10 Apps every woman should have on her phone

10 Apps

Women are the next CEOs. Executive directors and hold a great position in their companies these days. Gone are those days when women used to write down on a paper and stick it everywhere. New technology has taken over and applications have become very user friendly. There are a million things women do. From yoga class at 6 am to meeting at 9, following which is your friend’s birthday lunch and picking up children from school! Multitasking is an easy job for women, but remembering could be difficult if you have so many things to do. In such situations, you need a helper or a beeper which can tell you it’s time for that and this! Well ladies, there sure are apps for ‘that and this. Check out some of the coolest 10 apps every woman should have right away on her phone.

Very Useful Apps For Every Woman

1Near+ Now

Near Now

When you want to meet a couple of your friends while also thinking where to go, Near+ Now will list down the number of pubs, restaurants, local outings and whatnot! It will also tell you which pub has late night women’s night out and happy hours! The app will customize your search according to your location and makes it easier for you. You don’t have to search in prior if you are making quick and immediate plans.



Have you always found it hard to check where your loyalty card is or trying to juggle between 5 of your coupons while standing in a long queue? Well, you don’t have to do any of that anymore. FidMe is a great app that categorizes all your loyalty cards and your coupons in one app and lists it according to alphabetical order for easy access. This is easier than you expect. You can just open your app and get your points added to them.


Toilet finder

You can be without food, water, but not without peeing! Right? Here’s an app that doesn’t put you in an embarrassing situation anymore. ToiletFinder is an app that helps you find toilets nearby using your location as its source. This app is user friendly as it allows you to contribute and add any restroom, you know nearby which would be listed the next time people search. It is a pretty win-win situation and one of the most important apps every woman should install right away!



myPill is an app for those women who have to take their contraceptive pill every day at the same time. Obviously, women tend to forget to have their routine pills amongst their busy work schedules. This app will remind you about the number of days you have to have the pill, and how many pills are left. Very useful app for those busy ladies!

5OPI Nail color

OPI Nail color

Frankly, this is just a fun app where you will get to see what color suits you the best and how! You wouldn’t have to necessarily be the one who shops all the nail paint and crib about its color after buying. You can click the nail paint color, click your hand and use the app to check out if the color suits your hand. If it does, go ahead and buy it. If not, keep trying other colors. This is absolutely fun and entertaining.

6Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Figuring out dinner every night is a big deal after you come back from work. But, not anymore. If you have this app, you are going to explore more than necessary and enjoy your meal with your family. Creative dishes are given importance in this app. There is access to thousands of recipes. It also accepts member shared recipes. So, once you are done with your recipe, you can share it with thousands of other women. You can become your own chef!

7Circle of 6

Circle of 6

When you are in trouble, you can either call up your relatives, try,try and wait for them until they come and pick you up which by the way, is not secure at all! Or, you can use this app and alert your people in a second. Circle of 6 is basically is an app that lets you add 6 close people on to your list. This anti-violence app sends an alert to all the 6 people once you click on the danger button. It sends alert with th your GPS location. They can come and save you from danger immediately. This is a very important app that every woman/girl should have on her smart phone.



Having a tab on spending and your financial progress is a torture. It just never works to write it down or note it down somewhere. But this app makes it way easier. Cost lets you combine all your accounts, gives you information on how much balance you have and how much have you been swiping from your card every day. End of the day, it will show a clear calculation on where all you have spent and how much have you spent on what. This way you can have a clear idea on what you have been unnecessarily

9Beats Music

Beats Music

Beats Music is a cool app, which will give you a playlist without you having to choose the songs. This app has an interesting feature called ‘The sentence’, where you just have to answer a few questions on how you feel right now, whom you are with and where you are and it will just customize your playlist for you. This is a cool way to start your romantic drive or to party with your friends. Another interesting advantage is that, it comes ad-free!

10Sleep cycle

Sleep cycle

Getting ready to work with a headache is the last thing you would want. Isn’t it? There have been times when you would have faced the annoying alarm ringing when you are tired and in deep sleep. That is when the headache starts. But you can now prevent that using this app. You just have to alert the app on when you start sleeping and it will count the number of hours. It will calculate your sleep and alarm you when you are not in your deep sleep using the sleep cycle process This is sure called artificial intelligence!

These most useful apps will come in very handy for every woman making it easier and interesting. It makes your life pressure-stress free! These above ones are definitely 10 apps every woman should have on her phone!

-Pavithra Ravi

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