8 Stunning Celebrities Shared The Casual Fashion Tips- Imitate The Style Your Admire


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Celebrities are the reason we stay fashion inspired. They are the fashion aspirants and we are the followers. You would also have a style icon that you always look upto. Their fashion statements shared by them or they put up for their fans and followers grab huge attention. Many celebrities from different industries gave us the inspiration of style and fashion.

Today you can check out the casual fashion tips that your favourite celebrity follows. We are listing the super cool celebrities and their fashion tips. Their casual look is more than casual and full of elegance, subtle spark.

Celebrities know how to rock their casual look. And that is why we never feel they are over styled or dull in fashion.

Casual Fashion Tips By Celebrities

Agree that celebrities don’t design for their appearances. It is their supportive designers behind their looks. But is it that easy to carry the style with elegance? Carrying a dress with beauty and class is a skill too. They learned it with practice and they do it without failing. So, see what is casual fashion for our celebrities!

1. Casual Fashion Tips By Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen looks stunning even in her 40s. “Age is just a number” for her. She epitomises her look. It is not that she only appears stylish and then the fashion follows. She gave the verbal style statements which are truly motivational for her followers. She says “Fashion is dictated by other people and style is your own personality. If you are stylish, then fashion will follow” She says this difference is beautiful.

Sushmita follows these statements in real life till today. Here are a few stylish images of the iconic lady. You can check them out and take casual fashion tips. For her, weather plays an important role when choosing an outfit. She always focuses on the temperature and the venue before picking her outfits.

Sushmita once said something we all can relate to. “I won’t wear trendiest outfits in the town if I feel uncomfortable in it”

Oversized sweater with flare pants


Sushmita Sen considers the season to look great. In this image, she is slaying in a sweater t shirt and white flare pants. This is a perfect fashionable winter outfit. Flawless hair and simple accessories are additional glam to her appearance.

Black shrug over t shirt and skinny jeans


A black shrug over a t-shirt is the favourite for many women and teen girls too. It is not an outdated idea to wear shrugs over your casual tops. Also remember to pair the shrug with skinny jeans which finishes your outfit perfectly.

2. Casual Fashion Tips By Deepika Padukone

Many times Deepika gave the fashion lessons through her stunning appearances. Her casual style are prompte the style. Her expressive eyes and wide smile is an addition to her beauty. She perfectly fits to be called a style icon! If you are an admirer of Deepika, then you will love knowing the casual fashion tips she shared.

Full white outfit


Deepika said, “My wardrobe is dominated by tons of denims and whites”. This statement about her fashion preference is very right. Many times she stepped out with white shirts and gowns. She got caught wearing white kurta for a casual go.Deepika also knows how to style a full white dress. She loves to pair the denims with casual shirts for airport look.

Denim jacket


“Current winter wear is tweed of jackets and stripes”

Wow! Even we all love the jackets. And the stripe designed outfits are in fashion for real. It is not only you or me in love with striped outfits. Even though we are into a style, we want to know if it is in trend. If you are doubting your fashion sense wearing stripe designed outfits, then you must be clear now.

Wear a denim jacket over white shirt. Even this idea is taken from Deepika’s casual fashion. A denim jumpsuit is highly a smart outfit with chicness. You can have a look at the above images of Deepika where she is rocking in a denim outfit.

Wrap dress


If you are running out of ideas to style your outfits, give a visit to Deepika’s instagram profile. She put many posts posing in fashionable outfits. Our eyes caught another casual pretty look of her in a red wrap dress. The lady excelled in the outfit with simple accessories. She is the best fashion poser in any outfit. You can have a look at the image and you will love to follow her style for sure.

3. Casual Fashion Tips By Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar made her mark in Bollywood with her graceful acting. This new girl in the film industry came with talent and fashion sense. It looks like she learned to play the fashion game very much before. She is a true inspiration to many young ladies who want to make their label in the fashion and film industry. We picked a few casual fashion tips by Bhumi!

Pastels in summer


Pastels are summer favourite for many. I guess it is also for Bhumi Pednekar. She posted a beautiful image flaunting in a pastel yellow frock. Simply pretty outfit for casual occasions in summer. It looks like she did her hair with soft curls. Now, you know how to get the summer style!

A casual slit gown


A slit gowns are trending! Also something you can stay in comfortably. See how flawless the actress looks. If you are going wrong while styling the gown outfits, then take the tips from what we noticed from this image. Accessorize the flowy gowns hoop earrings and you need a pair of stunning heels. Loose curls or a ponytail looks prettier with this kind of dress.

White and denim


Whites and denim outfits are super cool. And what more you need when you wear a fitting outfit. A casual white shirt with denim shorts or jeans makes you look dashing. If you don’t believe this combo, have a live example of Bhumi. This casual outfit is accessorized with quirky earrings. High heels are anyways the essential footwear for women. Above all, I find her highly confident about her style and dashing personality! The most needed!

4. Casual Fashion Tips By Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is not just a woman with an assertive attitude but also a woman with great fashion knowledge. That reflects in her appearance and she does it like a diva. Many times, Kangana Ranaut gave fashion goals from which we picked a few for you.

Kanagana waits for the right occasion to wear her favourite dresses. The occasions which make justice to the outfit. You must take this crucial fashion note and follow it. She loves to wear the shades. She finds herself nicest in bun hairstyles. Skinny jeans with tops and jackets is a very casual outfit that are the staples of her closet.

Several times, she gave fashion lessons with her presence in movie promotions and interviews. If you are a fan Kangana for her style and personality, then you need to know these fashion tips for her.

Bohemian style


Bohemian is the dream style for the fashion ladies. And Kangana did it effortlessly. She got the unique style with sunglasses and boots. The minimal floral embroidery on the dress is simply pretty. She posed like a perfectionist. You can pick such simple but pretty outfits for summer day outfits.

A simple ethnic kurta


Just wow! Kurta fashion is fading? Who said that?

Look at Kangana- she knows very well how to put the accessories and outfits together. If you know to play the fashion game with ethnic dresses, then kurtas are never outdated. The sleek loose hairstyle, long earrings and the bold lipstick. The colour of the outfit suits well on her. So, choose the right colours that suit you- Colour of the outfit is an important fashion segment.

Checked dresses


The checked dress that Kangana wore is an exemplary of formal outfit. The outfit she chose for the formal look is just apt. Tan colour with checked design makes it an extraordinary combination. The nude colour outfits that match with the dress and sphere shaped earrings. Probably she got clicked to inspire the professional woman for fashionable appearance.

5. Casual Fashion Tips By Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Do you admire Samantha’s style and fashion sense? No wonder, you admire her so much. For all her followers who want to steal her style, we have given a few styling tips. These are casual fashion and styling tips.

Samantha concentrates on her hairstyles. She experiments with haircuts and the hairstyles. Sometimes switching hairstyles is for the roles in movies. But never she fails to go wrong with the style she is in.

Polka dots


Polka dots took a lasting place in fashion which is a rewind of vintage style. If you are in the mood of contemporary styling and not vintage, then have a look at Samantha. A polka dotted shirt and pant with black and white fusion- it looks much like a vintage outfit. She styled it trendy with a belt. Then the chicness is added with black high heels. A headband with a clean tight hairstyle would make it look vintage. I guess loose curls is a new gen hairstyle. Sometimes, hairstyle is the game changer!

Stripes outfit


Formal outfits are boring for many. But it is not the same for this South Indian beauty. She styles the formal outfits like a pro. You see her golden neck choker with the out and out formal outfit. She made a style statement and did it work like magic.

The sleek ponytail hairstyle is extremely befitting for the whole look. Coming to the footwear, she played the contrast game brilliantly. Blue outfit and nude colour shoe heels. This lady has the swag that she puts on every time a bit into her style.

Saree with prints


Sarees are trending with designer blouses. A daily wear makes you look the prettiest with the subtle prints. Prints and modish blouses are the stylish elements that you must concentrate when picking a saree. You can take the saree style inspiration from Samantha. A off white saree with blue intricate floral prints is well suiting her. This pretty lady made such a breathtaking appearance many times draping a saree in her style. If you are looking for the modern ways of draping a saree and accessorizing it, then visit her instagram profile.

6. Casual Fashion Tips By Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao says her fashion is what she loves to wear. It is not so keen about keeping up with trends and latest styles. Girl with a pretty face says she is obsessed with her brows. She takes a lot of natural skin care.

She changes over her appearances with unique outfits in which she looks happy. Her statement about trends and fashion is very true. To believe, you must see the outfits she wore and the styling she did for herself.

Love for floral prints


For women love for floral prints is immense. If you are one such woman, you can just go in floral printed outfits. Have a look at Aditi with full of happiness in the outfit she is posing in. The alluring floral design on the dress makes the outfit look trendy.

Belt it up


Aah! Aditi looks like a blue butterfly in that worn outfit. The outfit is so much to describe. Firstly, I must talk about her choice of colours. The vibrant colour outfit with bandhani design is pretty. This simple lightweight outfit got the smart belt style which you can try too. If you find any of your outfits too casual, then belt it up. It brings you into a fashionable shape.

Mix and match style


Don’t you find mix and match that trendy? If so, take the inspiration from Aditi Rao!

A white knotted shirt with a midi skirt. We must say she is very smart in fashion. White and green is just spectacular. If you don’t try it yet, then you need to. Get out the cliche black and white outfits and this is the way you do it.

She styled the outfit with the boho elements. What caught my eyes is the metal statement necklace and bangles. The feather hanging earrings is another boho element. It is super trendy to pair up the cowboy boots with a midi skirt. You can appreciate this style by imitating it.

7. Casual Fashion Tips By Dia Mirza

I can say that Dia Mirza picks versatile outfits. Why versatile outfits for celebrities? Even celebrities do repeat their outfits which are closer to their heart. That is what Dia said when Pinkvilla asked for her wardrobe essentials. Not only saying but also she showed a makeover with a sing outfit.

She wore the dress like a fashion icon. The way she styled the outfit is mesmerizing. Dia knows the ways to use the jackets and shrugs. She doesn’t miss the pretty hair accessories and other fashion elements like bags. We have listed some more styles that Dia Mirza showed in different events.

Multi colour dress


Multi colour outfits are too colourful sometimes. Then you must know the way to style such bright outfits. You can see how flawless Dia looks in her colourful maxi dress. The secret here is- do minimal styling for bright dresses. Light makeup and simple accessories is the go. For this kind of outfits, you need a lip tint and subtle eye makeup. And don’t forget to get those ballet shoes on.

Printed outfit


Prints are to live long in fashion! Even Dia Mirza says the same through her stylish outfits. The above appearance is modish with a classy printed outfit. The silver earrings with black outfit is a blending combo.

Most of the time, Dia keeps her hairstyle simple. Here, you can see her with a sleek ponytail hairstyle. Her makeup and the outfit everything is set properly. It is unbelievable that one image throws immense styles from which we can pick the tips. Casual but classy!

Striped saree


Striped sarees are in trend! You can call it an authenticated look when the sarees get the eccentric designs. Have a look at the lady on the top!

The flattering appearance in the black white striped saree is flawless. The sleek golden bordered sarees are extremely high in fashion. Matching the accessories with the saree borders is the kind of style that stays a while more. Black outfit and gold accessories is a great fashion idea you can copy from this iconic formal saree look. You can flaunt this way in formal events and special occasions.

8. Casual Fashion Tips By Katrina kaif

Katrina Kaif gave the style statements which she followed with confidence. She says pant suits are the answer to power dressing for females. She also loves to do magic with pastels now and then.

The fashion tip that works for everyone is- to go with a sporty look for a change. She loves to experiment with Indian styles. If you want to see how Katrina inspired us with her style and fashionable dressing, then glance the below images. You have a lot to appreciate!

Daisy saree


She showed off her floral love wearing a variety of outfits. One of the best we picked for you to see is, the daisy flowered saree. She draped a designer saree that comes with daisy flowers on full black. It looks elegant on her and she strokes a pose effortlessly. The intensity in eyes and the confidence of her style, both match where we must agree that she is a style icon.

The ethnic outfit with fancy designs made it contemporary style. In your next saree shopping, you would definitely look for such breathtaking floral designed one.

Short white dress


The passion for styling exhibits in appearance. Before telling you more about this, have a glance at Katrina in a short white dress. It is a casual fancy looking outfit but she made her style head turning with the right accessories.

Giant sleek hoop earrings go well with short dresses. The geometric shaped prints on the dress is another element that you must count. You can pick a top that comes with polka dots, triangle boxes and checks. All these are fashionable designs an outfit can get these days.

Off shoulder top


Off shoulder tops are super trendy. If you have skinny jeans, then you don’t have to think about wearing them. The vibrant colour off shoulder top and the accessories that go well with the outfit are colourful bracelets.

You can modify this style by accessorizing with contrast colour bracelets. A lovely pair of earrings and gorgeous hair is the Katrina’s version of styling an off shoulder top. Then what is your?

Learning fashion is living fashion! If you are interested in learning fashion then one of the inspirational sources you have is celebrities. The shared casual fashion tips are practical and easier to follow. Now, get the fashion updates endlessly from the divas to be a dive yourself!

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