Top Fashionable Accessories to Look Taller


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Fashionable Accessories

Are you tired of standing on toes in the photo? Are you too short that every time you need to wear heels for looking taller? Do people make fun of you because of your height? Are you lost in the crowd, because of your height? If your answer is Yes! Then you are in right place. Now it doesn’t matter you are short or tall. Here are some top fashionable accessories to look taller. These rules are great for anybody who wants to look long and lean and sexy as possible.

Fashionable Accessories to Look Taller

1Try Flared Jeans

Try Flared Jeans

First fashion tip to look taller is trying flared jeans. Few key things to note are; Make sure your flared jeans are high wasted. By lifting the topper jeans through your waistline you will be adding inches to the visual height of your leg. For shoes always wear a tall pointed heel pump to make sure the jeans doesn’t skim across the floor. For the top, either tuck the blouse into the pants so that you are revealing that top part of jeans or pairing with something like a crop top to really show off your waist.

2Downsize Your Handbag

Downsize Your Handbag

Try to find a bag that is proportionate to your size. As much as you love oversized bags, finding something which is the little bit smaller is going to make you look Taller. When you have these oversized tote bags, you are adding the visual widget to the people’s Eye line. So, having something more proportionate to your frame is going to make you appear taller and sleeker.

3Go Maxi

Go Maxi

Try for the maxi skirt or maxi dress. Just like the flared jeans, you are raising the waistline to a higher height and maxi skirt pretty much gives you this beautiful long flowy poor shape to the bottom half of your body. And when you pair with something more like the cropped top,it also accentuates your waistline. And for shoes, you can do flats or heels and you look like a tall beautiful column.

4Pull Your Hair into a Top Knot

Pull Your Hair into a Top Knot

It sounds totally silly, but it’s such common sense you are really adding inches to the top of your frame. Top knot creates a gorgeous profile and shows off your face, it’s so elegant. If you have really long straight hair, it really ways down your frame. So, by lifting everything up, and showing off your neck, your shoulders, you really elongating your body, kind of like a beautiful ballerina.

5Wear V-Neck Tops

Wear V-Neck Tops

A V-Neck slit is going to elongate your torso, but also show off your neckline. So, now you are creating one long thin line and it really slims down the top half your body. In comparison to your crew neck literally creates a line, that chops your head off from the rest of your body. So, let those puppies breath!

6Sport a Mini Skirt

Sport a Mini Skirt

You must be wondering before we said to wear long maxi skirts. And now you are saying wear mini skirts. Well! When you think about your leg in maximizing the visual link you don’t want to chop it right in half. You either want to go all the way curve to create that all column shapes or you want to make a mini skirt that cuts kind of a mid sight to expose the link of your actual leg.

7Wear Vertical Strips

Wear Vertical Strips

Wear vertical stripe pattern. This is awesome not because it is the miniskirt, but it helps to draw your eye line up and down. You can also wear tops with vertical stripes. Vertical strips help you look taller and slimmer.

8Find nude Pumps in your skin tone

Find nude Pumps in your skin tone

Wear nude pumps which are of your skin tone. If they are pointed that’s an extra bonus. Finding nude pumps in your skin tone is like an ultimate secret weapon. It matches with everything in your closet and it creates a seamless line throughout your leg.

9Wear Bright Colors

Wear Bright Colors

Always choose to wear bright colors either it can be tops or paint. Always match a dark color clothing with bright color. Never wear light colors. From top to bottom wear bright colors contrast to each other. By doing this you can look taller.

10Go for Tight Fits

Go for Tight Fits

Always go for tight fitted clothes which make you look slimmer and also taller. Tight-fitting clothes always emphasize on your lines. It helps make you look taller. Baggy clothes are the good choice if it’s just a shirt and jeans. Try a combination of a baggy shirt with tight jeans.