5 Best Hair Steamers In India- Hair Spa At Home


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We should thank technology for making our lives easy. Technology brought the ways to beautify with easy methods. Hairstyling, hair drying, and hair care is not something tough to do at home. Hair steamers are the best invention for hair care.

Spa at the salon is relaxing and much needed sometimes. But why at home? The hair steamers make it possible to have a hair spa at home itself. The hair steamers which can let you relax and improve your hair health must be yours. If you want to get one, then you must know which is the best hair steamer.

The hair steamers are available in India and they are working the best. We have listed some of the hair steamers for you.

How to Choose Hair Steamers

Before you are buying a hair steamer, you need to check for certain features and benefits. You should also follow the instructions in the right way.

Firstly, when you are choosing a hair steamer, see that it is flexible enough. The portable hair steamer can do a better job. Check the size of the steamer cap, if it fits your head or different sizes heads. Features like auto cut off, temperature settings are important.

Also, look for multi purpose hair steamers which only also give you facial steam.

Benefits of Hair Steamers

Save the salon expenses

You can save money as you don’t have to spend again and again. You are also doing it at home without spending.

Instant Relief

Hair steaming is also good for instant relief of stress and fatigue. As hair steamers can also help in blood circulation, you can get instant relief from stress. The spa effect will let you relax when you take the steam.

Natural Hair Treatment

Though it is an electric device that working on your skin, it is still natural. You can cleanse your hair, moisturize and condition at home. You can use natural oils while steaming your hair. This will give you the best results.

Easy to Use

All the ways of beauty care are not possible at home. But hair steaming is very much possible at home with a hair steamer. You get the same benefits which you get from the spa.

How to Steam your Hair With A Hair Steamer?

1.Apply conditioner to your hair(You can also apply oil to your hair instead of conditioner)
2.Adjust the steamer cap properly to fit your hair and head.
3.Sit under the hooded dryer operating the device.
4.Continue to sit for 20-25 minutes.
5.Shampoo your hair with cold water.
6.Dry your hair naturally.

Best Hair Steamers in India

1. AS O3 2 In 1 Ozone Hair and Facial Hair Steamer


The steamer is for the face and hair. It is a portable steamer which makes steaming easy for you at home. You need to moisturize your dry hair and face. When you want to flush the toxins out from your scalp and face, you can simply do a steaming session.

The best part of the steamer is, it helps in unclogging the pores while taking steam for face or hair.

The steamer is easy to handle. You will start loving the steaming experience as it performs well. The steamer has the feature of auto cutoff when the water comes to low limit.

  • Works well
  • Multi purpose
  • None

2. SPARLOUR O3 2 in 1 Fiberglass Ozone Hair/Facial Herbal Steamer Vaporizer with Bowl


This steamer is great for salon and home spa. The steamer gives your hair and face enough moisture. The dirt and impurities that settle on your skin will be removed when you steam. Sparlour hair steamer also reduces the itchiness of the scalp and promotes blood circulation.

The hair steamer comes with unique features. The steamer has the auto cut off when the water level comes down. You can also control the temperature accordingly which is a great feature. The steamer works as the multi-purpose one for hair and face. Some of the steamers are not portable and movable. But this steamer is a portable one.

  • Quality product
  • Water leaks from the bottle

3. Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair Steamer With Rolling Floor Stand Base


This is a professional hair steamer that can also be used at home. The hair steamer comes from the rolling stand which makes steaming easy. The hair steamer has three power settings. The steamer cap is made of long lasting acrylic. The cap gives the even heat distributing to all directions.

As it is a professional hair steamer, it fits any head size and height.

The hair steamer can be filled with 32 ounces of water.

The steam has the 3 holes which are the venting spaces. The vent holes provide you the refinement of steaming levels. Salon hair steamer has had the basic feature which is auto cut off when the water level drops down.

  • Professional purpose
  • Portability is excellent
  • None

4. Kingdom Large 3-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer


This is a multi purpose steamer that plays the role of a humidifier for your hair and skin. The steamer suits all hair types as it has different heat settings. Your hair may have build up which must be cleaned. This steamer allows you to clean the build-up with proper steaming.

After every steaming session, your hair becomes shiny, smooth, and healthy. It is a good hair cleanser and also removes pollutants from your scalp. The steamer is also effective on the face as it removes- blackheads, whiteheads, acne. The steamer also hydrates your skin and prevents it from drying.

  • Cleanses skin well
  • Remove build-up
  • None

5. Secura Hair and Facial Steamer


Secura made the hair steamer which is super good for hair and face. The steamer gives you a good amount of steam and moisturizes your hair. Your hair shines and becomes smooth after every use.

Secura tabletop steamer improves the absorption of conditioners and oils well. It prevents your hair from split ends.

The steamer covers the whole head and hairs as the steamer cap is big enough. The hair steamer heats up quickly. It is a 360 degree rotate steamer which is super portable. You can easily assemble and use this multi purpose steamer.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • None


How Long Should I Steam My Hair?

You can steam for 15-30 minutes with the hair steamers without damaging your hair.

What is the difference between the hair steamer and hair dryer?

Hair steamer produces steam out of hot water, whereas, hairdryers blow the air electrically to dry the hair.

Should I wash my hair?

You need not wash your hair before steaming. For best results, you can condition your hair and then take the steam. You can also add the essential or carrier oils into the bottle and steam your hair.

Can we steam oil hair?

Yes! In fact, it is beneficial, if you oil your hair before steaming. This way your scalp absorbs the oil. You can wash off your hair after hair steaming which cleanses your hair completely.

You gained enough knowledge of hair steamers and steaming. You also feel investing in a good hair steamer is worth it with the information provided in this article.
A hair spa at home is a must try and it is great with hair steamers.

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