How To Keep Good Relationship With Your Ex After Breakup

Relationship With Your Ex After Breakup

Just broke up or broke up long back? Doesn’t matter, being in a relationship you have understood how good friends, you were with your ex, right? Now, you miss him most as a friend, but are confused on whether you must contact him or not? Or you must answer his call and messages or not? Then, here are some tips on How to keep a good relationship with your ex after breakup, and get a good friend.

How To Stay In A Good Relationship With Your Ex After Breakup

1Do you really want a platonic relationship

platonic relationship

If you want to have a friend relationship with your ex after breakup in some hopes that you might get back together, then you are not ready to be friends at all. Take some serious decision to consider whether or not you are really ready at all to be platonic.

If you are unsure of the feelings, try to consider this question: How will you feel if you have come to know that your ex is with someone else? If just by imagining your ex with someone else, can make your face turn red with rage and jealousy, then you are not ready to be friends.

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2Don’t rush

Don't rush

While you can be eager to see your ex, also be aware that you can still be emotionally dependent on him. Try to wait until the feelings for your ex have washed off.

Try to focus more on your hobbies, close friends, as well as school/work. Though it can be difficult, you can eventually learn to live happily without being in constant contact with him.

3Let your ex know about the friendship

know about the friendship

Once when enough time had passed off, try to contact your ex and then let him know that you would like to be friends. A better way to be in a good relationship with your ex after breakup.

You can also send a friendly email or a phone call.

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4Be patient

Be patient

If he is not ready to be friends, he can be grieving the loss of the relationship. Do not get upset if this is your case. Try to give your ex some time he needs to cope with any type of residual feelings from the breakup.

5Spend Time Apart and try to Adjust with New Life

Adjust with New Life

It takes serious commitment to make a relationship work. Breaking up, after any of that kind of an emotional investment can hurt. Before you do anything else, first try to adjust to your new life away from him. You may take the time to do those things that you might always wanted to do, but for whatever be the reason felt like your previous relationship prevented.

You can also find, after some time, that you can be friends again allowing both of you to happily go your separate ways as well as be together as a friend. But if you decide that you want to stay friendly, you will better be off with a little space. When you reconnect, it can be a little easier to see yourselves as individuals and not feel responsible for one another, or too affected by one another’s actions.

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