Top secrets Independent woman want the world to understand

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Take a look around, turn your heads and see how many single, independent and happy women you get to see? Yes, India has become a place where the independency of a woman is now respected. Women are successful in their career, family and sometimes even in their relationships. They are working hard and they know that they want their careers and education to be the priority before parents think about marriage. Most women are looking out for the special guy, but since they are too absorbed into the world of fun, friends and profession, they don’t sit and wait for the right guy to come.

Going ahead with life the way a woman wants may look undesirable for most of them. With the changing trend of marrying at 26 or 27, a woman is more concerned where to go with her friends on the weekend and how to prepare for her board meetings. Women are now independent and don’t feel the need to be dependent on a man who might or might not like her for her attitude. So, here are some top secrets of independent woman would like to tell the world, but restrain from spilling it out loud. If you are one of those free and self sufficient woman, then here are the things you may relate to while we give you an insight on how independent woman would want to say certain things, but don’t!

Secrets that are often not told by an independent woman

Friends are family too

Friends are familyMost of the times, there could be fights in a relationship where the boyfriend of husband ends up feeling insecure about you having best friends to whom you share everything. Being an independent woman, you have a huge circle of friends to whom you tell everything, share the tiniest details and enjoy the company. As much as you want and respect your boyfriend and your husband, you would like to also tell them that your friends are family for you. They are the people to whom you share the deepest of dark secrets that you haven’t shared even with your significant other. Friends are important and the support. But, you rarely spill this out to others because they don’t take it in the right way. Opinions differ!

Feeling feminine

Feeling feminineWhen you date and when there is a chance where you could look feminine, you definitely do want to. The secret here is guys don’t get it. They think that independent woman always want to be bold and like things that are equal to a man’s thought. This is totally wrong. Every woman wants to be feminine and be made to feel the same. You work at office on par with the men and compete with them. So, you don’t want to compete and feel secure with the name outside the office. So guys, if the woman is not telling you that, know it all by yourself. Flowers are always a great gesture to make a woman feel secure and loved.

Stop asking questions

Stop questionsMost people ask the age old question of marriage. Getting married becomes a priority once a woman crosses the age of 24. An Independent woman like to first focus on the career and then get the married to the guy who they think is right. Being single or not wanting to marry now doesn’t mean that the woman is desperate on dating or has her hands soiled in something filthy. It just means that you as a woman need time to figure out the right man, right time and the right kind of a partner. It is better to be single than to be married to a person who doesn’t understand you. You wish to say this, but don’t most of the times!

Solo traveling

Solo TravelGiving the much needed space and making you be alone is not lonely for you. You want to travel solo and you want to tell your partner that, not every time does he have to plan a trip together. The upside about going alone or traveling alone is the peace that you get, the amazing silence and no questions about what, where and when. Even at night with friends where all you think about is how well the party is going and how nice it feels to alone is enough for you to be solo! Traveling alone to places gives you the peace.

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Not strong sometimes

Not strong sometimesYes independent women are strong, capable and wonderfully different in their own way. But, even the most independent woman would wish for a shoulder to lay on, a person to whom they can talk about everything they have been suffering about and a person who understands them. This is true and very acceptable. You don’t have to be strong always. You can take help from people at times!

To sum it up, independent women are strong, palpable, interesting and intelligent! They are open to possibilities of you entering into them if you know them perfectly well.

-Pavithra Ravi

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