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Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

Being the lady love in your man’s life is a beautiful feeling. So, you just planned to stay occupied with your partner on valentine’s day? Thats great but also don’t forget to stay with fashion to be loved even more. If you are a fashion lady who surprise your prince charming with lovely look, you must get that special makeup look.

Touching your skin with colours and shades is routine for everyday. So, this time, it is not blending the shades on your face but go with the themes and make it romantic on valentine’s day.

Here we are giving away the best makeup looks that you must try for this Valentine’s day. Am sure that you hands will go unstoppable with clicks of your pretty makeup looks.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

When you are making the efforts of looking extraordinary, you must try these makeup looks. They work to look that great effortlessly. And your appearance will be the Valentine’s day surprise for your partner. Whats say?

1. Barbie Makeup – You Are A Lovely Chick


Barbie makeup is all about the pink shades. If you are pink lover, love it more on coming valentine’s day. The modern outfit that you are slipping into must go with this makeup for you to look like a barbie.

Your partner will love the real life barbie that stays beside. The delicacy and elegance that a barbie carries makes this look romantic and very suitable for lovers day. The shade in you turns to be funky. You will you look like a baby doll as you need to be.

Some styling tips for barbie makeup-

  • Blonde hair
  • A simple loose tresses hairstyle
  • Add fake lashes and curl them
  • Accessorize your hairstyle with colour hair pins
  • Get the ballerina shoes or high heels

Are these enough to surprise your man with your special look?

2. Bold Nude Shades – Be A Classy Woman


Bold nude shades are for classy woman. As you want to keep it light and subtle, nude shades can do it for you.

The nudes shades on your eyes, lips and cheeks make you look perfect. You can sizzle with your lovely nude shades makeup look. With this makeup look, you are taking your fashion sense and style to next level.

Your glamour adds the prettiness as you have already gave nude shades. You can check out the nude shade makeup look of Alia Bhatt. She looks angelic and classy with makeover.

Take these tips for nude shade makeup look-

  • Do a high messy bun or braid hairstyle
  • Choose matte lipstick
  • Let the eye makeup go subtle

3. Wine Red Makeup – Hot Lady Version


You want to flaunt with a hot look on this Valentine’s day. Then, it is all possible with the wine red makeup. Not just the dark red lip shade but make the look perfect. You have something else to look impressive as a fashionable woman.

You are going to look bold and hot to handle. The velvety and skin fit outfit can be your choice to match the makeup look. You look like fashion showered on you.

For me, this is the most attractive look and aptly romantic. The fancy outfit dress and this makeup look is just ultimate for that romantic special evening.

Check out the tips for wine red makeup-

  • Blend the shades for eyes
  • Dark black hair is great for wine red makeup
  • Keep the accessories minimal
  • Go with a silver chain and ear studs

4. Heart Eye Makeup – Show Off the Love


If you want to feel special, you must look that first. So, here is a unique idea that works special on Valentine’s day. The hearts symbol eye makeup is pretty.

If you are a woman who experiments and love to explore the fashion ideas, then you must try this. If you are planning to rock in a concert or to spend romantic time in evening- then think of this makeup look.

The heart symbols and the shades make this makeup look nicest. You are going to attract your love with these love symbols. And that day, you will feel double special, when your man don’t take the eyes off you. Just get it done to feel lovely on that day!

Count on these styling tips for heart eye makeup-

  • You can give a shimmery touch to your eyes
  • Pick pink eye shades and elevate the heart symbol with white or red colours

5. Shimmery Makeup Look – Shine Like a Star

 Valentine's Day Shimmery Makeup Look

If you have a plan to go on a date on valentine day and if it is in evening time- then this must be your makeup look. Shimmery look is meant for evenings. Don’t you think so?

You will be obsessed with your shimmery look. Shimmer is not to load you with shimmery shades. It is more to make you look alluring. The right shades and the way you blend give you a gorgeous shimmer look.

A chic dress that you are wearing must be simple as you are brightening your appearance with shimmers.

Mind these tips for shimmery makeup look-

  • Choose the shimmer shades that suits you
  • Make dark and curled lashes
  • Try cat eye makeup
  • Let the shiny glossy lipstick to glide on

6. Makeup Look with Pastels – The Pleasant Side of You

 Valentine's Makeup Look with Pastels

Do you have any dreamy look for Valentine’s day? If you don’t have any, just look at this makeup idea. The pastel makeup look is for funky women.

When you try out this makeup look, you will get ready to feel pretty, special on the day of love. You can try both ways of this makeup look- monochromatic or blend of colours.

You are going to look like a candy cane lady if you are blending the pastel colours for this makeup look. A simple gown or one piece dress that looks fancy on you goes great with this makeup look. Do you have any such dresses to match up with this angelic makeup look?

7. Touch of Blue – Be an Aqua Girl


Touch of blue make to your makeup you look bright. Then how about a full blue makeup? You are going to look as beautiful as the full blue moon which is rare.

The shades of blue you pick for this look will make you a aqua girl as named. You have many more ideas to try with a blue makeup look.

As blue is an unusual shade for makeup, you will look special on Valentine’s day with it. All you want is looking unique and glamorous walking along with your partner and you will be that on this Valentine’s day with blue makeup. The best way to pair with this makeup look is, choosing a blue colour fancy dress.

Add these tips for you blue makeup look-

  • Accessorize with silvers jewelry
  • Go with peach pink lip colour
  • Blend the blue shades for eye makeup

8. Purple yourself – A Blooming Bright Flower


If you want to look attractive, then purple helps you. It is a magical colour for women, be it makeup or outfits. So, simply get that purple makeup done.

You will look like blooming flower in spring season. You can keep it two ways- vibrant purple or soothing lavender.

Let your happiness of being in love, show off with your brightened makeup look. When you are getting a makeover with purples, you must be ready to dazzle for a unique style statement. It is a great idea for fashion ladies who are always excited to go with extraordinary looks.

Tips to go with purple makeup-

  • Make it ombre makeup with contrast hues
  • Define the eye crease with a cool toned lavender shade
  • You can go with a purple lip colour for a bold style statement

9. Peachy Makeup – A Dream Girl


If you are choosing a peach or coral outfit, you can go this makeup on Valentine’s day. It simply appear stylish and chic. The elegance elevates when you do the makeup with peaces.

Highlight your eyes to attract, touch your lips with subtle shades. Keep it all minimal and you will high class. Plush of peach shades on your skin also makes you look natural.

Peach is close shade for most of the women. Women are fair look extremely adorable with this colour. Your cheeks look blushed and lifts up your lips with pretty smile.

Tips for peachy makeup-

  • Apply bronzer, blush and contour to lift up your face features
  • Choose a one piece outfit like frock, gown or maxi dress
  • Be a minimalist of fashion accessories
  • Don’t forget to wear an elegant bracelet

Trying out the makeup looks says you are in love with yourself. The special Valentine’s day outfits go dull and routine with the casual makeup. So, these makeup looks are to make the difference.

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