Effective Ways To Lose Weight And Stay Fit During Winters


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Lose Weight And Stay Fit During Winters
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On a chilly winter morning, all we want is a cup of hot coffee, right in our bed and we just want to snuggle up in the warm cozy blanket for hours and not do anything except eat and sleep. A lot of times this does happen. We end up restricting our outdoor activities to a minimum and simply keep on eating all our favorite foods without thinking about all the extra calories we intake. This is commonly seen in women as winter weight gain and is more common than snowfall in India. The cold weather makes us lethargic and less active, but we end up eating more due to the boredom of staying indoors, this a pile up extra pounds of weight that you should lose right away to maintain a healthy body weight.

In order to lose weight in Winter, here is a small list of things you should do. Keep your body healthy and shed the extra calories easily.

How to Lose Weight in Winter?

Follow these simple steps and lose weight in winter easily and effectively. These simple practices will also prevent any unwanted weight gain.

1. Shorten the workout session

Your body tends to get easily out of breath in winters, so the best way to be motivated for a gym, is to cut down your gym workouts to shorter lengths than you usually do. In harsher climates, the best way to workout every day is to start a minimum 20 min power packed workout at home, So on days when you cannot go out, you still have your daily dose of exercise activity.

2. Wear a smart activity tracker

Wear a smart activity trackerAn activity tracker is great in the sense that it can give you exact statistics and make you comprehend the amount of reduction in an activity you undergo during winters. On days when you miss the gym, the activity tracker can help you intimate and you should target to achieve at least 10,000 steps for those days.

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3. Hog on proteins

With all the festivals like Diwali and Christmas during these colder months, winter weight loss can seem like a distant dream. Festivals tend to make us consume sweeter or foods with excess calories, in such cases always make the smart choice, indulge in eating festive foods but choose the ones that have higher protein content. It keeps you satiated for longer, and maintains your blood sugar levels.

4. Drink tea or warm water

Drink tea or warm waterOften during winters, we tend to get dehydrated due to the dryness but since the weather is cold you don’t tend to realize that. This dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger and you tend to keep on eating at small intervals. To prevent this from happening, make sure you consume a glass of warm water of warm black tea to prevent dehydration of your body. The warm water will also aid digestion and keep you from putting on weight.

5. Do not skip meals

One of the gravest mistakes, that makes you gain weight is skipping meals. Weight loss in winter can be difficult if you tend to skip meals and then hog food without even realizing then extra calories you intake that will end up being stored as fats. This can lead to weight gain during winters and make it even more problematic to your body.

6. Walk on snow

Walk on snowWell, for people who stay in excessive cold areas of snowfall, they should make it a point to walk in the snow for a little while every day. This activity has two amazing benefits. First one is, that walking on snow requires a lot of effort, The deeper the snow the more difficult it gets to lift your leg up and walk. Moreover, it requires effort by your hamstrings to balance you on the slippery surface to prevent you from falling.

This acts as a great workout for your body and legs and can substitute your walk in the park on a sunny day. Secondly, walking on snow can lower your body temperature quiet a bit, Your body thus, works even hard to warm up and in the process burns calories that can cause you to lose weight in winter.

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7. Drink Soup

Drink lighter clear soups without cream to fill up your stomach with a filling starter and prevent yourself from consuming extra calories. The warm soup can make you feel refreshed and also keep you full for a good amount of time. This can also prevent your body from getting dehydrated and give you a feeling of hunger.

8. Eat dinner before you’re hungry

Eat dinner before you’re hungryStudies have shown that when you are not really hungry you tend to choose a smaller serving or something lighter to digest that contains lesser calories. In any case, Winter and cold weather prevents excess physical activity and weight loss in winter can be a pain. To prevent you from gaining weight and maintaining a healthy weight, get into a habit of eating dinner early. This will keep you from overeating.

9. Sleep well and early

Sleeping early has a positive effect on your body, It tends to make your body more relaxed and you can complete a good amount of sleep before the sun rises. This will keep you energetic and maintain your circadian rhythm. Regular sleep cycle will prevent you from staying awake late at night and keep you from midnight snacking. This habit can increase weight substantially. For weight loss in winter, do not indulge in snacking at random time.

10. Watch your diet

Watch your dietThis goes without saying, following a healthy and balanced diet will keep you from gaining excessive weight and also help you reduce the extra calories that may pile up during the winter festive months. Include more proteins and fiber in your diet and stay clear of bad fats and excess carbs. You should maintain a diet chart to keep a track of your food intake.

The perfect solution to your, how to lose weight in winter problem, these are some of the effective solutions to losing weight during winters and staying healthy. Just follow these simple rules and keep your winter fat in check. With a healthy diet and these simple winter weight loss hacks, we are sure you can lose weight even during winters.

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