How to overcome shyness while or before having sex


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Does it scare you when you think of talk about sex? Well, more than feeling scared, the factor is that you are shy about it and the feeling makes you feel weird and more shy. Everybody loves to dream about sex, no matter what, right? How do you dream yourself to be like when you are in the bedroom. Do you want to be the tiger or the aggressive animal? Do you feel like being the soft kinds like a polar bear with the hugging and snuggling? Well, having sex for the very first time might be very intimidating and you may feel very shy and awkward about sex and your body. But all you need to know at first is that you have to reduce your anxiety and feel at ease when it comes to sex. You have to think about all the good deeds that you have done or you are about to do when you are going to have sex.

Remember that sex is nothing but an amazing pleasure ride that will give you the higher you are expecting. There might be discomfort when you are naked in front of your partner for the first time, but once you get a hang of it, you will be fine. So, here are some tips for you to overcome shyness while having sex.

Tips to Overcome Shyness During or Before Sex

1All day long sex dreams

All day long sex dreams

You have to make sure to excite your mind about sex when you get to know that you are going to have sex that very night. Yes, this might sound funny or weird, but if you know that you are going to hit the chords perfectly right the night that follows, then make sure you start getting excited and tempted about sex. Start imagining things in your mind like a hot shower with your partner, the bodies caressing each other with soap. Start thinking of movie scenes likes the one in basic instinct. Think of him feeding you a hot fudge chocolate and you try to put the whipped cream all over yourself. When you try to imagine things all by yourself, you will be in constant touch with what you want to do and that will be one way to overcome shyness easily. Seduce yourself and play the sexy thoughts over and over again about you and your partner, which will help you to go easy when it comes to actual sex. You will actually be more than ready when it comes to sex if you reply to certain things on your head.

2Be comfortable with the place

Be comfortable with the place

It is very important that you feel safe and secure when it comes to getting intimate because if you don’t feel safe, there will be an edge to all your actions. You may feel awkward to try anything different and that could irritate you. You won’t be able to think out of the box or you won’t be able to embrace your sexual self in front of him, if you aren’t comfortable with the place or surrounding. Never have sex in a hotel or a lodge the first time because that is bound to look and feel different all together. You will not like it and you may think of ways in which you are being seen by others. You could avoid outer places for sex for the first time. Your house or his house is the best way to initiate things. The best thing about guys is that, they aren’t worried about the environment. They are only worried about satisfying the beautiful woman in front of them. But, as a woman, you need to make sure to spend more of sex time at your place until you gain the confidence.

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3Don’t worry about your body

Don’t worry about your body

How does it matter if you have put on a little weight or if you have a birth mark on your back? That isn’t something that you should be worried at the first place/ You need to let go of your not so perfect body and concentrate on what is happening at the present. That is one way by which you can overcome shyness easily. Trust us when we say this, the guy doesn’t really care about all that if he really likes you. He is attracted to you and so are you, so don’t worry about anything else. Just because you are too skinny or too fluffy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the best sex. In fact some guys like girls to have something to hold on to, and so they will love you even if you are on the heavier side. The flaws don’t really matter in sex. So, get over it and continue to enjoy the moment.

4Enjoy it

Enjoy it

It is important that you enjoy the sex when you are having it. Yes, it could be a little scary to start off with, but when you gain the confidence and start liking it, you will love and enjoy it. You have to just make sure you tell him how much you enjoyed it. That is one thing that will make him feel better about the sex. So, enjoy and don’t worry about anything else.

5Visualize the sex

Visualize the sex

When you are with him, you need to visualize and tell him what you would like to do. It is very important that you tell him what you would like or what you don’t like about the sex. When you can visualize and tell him, things will become easier for both of you. This process will also let you guys openly talk and become closer than usual. It is not just about sex, even mental connection is important for sex.

-Pavithra Ravi

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