14 Tips Everyone Growing Out a Pixie Cut Should Know


Pixie is an urban style haircut for the modish women. But growing out is a big deal. If you still think that growing a pixie hairstyle is not so tricky then there is a lot to know.

Basically, a pixie haircut is more of a transition unlike other haircuts. Feather, layer or bob cut is all about chopping in directions to make it look stylish. But it’s not the same with a pixie hairstyle. It frames your face from front with the fringes and uneven bangs. Now you know it’s tricky to grow out a pixie hairstyle.

Soon after chopping your hair into pixie, you will embrace it. What’s annoying is when your hair starts to grow out of a pixie cut. I know you are agreeing with me! And it’s an untold struggle. Now how do you handle it while it is detailed further for you.

How to grow out a pixie cut?

You must consider a few tips before going for a pixie hairstyle. The tips are workable for all kinds of pixie cuts. Here is what you should know and follow to look after your pixie cut.

1. Takes time to grow


Does it take too long? If this is your question, then yes.

Pixie is the shortest cut that you can get. If it is another hairstyle then you could expect it to grow sooner based on your hair growth. As it is pixie, you must know that it takes longer time to grow out.

If you are asking how long it takes exactly or nearly, then we don’t have a specific duration for that. It completely depends on your hair growth and hair health. Sometimes it depends on the way your stylish chopped it to pixie.

2. Style every phase of growth


The just cut pixie is amazingly stylish. When it starts to grow out it looks like a surprise. So, you must be ready to style your hair during every phase.

Pixie growing phases are like this- from very short to above shoulder length, then till shoulder and then below the shoulders. It is said easily but very different when it actually grows.

Further we have also given a few style tips for growing pixie cuts. Go on!

3. Not to lose hope


If the wait is too long, you can’t despair. We understand that it’s patience testing for you to keep on checking every inch of growth of your pixie.

It’s fine to measure and know how long or how well it’s growing. If the growth is too slow, don’t think it’s an end. Proper care and styling can be fruitful at any time. So, keep pampering your baby hairs.

4. Trimming matters


Have you heard trimming stimulate hair growth? What you heard is right and it also works for pixie cuts. While you wait for your pixie to grow out, you must not forget to trim it.

The purpose of trimming is to remove the unhealthy hair and split ends if any. When unwanted or dead hair is cut off then the new hair continues to grow.

So, trim it regularly meanwhile you wait for your hair to grow. Trim it for every 2 months. If you know how short is to be called trimming then wouldn’t fear to shorten it.

5. Keep a headband handy


We told you before that there are hairstyles for growing pixies. Here is one of the simple and stylish hairstyles for your growing hair.

As the shorter hair is now growing, it comes out unevenly. The unruly fringes keep swinging over your face which is super annoying. The only thing that can save you from irritation and awkwardness is a headband.

Just pull back all the baby hair and tame it with a headband. It is trendy and disturbance free style that you can do it quickly as a flash.

6. You need bobby pins


You must always have a set of bobby pins to hold those unmanageable babu hair. The growing hair comes out which is uncontrollable until you have something to secure it well.

Bobby pins are the best to keep your hair in place until you want to free it up again. And you can also style your pixie hair with the bobby pins. It’s for both style and securing the growing pixie.

7. Start braiding even a bit longer hair


Braiding is not just for styling. It creates pull that can stimulate hair growth. Try to braid your short hair whenever it is possible. Anyways braiding short hair is chic.

There are a few more perks of braiding pixie hair- it locks the moisture which is needed for hair growth. It doesn’t make your hair frizzy. Braiding even short hair can prevent tangles and hair breakage. Would you start braiding your growing pixie from this minute?

8. Style with a scarf


Another styling for your growing pixie. A scarf does the styling job well for short hair. Scarf can hold all the baby hair that moves along with your head. The most trendy way to style pixie cut.

This contemporary style is perfect for a little longer hair that grows out of pixie cut or even for short hair.

9. Style with a hat


Play it off smartly with a hat! The growing hair creste the face frame that you may not like. If it’s happening then take the help of a hat.

It is just like the headband or any other hair accessory that can add style to your appearance. It also keeps the hair away from wrongly framing your face. A hat also keeps the side bangs from flying on and off. You just need a hat and it’s a smart idea!

10. Proper care for growth


Do you need extra care for growing out pixie? Yes! Don’t take the hair care for granted during the growth phase of your pixie.

As the hair starts flowing out it becomes frizzy. You need moisture and tame it. You need to oil your hair twice a week to keep it moisturized adequately.

Be sure of using suitable hair products. Use less chemical products for your growing hair. Harsh chemicals can come in the pixie growing and damage. Be known about the products you are using on your pixie hair.

11. Combing is a must


Pixie hairstyle is too short to comb. This is just a stereotype thought about short hair. It is not just to make your hair manageable but there are real benefits of combing short hair.

We urge you to realize that even the shortest hair needs to be combed. Combing is important to put your hair in place. It also improves blood circulation of the scalp which stimulates hair growth. So if you are looking for your pixie to grow out then don’t miss combing it everyday twice.

12. Go with the right direction of growth


Again here is a tip related to combing. If you want to grow your hair in a particular direction then comb your hair in the same direction. This will help you for a desirable hairstyle that you would next go for.

Tame the frizzy tiny hair and comb it in the right direction. It is that important to comb your pixie length hair.

13. Layer your hair


If there is no great volume then you must create the volume. Growing pixie hair is a perk of volumizing easily. Add on layer on layer to enhance the texture of your hairstyle.

Layering also frames your face well. You must layer the hair in a way that it creates volume and add a pretty frame to your face. Try wavy curls and then layer transform to voguish style.

14. Use a dry shampoo


Just to tame the frizzy or make your short hair manageable you can’t wash it quite often. If you have thin hair with pixie cut them it is better to use dry shampoo rather than water washing it.

You can then manage your hair to an extent. You have a good dry shampoo that can cleanse your hair instantly and also reduce frizz. But make sure you choose a dry shampoo that is suitable for short hair.


What Face Shape Can Pull Off a Pixie Cut?

Few hair cuts are suitable for specific face shapes. Pixie cut is perfect for oval, square and heart shaped faces. It frames the face with pretty baby bangs which look modern and stylish.

Now the tricky deal is solved with these tips to manage, style and take care of growing out pixie hair. Growing out your pixie hair is problematic but it’s also interesting when you know how to play with it. Tame the dramatically growing pixie and style to grow then manage to style. You have seen how to do it all. Now try it out with confidence!

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