fold it so that it can stick to the underside of the nail.
  • If your material has not got any kind of adhesive on it, then you can apply a small dot of these glue or the mending liquid to make it stick to the underside of your nail.
  • This measure can provide some extra balance as well as protection to the broken nail.

Apply another layer of glue over the material

  • Apply another layer of glueTry to put another drop of glue on the material covering the nail as well as spreading it around using the applicator. Try to create a smooth layer as much possible.
  • A nail mending liquid can also be used instead of the super glue or even the nail glue.

Trim and buff

  • Trim and buffIf you have a buffing stone, then carefully buff your nail as soon as the glue dries off. Then use the smoothing side, before the polishing side.
  • For a better result, always rub the buffing stone in a single direction instead of back and forth.

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Apply a top coat over the entire nail

  • Apply a top coat over the entire nailNow apply a layer of a top coat or a nail strengthener to your damaged nail in order to balance it and provide an added, layer of protection.
  • It is also advisable, that to let the adhesive dry over the night before any of the steps it will avoid creating bubbles or uneven patches.
  • If you desire, you can also apply nail polish over your nail once when the top coat dries off.