Eye Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight


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Eye Exercises

We all love to have beautiful and healthy eyes. But, most of the time we do nothing to keep them healthy, which also causes to decreasing eyesight. But, do you know that there are many eye exercises, that can help you improve your eyesight? Mostly we think about our body and muscles to develop. But even our eyes are the most important part of our body. It is the only way by which we can see the world. So here, are few eye exercises to improve eyesight.

Exercises To Improve Eyesight

1The Eye Roll

The Eye Roll

This two minutes simple exercise, only needs you to be seated comfortably. Then, while keeping your eyes open, roll them first in a clockwise and then in anti-clockwise position. Try to work on this slowly, while stretching as far you can. You must do this exercise for about two to three minutes, it can make your eyes feel more relaxed and focus much better.

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2The Rub Down

The Rub Down

It is one of the best exercises for overstrained eyes. You can do this even when you are wearing contact lenses, which also means that you can perform this exercise at any place as well as at any time. So, if you feel like your eyes are straining and need a quick refresher exercise, you can do this one. To perform this exercise, stand or sit comfortably and briskly rubbing your palms together until it feels warm. Now, gently place your palms over your closed eyelids and imagine the warmth of sleeping into the eyes. But remember, to not press down the palms on the eyeballs. Repeat this process for three to five times and then get back to work.

3The Moving Finger

The Moving Finger

This is one of the great exercises for a perfect eye muscles. It is sometimes, also prescribed by the doctors for the patients who are suffering from poor eye muscles. You must at first be relaxingly seated. Then, place your index finger, pointing upward, you can use your thumb or even a pencil, in front of your nose. Then focus from both eyes on the tip. Without even taking the eyes off the finger, try to move your eyes slowly ahead until it reaches in the arm’s length away from the face. Now, again bring the finger close to your nose, without moving your eyes even once. Try to repeat this process at least three to four times.

4Shifting Focus

Shifting Focus

This exercise is also another, easy to do in the case of eyestrain as well as poor eye muscles. You can perform this exercise after working in front of the computer for more than 30 minutes. To work on this, try to focus on any object that is close to you. In the next part, try shifting your focus to a distant object for about five seconds. This intermittent shifting gives strength to the eye muscles and refreshes them. Remember, that you may find shifting focus pretty hard because, by then your eye muscles might have become lazy and lax. But continuously doing it day after day, can make it easier.

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5Eye Massage

Eye Massage

This exercise is beneficial and can also reduce dryness of the eyes and eyestrain, in any time of the day. For this process, try tilting your head back with the fingers, then gently rub the eyelids in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Try to keep your eyes closed for about 30 seconds. After, this instant massage, you can get back to work anytime. Also, be gently while rubbing the eyes, as hard rubbing can also cause eye injuries.

6The Eye Bounce

The Eye Bounce

This fun exercise can also be done at work, or at home, or even in bed with the eyes closed. To do this exercise, simply just move your eyes up and down, just like you are bouncing them. You can keep your eyes open for this exercise. Try to do this for about a minute and then you can feel the release of tension in your eye muscles. Try to do this exercise, the very first thing in the morning, and also the before going to bed.



This doesn’t mean or have anything related to sleeping. This exercise can help refreshing strained eyes in just a matter of seconds and also helps in rehydrating them by spreading a fresh film of tears across the eyes. To do this exercise, first wide open your eyes and then quickly try squeezing the eyelids shut tightly. Then hold this squeezing for about five seconds. Try repeating this process for at least five to eight times.



Try to imagine, a giant lateral, that is, rotated sideways, number eight on a blank wall or ceiling. Now, start tracing the path with this figure with just your eyes, without even moving the head. Now, trace the figure for about five times. You can find relaxation in sore, tired eyes.

9The Double Thumbs Up

The Double Thumbs Up

At first sit comfortably in a place for a minimum of five minutes. Then hold your both the thumbs, at an arm’s length, in front of your eyes. Now, try to focus on the vision for about five seconds. Then, try to shift your focus in between the space of the two thumbs, for about five seconds. Now, shift the gaze to the left thumb, and focus on it for five more seconds. Try repeating this cycle for a minimum of at least ten times. This exercise can also help in maintaining better focus and can also give better eye muscle strength.

These exercises for eyes are the most simple as well as easy to remember. They can be done at work or at home, during a few minutes of break time. Remember that, once the muscle strength is lost, you might have to go for an expert medical attention, so it is best to maintain the eye health from the very beginning.

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