Popular South Indian Bridal Floral Hairstyles


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Bridal Floral Hairstyles

In Southern part of India, it is a centuries old tradition to decorate a bride’s long plait with patterned flowers, gold, beads or anything which can add to her looks on her big day. Brides always love to show off the lustrous long beautiful hair with Bridal Floral Hairstyles that is plaited as well as decorated with flowers, known as poola jada. Sometimes, the hair extensions are also used to keep the plait look more long for a more enhanced look.

The gorgeous South Indian wedding hairstyles also need to be with a ball shaped or even hairy type of decorative thing at the bottom of the beautiful plait, which is also usually known as jada kuchulu or jada gantalu in Andhra Pradesh. It is believed to add more embellished appearance to the bridal hairstyle and bridal look. On the day of the wedding. This bridal hairstyle is considered as much important to the bride as her wedding saree and very great care is taken to choose the best design which can also sync with her saree.

Bridal floral hairstylespatterns usually comes in the long pre-stitched already-made form which is then carefully attached to the bride’s long plait. Some patterns in them requires the flowers, beads or other decorative materials to weave on the plait. According to the taste, these wedding hairstyles can also be ordered for a more customized design from the specialist. Different types of flowers like jasmines, chrysanthemum, roses or even leaves are used in these hairstyles.

This type of elegant hairstyle is mostly worn by girls on many other kinds of special as well as traditional occasions. It can also go well with a very rich bordered half saree, silk saree, lehenga or salwar. Apart from the flowers, many precious types of plait-ornament, which is made of gold or even pearls is used for hairstyle, that is known as jadanagam.

Overall a South Indian bridal makeover is basically incomplete without the flattering hairstyle. A silk saree, mehandi, bridal makeup, jewelry as well as a flaunting floral hairstyle, it can make the bride look like an angel on her prominent day. So here, are some bridal floral hairstyles that you can try on your wedding.

Bridal Floral Hairstyles

1Bun with mogra and red flowers

Bun with mogra and red flowers

This traditional South Indian bridal floral hairstyles include lots of flowers and you can add as many colour as you want by opting for red flowers along with the mallige bun. You can also use the orange kankambra flowers, instead of the red flowers. This hairstyle can look amazing with bridal silk sarees but can also tend to make you look more mature. So be sure you have a side twist in the front for a more youthful feel. You can also add juda pins for a more glamorous look.

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2Middle parted twisted bun with mallige huvu

Middle parted twisted bun

This middle parted bun hairstyle, which is donned by Sonam Kapoor, is very simple, looks fresh and young. You can try this hairstyle for your engagement party. Even if you are a wedding guest or your sister on your wedding, can try this easy twist of the hair bun with a string of jasmine flower tied around the bun.

3Mogra flowers in long braid and bun

Mogra flowers in long braid and bun

If you are wearing a saree that is bright in color, then adding just one colored flower can balance all the things out. This hairstyle is for those brides who want to have a lot of jasmine in their hair.

4Half open hair with mogra strings pinned

Half open hair with mogra

If you don’twant the bun or braids, then you can try this half up and half down hair style that is pinned with jasmine strings for a more traditional feel. You can also try this look for the wedding or the reception. But do not forget to finish off with the hair spray to keep hair properly in place.

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5Bejeweled braid with mallige mandala

Bejeweled braid

This traditional long braid is decorated with many hair jewels and also with a huge jasmine mandala on the top half. It then makes it look like a great bridal hairstyle.

6Simple fish tail braid with mogra buds in lower part of...

Simple fish tail braid

To get this hairstyle, use some fresh mogra flower, which is made with bud string and get this simple wedding guest look. If you are a minimalistic, then these type of brides can try this chic look which can go with silk, georgette and chiffon sarees as well. For a little more twist try to rope a braid or a french braid. You can also use the fresh flowers or the artificial flowers for this hairdo.

7Low bun with simple jasmine gajra

Low bun with simple jasmine gajra

This hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyles to do and can also be done by the wedding guests or the bride’s mom. Even the bride can also try this one for any small post wedding functions.

8Braid with layered jasmine flower rings and jewels

Braid with layered jasmine flower

To get a more hatke elaborate look, try out the long braid, add more braid accessories and round off jasmine flower string in layers like the rings around your braid. You can even try this hairstyle without jewels too.

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