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Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Inviting people all around the world for your destination wedding is not enough. You have all lot of things to do before inviting guests for your wedding. Destination wedding needs a lot of pre-wedding planning because it is not only your wedding but the biggest celebration of your life.

You might feel a little bit more pressure than ever because you want it to be perfect like from every details to be on the line and you cannot afford to be losing up. Most of the time wedding destinations is not only about the wedding it is also about traveling to a destination or planning a vacation with your partner and vacation for the guests too. So, here are few destination wedding planning tips for your perfect wedding.

Tips For Destination Wedding

1Pick a spot

Pick a spot

The scintillating location of your wedding decide everything about the mesmerising occasion you are going to have. The destination creates the mood, that is rustic or sophisticated or beachy, travelling time, wedding budget, etc., for the great day in your life. Your wedding element not only the location but also overall vibe and activities. Wedding locations say a lot about your personal style and passion.

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2Think about your priorities

Think about your priorities

It is very important that this destination must fit your budget, and that it’s certain attributes are easily accessible for you and your guests. Once you decide on your priorities then it will be easier for you to narrow down to your few key options.

3Right time

Right time

Unfortunately the weather in some popular destination also tends to correlate with the tourist season. There are more crowds, few available venues at hotels and high rates. If you choose to marry during this season, then you must probably block the venues ten to twelve months before in advance and even ask your guests to book their flights and accommodation before the price hikes. Or if you select a shoulder season, that is a season right after high season, then you might be able to save yourself and also your guests will be benefited and they can enjoy the great weather.

4Take a Trip

Take a Trip

After selecting a destination, do remember to take a planning trip to the location. If possible try to take two or three trips. On the very first trip try scouting and securing your venues ceremony and reception spaces, rooms for guests, booking local suppliers such as caterers, or florists or photographers. On the second trip have a tasting session with your selected local caterer, see sample of bouquets from the local florist, plan a makeup and hair salon session with a local salon and plan activities for the guests.

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5Research Local Marriage Requirements

Research Local Marriage Requirements

While tying a knot in different country remember to know the legal side of this system. It can be complicated for some of us. Many countries have residency requirements, that means you need to reside in that country for a certain amount of time. Check the immigration rules, in detail what your destination country needs.

Take Care of Guests

Take Care of Guests

While arranging group accommodation for rooms and flights, list the information from the nearest airport to your wedding locale. Invite everybody on the pre-wedding functions, present them some gift bags in the function and explain to them all the procedures of the venues and functions.

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