Small things a girl misses about being single


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girl misses about being single

They say that anything on the other side is always greener than you think. Well, yes, that’s true even in the case of relationships. When you get into a relationship, you feel happy and it satiates most of your wishes and fantasies, but it doesn’t take less than 15 mins to start cribbing about the love or the relationship and how we miss being single, right? Well, this is something that happens to each of us and its more like a phase. There are many perks of being single and we often don’t embrace it with open arms. We think that being single is not our cup of tea. Well, ladies, that is what I am going to change for you.

Whether you are already in a relationship or not, you will definitely be able to relate when I say that these small things are the ones a girl misses about being single. With no further delay, here are the various things a girl misses in her life.

Top things a girl misses about being single



Who doesn’t like to flirt? It’s a universal thing and everyone enjoys casual flirting. But once you are committed, you are restricted and you feel that you are not eligible to flirt. Well, it is actually true that when you are committed, you can’t flirt as openly as you used to when you were single. You actually cannot justify your act of flirting once you get into a relationship.

Yes, flirting is healthy but it definitely just doesn’t make the cut. Also, there is a sense of pressure that will breathe down your neck all the time and it will feel like you are cheating on your boyfriend. This is definitely a small portion of you that will go missing once you start having a boyfriend.

2The first time excitements

The first time excitements

Trust me or not, first times are always the best times. Yes, when you are doing something for the very first time, there is love, affection, excitement, crazy butterfly feeling inside of you. You know for sure that you love everything with him. Don’t you miss those first times with your boyfriend now, though being with him is the best? The first kiss, the first time he hugged you or touched you and your first meet will be damn fresh even now and you can’t really forget it.

In fact, even the first look is something very special that you will gradually miss in your relationship. Every girl would love to replay those first time moments in her mind over and again. This is definitely a great miss and you will feel like you want to do all these firsts again with your boyfriend.

3Friends or boyfriend

Friends or boyfriend

Boyfriend? No, friends! No, boyfriend! Argh, friends!

You get what I am trying to say here? Well, it is one of the most annoying decisions that you will have to make. The decision of choosing whom to meet on weekends or on the days you are free is a war by itself.

Every girl loves spending time with both the boyfriend and the friends and cannot really distinguish one as important than the other. She will either try to squeeze in time for both or try to mix both and make a plan that involves everyone in it. These are the thing a girl misses when she is in a relationship. Being cool and not really caring about what to choose from is something so relaxing and soothing that all the single girls get to do it at peace.

4Not fighting

Not fighting

Ah, every single girl is free from this. She doesn’t have to fight with her boyfriend for all the silliness or major reasons at all. If you are in a relationship, things like text messages, meeting, coming late, missing calls or even answering in a particular tone can be taken the defensive way. Of course, make up after a fight is beautiful and make you feel comfortable. But the moment you fight will make you hate your relationship or the idea of being in one. Thus, a girl misses for sure and would want to be in a fight free relationship, which is not possible at all.



Not that you don’t have your freedom or space when you are in a relationship, but being in a relationship, you are unfortunately answerable to some people or at least that one person. You will have to tell him or base your ideas or your situations according to the decisions and the assumptions made by the opposite party. You have to explain to your boyfriend as to what is wrong and right.

Sometimes a relationship can occupy so much space in your life that you might be filled with only questions and clarifications. The ‘me’ time is very less and you might miss that big time.

6Future talks

Future talks

As long you are not in a relationship, you don’t really have to worry about the future or what you are going to do about your future. Once you are in a relationship, everything becomes a decision or something to do with the future. Even your studies have to be decided accordingly because you don’t really want to sabotage your personal life by giving more importance to your professional life. Isn’t it weird how things immediately take a toll when a guy comes into the picture? Hmm, not thinking about the future and chilling out is something that a girl misses definitely if she is not single.

-Pavithra Ravi

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