Crazy thoughts that run every girl’s mind during sex


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crazy thoughts a girl can have

Isnt it just amazing to spend time with your loved one of the bed. Comfortable and cosy, the bed is one place that gives you a mixture of both love and lust. Well, while you can be comfortable and loving on the bed with the most lovable guy next to you, there are also certain things that can feel extremely random during sex. Sex is a great way to switch off everything you are feeling and just enjoy what you have in front of you. But like they say, is it really that easy to switch off your brain and move on? Well, let me tell you that switching off your brain for sex is something that can never happen. There will be a number of random and crazy thoughts that will run through your mind when you are in the process of making love to the man you adore.

He will not think of anything, but a girl’s mind is totally different. You will end up worrying about so many random things that gets difficult for you to count, When you are trying to get down and dirty with your guy, you will have thoughts about the most bizarre things in life. You never would have thought about it, but suddenly it all feels like an important topic to you. Have you ever been attacked by such crazy thoughts a girl can have? If yes, then see if you can relate to any of our crazy thoughts list. If no, then read up and get to know what your fellow friends could be possible thinking about while having sex.

Crazy Thoughts That Creep Every Girl’s Mind

1Is he going to start from basics?

Is he going to start from basics

Well, every girl tends to think this at least once or twice during the sex. She will think if he will start from the basics of making out or will he directly jumps the gun and skip a few steps in between. Not every girl will accept for the fact that oral sex can be extremely interesting. Some girls don’t even tell the guys that they love oral sex. So, this could definitely be one of the craziest thought that a girl can think off, while just starting to have sex.

2Am I being weird?

Am I being weird

Ha-ha! I can’t stop laughing because every girl tends to think the same while having sex. Don’t lie to yourself! Haven’t you thought how weird your guy might think about you while having sex. So basically, the guy is seeing you in different angles, in different postures and in different variations.

He sees you moaning, he sees you smiling, kissing, shouting, screaming in pain and so many more things. So, there are a lot of chances where you can turn out to look weird and crazy. You would want to look good while having sex, but how do you know you look good or not? Hence, every girl tends to think if he thinks you are a weird human being.

3Yeay, it feels nice!

Yeay, it feels nice!

Of course you talk to yourself and think as to how good or not it is. If he is doing the right kind of things, then of course, your mind and body is going to be happy and jump with joy. You are continuously telling your mind and body that what he is doing to you is extremely fun and nice. If things aren’t going in the direction you want it to go, then probably your mind is thinking about the best times with the guy.

4Will he judge me?

Will he judge me

To open up about sex and to do something that you want to try could be very difficult for girls to express to their boyfriends. Well, it is something that not every girl is open to speak about. Not a lot of times guys are open to such discussions as well. So, you might think that the guy might judge you for offering a particular act or for saying some of the things aloud.

The constant questioning of will he judge, you will keep your mind so occupied that you might sometimes not even be able to enjoy what’s happening to you at that point of time.

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5Did he say ‘I love you’?

Did he say ‘I love you’

Sex can be very exhausting because your mind isn’t in one place. You are probably thinking something at one point of time and immediately something totally random crops up in your head. Probably you are not even listening to half of the things he is saying to you while having sex. You may end up thinking a hundred things and presume a thousand things from what he says during sex. Did he say I love you or I love this? Does he love me or does he love having sex with me? Shit! These are the kind of thoughts you will definitely have while having sex.

6Can we do it again?

Can we do it again

Most guys say it out aloud and girls don’t! But the end of the day, both of you’ll want to have sex more and more. But because being tired and sleepy could be a few of the reasons in between, you may not say it out aloud. Also, because you don’t want to embarrass yourself if he says no to you. But the constant feeling of wanting to have more sex is always there even in a girl’s mind and you feel like asking him if he wants to do it again. But you shut up and snuggle and drift to your sleep.

These are some of the basic things a girl generally thinks while having sex.

-Pavithra Ravi

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