7 Winter Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair

Winter Hair Care

Winters are setting in, and while everyone is worried about skin care in this weather! Your hair gets totally neglected. Your hair also plays an important role in glorifying your beauty. But mostly it is being neglected. Your hair must also get an equal number of nourishment as your skin. It is because winter can be harsh on them too. So today I am going to write about winter hair care routine to keep the hair soft and shiny even in the dry winters. Many people complain of severe dandruff in this season. This is because just like your skin, the scalp too gets dry and flaky. So here, are 7 winter hair care tips for dry hair, that can prove you with luscious and beautiful hair.

Best Hair Care Tips For Winter

1Hydrate your scalp

Hydrate your scalp

Hydrate your scalp just just as you moisturize your skin. Regular oil massages can keep the scalp moisturized. Heat up your favourite oil, and massage the scalp at least once a week. Try to use lighter oils like, almond, argon, jojoba, olive oil, etc., instead of coconut and castor oils in winters. Being heavier oils coconut and castor, go even denser in winter season. A lighter oil would not just moisturize the scalp, but it is way easier to wash it off, unlike the heavy oils like coconut or castor oil, that sits on the scalp

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2Steaming the hair

Steaming the hair

After the oiling is done, do not forget to steam, the hair by soaking your towel in hot water. Steaming helps to lock the moisture in the hair

3Do not wash hair with hot water

Do not wash hair with hot water

During cold mornings, you tend to wash off your hair with hot water, as it feels very relaxing. So if you are doing it, then stop them immediately. Hot water, would not just strip off your scalp of its scalp of its natural oils, but would also make your hair weaker. Hot water can also cause problems like dandruff, split ends and frizzy hair. Always use water at moderate temperature for shampoo.

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4Use a mild shampoo

Use a mild shampoo

Try to use a chemical free shampoo, a sulfade free shampoo would not lather too much, but would gently clean off all the dirt and oils from your scalp. It will also help you to restore moisture the scalp and hair.

5Home made shampoo and conditioner

Home made shampoo

Natural homemade shampoos can also be used. Try to use a thicker conditioner after every wash, instead of the runny, gel like conditioners. Also, you can add a spoon full of your favourite oil in your conditioner and keep it in the bathroom handy usage.

6DIY deep conditioner

DIY deep conditioner

You can even make your own deep conditioner for silky smooth hair. Take unflavoured full fat mayonese as per your hair length. Not many people know that mayonese is a great ingredients for deep conditioning because of its protein and oil. Heat up some olive oil in a pan and then mix it with mayonese it will not just loosen the mayonese, but it can also super shine on your hair.

You can also naturally heat the oil jar by keeping it under the direct sunlight. Now, spray some water on hair lengths, wet hair is tend to absorb more nutrition. Begin applying the mask, on the lengths of the hair, no application is required on the scalp, unless you don’t mind it being oily.

Try to pay more attention to the frizzy ends. Cover the hair properly and leave it for two hours. Before washing off the conditioner, take one cup of water in a bowl, squeeze half a lemon in it. Then, strain the water and use the water to get rid of the unwanted smell of mayonese and cut out on all the grease. You can also use apple cider vinegar instead of the lemon to do a final rinse. Spray the mixture on your hair, and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes before washing it off with a shampoo. After the shampoo, let your hair air dry.

In winter’s try not to shampoo too frequently, because shampoos make your scalp too dry and very dandruff prone.

7Let the hair feast on the vitamins

Let the hair feast on the vitamins

Last but not the least, is to make your hair feast on vitamins. Always eat winter fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, fenugreek, mustard, Amla, nuts, besides apple and bananas to help your hair gain strength as well as natural shine. Eating healthy can make a lot of difference to your hair.

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