Bad Neighbors? Here Is How To Deal With It


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Bad Neighbors

Do you stay at a place where the neighbors bog barks till 2 am in the night? Do your neighbors party till the wee hours of the morning and play music that doesn’t let you sleep? Do you have a neighbor who unapologetically throws his garbage in front of your house every other day? Well, you definitely have a bad neighbor who has a blatant disregard for other peoples lives and you soon need to do something about it. But how to deal with a bad neighbor? How do you clear out the problems and yet maintain an amicable relationship? We tell you exactly how to do it.

1. Speak Up-

Talk to your neighbors directly. Speak out about your problems, face to face like adults and try to resolve whatever things might be troubling you. A lot of times you would just sit around, thinking your neighbor would understand on his own, but may be he does not genuinely realise that he may be creating a problem. Also since no one ever complained or said a word to him in person. Be polite and try to explain him how his way of life is troubling you. Many times, you would see that requesting and being polite will always solve the problem. He may also apologise if he was doing it all unintentionally.

2. Leave a Note-

So you went to see your neighbor and talk to him about whatever issues you’re facing, you found out that he works till late or maybe he is away on weekends and you just can’t get to him. So when repeated attempts to meet go fail, you can leave behind a kind note on his door or car from which he can receive the message you have been trying to convey. But before leaving a note here is what you should consider, Authoritative text can set people off and worsen your situation. Always be polite and explain your genuine problem. Leave behind your number so that you can talk. Request to stop the behaviour you have a problem with. A lot of times people who unintentionally cause nuisance will feel embarrassed and stop doing things instantly.

3. Offer Help-

A lot of times if it is a trivial issue where the neighbour is unable to take care of some problem and that has caused you trouble, offer to help him correct the issue. For example, if their rain water drain pipe is spilling out water that is spoiling your house paint, offer him to fix a new pipe together and solve the problem. Do not offer money as for a lot of people it can be a matter of ego. Instead, offer to help out in person. This will not just take care of your problem but also help you in building a bond with your neighbors.

Offer Help4. Ask other neighbors-

If you have already tried talking to your neighbor, requested and demanded and yet this one particular neighbor just won’t budge, Possibility is, that a lot of people are also facing the same problem from him. You should ask your other neighbors to help you to talk to him and resolve the matter. With a union of all the neighbors from the society, your bad neighbour will feel the pressure of being civil and cordial. He may finally put down his bad behaviour. Although do not barge into his house with a group this may make him feel isolated and threatened. These things can also be explained with a letter signed from everybody in the neighbourhood.

5. Befriend Your Neighbors-

The best way to avoid any kind of neighbor problems is befriending them. We do not mean that you be extra friendly and look out for them every day, that will look really creepy, do not do that. We suggest that you should always welcome new residents into the neighbourhood with a basket of warm food or fruits maybe. Go say hello and introduce yourself. Having amicable relationship with each other will save you from the awkward fights about parking and garbage cans later. Invite them once or twice to your house and make them meet your society friends. It will be a great start and the new resident will feel the need to behave responsible.

Befriend Your Neighbors6. Drastic measure-

Finally, despite all the measures that you took for your bad neighbour to improve his ways he just doesn’t seem to understand. In such cases, you should always inform the authorities about the rash and negligent resident. Ask the society chief to take action. If they are breaking laws by their behavior like playing loud music past midnight first inform the neighbour you might take legal action. If the problem still persists call the police. Do not indulge in a verbal or physical fight it will only worsen things for you.

Drastic measure7. Inform In Advance-

Just like some habits of your neighbors can trouble you, so can yours. So if you are planning to renovate your house, or mow your lawn or even carry out as party till late, be sure to inform all your neighbors in advance and ask them to expect the loud noises of the machines etc. Building a bond like this will make them obligated to inform you too whenever they have some neighborhood disturbing activity.

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