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As much as a handbag can improve an outfit and define your style, it can also break your appearance. The wrong bag can draw the attention to the areas you are self-conscious about. It makes you look bigger or smaller and sometimes spoil your signature image. It is super important to think about what bags complements your individual style, to make sure you must have a bag collection that you love.

If you want the most out of your handbags, then secure handbags in simple and timeless styles that cover major activities daily. Classic everyday bag styles that you can take from day to evening, hobo and tote handbag are the perfect examples for this.

Tips to choose everyday bag styles

1Wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe essentials

Laptop bag, tote handbag for shine your look. Messenger bag or Cross body works for, day out occasions, clutch purse for the cocktail parties, hobo handbag for everything else, evening bags in a dark neutral that go with any special occasions, Leather travel bag in a dark neutral and a casual messenger bag.

2Versatility Look

Versatility Look

An advice to secure at least one quality bag for each of your daily activities such as casual, work, parties, traveling and evenings. In versatile, neutral colors such as brown, black, navy blue, and white or cream. This ensures that you could match the bags with the rest of the wardrobe without thinking twice about the colors and style clashes with the outfit.

3Wardrobe essentials bags and purses

Wardrobe essentials bags and purses

You may want to put the size of your wardrobe budget in quality, basic handbags to make sure that they will tolerate your lifestyle. So if you are an office worker, invest in tote bags that you love and can see yourself using for many years to come. And before buying a bag, you may also want to ask questions like if you need it as an accessory or practical use? Or how often will you be using this bag? How practical is it? How often will you use the bag? Will it go with the rest of your outfit?

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4According to body shape

According to body shape

Did you ever think that the length and shape of your evening bag could affect your silhouette? It can either take off or add pounds to your body figure, depending on the bag’s size, shape and where it falls on your body, as with any piece of clothing or accessory. If you want to add width and volume to your structure, choose a detailed and wide handbag. Do the opposite if you want to slim down your body frame. Also, pay attention to where the bag stands. It can pull attention to the parts of your body you do or don’t like.

5Mix and match a bag

Mix and match a bag

It depends on what your purpose is with a handbag. Are you wearing it to accessorize your look, for practical purpose or to make a bold statement? A rule of thumb is to always keep your general outfit balanced. Which means, avoid mixing too many patterns in one and keep it simple, if your evening bag or purse you’re carrying is flashy or eye catching. Here are a couple of tips on how to mix & match your fashion handbags. If You Want To Look classy but trendy, then you can never go wrong with a bag that matches your jewelry and shoes evening out the overall color scheme.

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