Unique Techniques to Apply Kajal For a Longer Stay

Apply Kajal
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It is simply amazing how a swipe of this simple cosmetic pencil can brighten up your entire face and look. No wonder Kajal is one of the most loved and favorite cosmetic of all ladies. But did you know that using certain techniques can make your kajal stay longer and prevent you from its only downside, panda eyes and dark circles. Well, if you didn’t already know we have told you now. But how exactly do you prevent your kajal from smudging quickly and incerase its staying time?

We will tell you exactly how. Follow some simple techniques that tell you how to apply kajal and you will know exactly how.

Tips on using eye kajal makeup

using eye kajal makeup
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1. Use a kajal pencil for a more controlled look.

  • Especially beginners should go with this option as it is the simplest way to apply kajal. They can be used for a casual look with this as well as firm lines around the eyes. Smoky looks are hard to obtain with the pencil kajal. These kajals are similar to eyeliner pencils.
  • We should go with pencils when trying to outline the water line of the eye.
  • The pencils should be sharpened whenever required but not that often.

2. Gel kajal is best for depth and drama.

Kajal in gel form gives a darker look and can be easily applied thickly. Blending the kajal gets easier than kajal pencils. But this form of kajal tends to be more pigmented than the pencil form. Moreover, the liquid form, as well as the gel form, can cause irritation so it is best to avoid using it on the waterline. The manufacturers of the liquid kajals generally provide the brush required along with the product but if not we need to buy a brush separately for it.

3. Powdered kajal is great for smoky eyes.

The powdered form of Kajal is mainly preferred at the time of designing smoky eyes. It offers a traditional look at the eyes giving it a perfect dark look. The lines they provide are not perfectly straight but is perfect for a bold and thick edging. We can use both a brush and a wand which is normally available with the power of the application.

4. Choose waterproof kajal during monsoon and summers.

These types of kajal are also very helpful for people who start crying very easily. This formula helps the kajal to stay intact even when our eyes are running. We who are allergic to these types of cosmetic products and have a more sensitive eye must use this waterproof kajal. This form of the kajal is however taken time to come off.

What is kajal?

What is kajal
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Kajal is a cosmetic which is made up of ingredients which are all natural. It is perfectly safe for the eyes as it is organic. Kajal is a traditional cosmetic of the people of South Asia and also the Middle East. But nowadays it is being used by people all over the world. It is a cosmetic that is used to outline the eyes. Though the original color of the kajal is black still presently companies have started manufacturing it in several other colors like blue, red and many more. The experiment is done with colors but the base material is the same. Though initially, a lot of people reluctantly used kajal, but of late it has become extremely popular. Kajals are available in the market in an array of styles like in a pencil form or in gel form stored in small containers. You can pick and choose whatever you may fancy.

What is the difference between Kajal and eyeliner?

Kajal and eyelinerThere is a very small difference between a kajal and eyeliner. Both are applied to the eye lining to make the eyes look pretty. Kajal is the product which has been in use for a long time. It was historically used to line the waterline of your eyes. It finds its basic utilization in not only outline the eyes but also in darkening eyelashes and blackening eyelids. It has been used by females to design their eyes to bring out a prettier look.

Eyeliners are generally available in different versions like a pencil, liquid as well as gel. Its basic function is to reshape our eyes. It is applied to our eyes with the intention of improving the eye’s shape and size.

This is where we see the main difference where we can apply kajal inside the rim of the eyes as it will not cause any harmful effect whereas the eyeliner should never be applied inside the eye.

How to apply kajal step by step

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There is a step wise description of kajal application

  • The area surrounding the eyes should be cleaned- We need to clean the skin in order to prevent the kajal from getting spread. Removing old makeup is also necessary.
  • A line needs to be drawn on the upper eyelids from the inner corner. First sharpen the pencil and then use it to draw a clean and bold line along the eyelash line.
  • It is recommended to do this in one stroke. Practicing it several times will help to bring in the perfection.
  • Line the under the eye by pulling down the lid a bit- We need to look in an upward direction and pull down the lower lid a bit to apply the kajal. Moving the pencil along the water line will give a sharp line.
  • The master trick that makes your kajal stay long it to never forget lining the upper waterline. Also when you line your lower lash line rub it on the edge of the lower lash line too.
  • Blending the kajal with brush or finger- There are several eye makeups with kajal which requires blending the kajal. We can utilize our fingers or a brush to bring in the required effect. The smudging requires application through small strokes in a repeated manner.

Apply kajal on eyes in different ways

Apply kajal on eyes in different ways
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  1. For a more traditional look, you must line the waterline of the eye. This can be done by using the fingers and by pulling down the lower lid of the eye. We can then draw a sharp and bold line from the inner part to the outer edge. You may out take it out of your eye a little to form a flick.
  2. Use of eyes smudging tool in softening of a sharp line will give you a deep color kohl eyes. You can also use a q tip. In case the applied Kajal is thin or sharp, you can easily spread it simply by rolling the brush of the smudger through its tip. This needs to be started from one corner and extended to the other corner. Similarly, the same technique needs to be applied at the eye edges.
  3. Creating a cat-eye effect- This needs to be started from the inner region at one of the corners of the eye. We need to pull align an along the lash. As soon as the outer corner is reached, for the lash located at the upper region, a tiny protruding line tilting in the upper direction at an angle of forty- five to fifty degrees must be drawn. This gives a mesmerizing cat-eye effect.

Kajal is a traditional product which is considered to cause no harm to eyes. In ancient Egypt, this product was declared to affect the eyes in a positive way. But one this that is of utmost importance is that we must never forget to remove it completely before going to bed. The skin must get enough time to relax and breathe and the sleeping time is the best for this job.

We can apply a makeup removal to get the kajal removed but must be ensured that it is gentle to the skin. The sensitivity of eyes differ from person to person, hence we must check the compatibility of the product with our skin. If in any case, the kajal causes irritation we should remove it immediately. The most simple herbal and safe way is by using coconut oil or baby oil on a Q tip or cotton pad and slowly rub it out.

Follow these simple tips and you will never have to worry how to apply kajal ever again. This guide is perfect for women all ages and work fine with all brands of kajals. If you think there’s something we have missed out, let us know we will be glad to hear from you.

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