Different Types Of Winter Jackets And Sweaters For Women


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types of winter jackets
With winters on in full swing, we are sure your wardrobes have made a stark shift from denim shorts to fleece tights and crop tops to furry jackets. The warm snug feeling of wearing a perfect type of winter jackets is just unparalleled. And won’t it be great if they were super stylish too? Well, choose the right type of winter jackets that are suitable for different temperatures of the season, various fabric, and styles for your body type and never go wrong again.
To help you through this winter maze, here we have a list of the different types of winter jackets that you can choose from for a stylish winter look.

Different Types of Winter Jackets & Sweaters for Women:

1. Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket
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Have the name suggests, these jacket are made by quilting the fabric together.  it has a very stylish visible stitching above but gives it that edgy winter jacket look, cause what is a Jacket  without a little bit of style? Right?  this is one of those winter jackets for women that keeps you extremely warm and serve as an all weather jacket to keep you feeling cosy.  it comes in leather, wool, polyester and even fleece. This stylish jacket  is also worn by men but it looks like an extremely classy Women  jackets for winters. For people who are very lean and tall and nice quilted jacket can be great to pair with Denim, leather all woollen tights.

2. Blazers

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Now who doesn’t know about blazers, it is one of the best winter jackets for women.  a complete must have in every girls closet, a blazer serves as a perfect style statement that shows sophistication, class and confidence.These types of Winter Jackets are great especially when you have to go to work everyday and still maintain the formal dress code.  a nice pair blazer is extremely versatile,  you can wear it to a date night, an office meeting or even two formal parties. Pair it with a pair of trousers, a skirt or even nice leggings and they will still look the same. Stylish and chic.

3. Trench Coat

Trench Coat
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Of all the different Types of Winter Jackets for Women this is one of the most effortlessly stylish winter jackets of all times. Trench coat is basically a winter jacket which is worn as an outerwear, it is waterproof, lightweight and mostly won over your other sweaters or jackets in order to prevent you from snow or light drizzle. Trench coats can also come in slightly thicker woolen fabrics which are apt for more colder regions. Just throw on neutral colours trench coat over any of your winter outfit and be rest assured to look extremely fashionable. Wear it with cute winter accessories like beanies and scarves for a more fuzzy look.

4. Hoodies

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Another great winter jacket for women is a hoodie.  a nice casual jacket that has a Hood to cover your head. not only is it super casual and cool but it also gives you super warm. most of the hoodies are lined with fleece from the inside, this makes them more winter appropriate.  choose a hoodie in a bright colour to make your dull winter morning full of sunshine. They look extremely smart with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers. Hoodies come in nice slogans, prints or just nice ombre colours. They are great for college going girls as well as a nice travel outfit.

5. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket
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Another great type of winter jackets for women is the classic old denim jacket.  while it’s been years since the advent of this denim jacket wonder, but it just fails to fade away. this versatile piece of winter jacket is definitely the most worn by women all over the world.  there are jackets which are also lined with fur from the inside,  to make it more warm. This jacket is great for these months of November and December where the winter is growing and still hasn’t reached unbearable limits. It is perfect for every body type and all types of  weathers.  ladies, definitely get yourself a denim jacket this winter, and you will thank us every single day.

6. Windcheater

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A windcheater is basically a jacket to protect you from wind, dust and mist. It is a great option for people who love outdoors. Put it on over any of your clothing for a great sunny day of hiking on the hill. It won’t keep you that warm but it will definitely protect you from other external factors like a rain, sun and the wind.  A windcheater goes well with every piece of clothing. A little style tip-  Buy it in neutral colours to pair with lot of Outfits.

7. Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets
Image Source: pinterest.com

All the different Types of Sweaters for Women,  they are one of our favorites. A Bomber jacket is basically a jacket that is tight at the waste another cuffs.  it is usually elasticated on the neck waistband and on the cuffs.  an extremely fashion forward winter jacket, this is the definition of chic.  you multiple options of Bomber jackets to choose from,  floral printed one, a solid coloured or something really neutral to pair with multiple dresses. We think that a pair of nerdy glasses and sleek hair would really suit with a Bomber jacket and skinny jeans.  what do you think?

8. Faux Fur Coats

Faux Fur Coats
Image Source: pinterest.com

Faux fur coats are a type of winter jackets that look extremely luxurious and fun. They are Synthetically made and does not involve any animal cruelty Unlike the real for coats. The faux fur coats available in multiple colours which of fun  to pair with dresses. Especially if you wear A slip dress inside. We have seen a lot of celebrities don this, and  we absolutely love how stunning it looks. Try on these Faux fur coats for an adventurous take on fashionable winter dressing. You will definitely stand out.

9. Biker Jackets

Biker Jackets
Image Source: pinterest.com

If you’re looking for a type of winter jacket that defines ‘Badass chic’? This is it.  that’s something really cool about this jacket that has us gasping every time we see one. And contrary to the popular belief that these are only worn by bikers, these jacket look extremely chic on dresses as well.  you can also put it over a nice maxi skirt,  a pair of trousers or even your favourite Silk Kurti and this will still make you look really in control. Every girl needs this biker jacket in her wardrobe for days when she wants to look completely sexy.

10. Cardigans

Image Source: pinterest.com

These are actually a type of sweaters for women. Woolen sweater that opens in the front and can be buttoned up are called as cardigans. A Cardigan is an extremely ‘easy to pair’ piece of clothing  that goes perfectly with any dress. Cardigans are especially great for layering up a nice winter look. Like A printed dress bed with a solid contrasting colour cardigan,  this outfit simply save Sunday brunch and we love that vibe,  well who doesn’t?

11. Quilted Ethnic Jackets

Quilted Ethnic Jackets
Image Source: pinterest.com

While we have all types of jackets to be paired with your jegging, leggings,  skirts dresses  and pants but what about the times when you want to wear a nice silk saree? oh well even a kurti?  Confused?  Well, you won’t be anymore. choose a nice ethnic quilted jacket to wear with any of your Indian outfits and you will be sorted. This jacket looks extremely trendy and also keep you warm. They are made of layers of pure cotton fabric quilted together with colourful threads that make it look even more appealing. We suggest that you select a multi coloured quilted Indian jacket, that will go with a lot of ethnic dresses.

12. Long Cardigan Shrug

Long Cardigan Shrug
Image Source: pinterest.com

If you are a person like me,  who loves her Sweaters. way too much I know exactly what you are looking for. A nice sweater, That goes with even the most simple of outfits and still makes it look slightly edgy.  well you are at the right place,  choose this long Cardigan shrug and you will always make heads turn. This is a perfect women sweater option That can also serve as a sweater dress,  just had a nice embellished built over it and this long sweater turns into a super chic  winter outfit,  all you need is a pair of boots and nice hat and believe us it will be the best outfit you style throughout the winter. A small tip-  go for Aztec prints, they are super in right now.

13. Turtleneck

Image Source: pinterest.com

Turtleneck is one of those types of Sweaters for Women that we just simply have since ages. It is like the basics of Sweaters for Women. These are a types of women’s sweaters That look great inside any type of winter jackets.  if you have a jacket in a neutral colour,  go for a bold solid right turtleneck inside and it will enhance your entire look.  turtleneck is also great option for very cold weather since the snug fit around your neck will keep the cold air from going in.  great option for women who hate cold winters.

14. Woolen Sweaters

Woolen Sweaters
Image Source: pinterest.com

If you don’t like the long sweater shrug,  you can always choose this simple woolen sweater to wear over almost anything. Of all other Types of Sweaters for Women,  these are the most simple forms of winter clothings. These can be used as fillers to style any winter look.  if layering is your thing,  befriend these sweaters. For  a perfect formal office look that also keeps you warm would be to wear a nice shirt inside  and over it just put on a simple woolen sweater.  classic office look for winters.

This list of all the different type of winter jackets would serves as a catalogue for styling the perfect winter look this season. Make sure you choose your Perfect size and experiment a little with colours.  Also, ladies,  do not forget to pair these super stylish jackets with the perfect winter accessories. We hope you liked our collection of the various type of winter jackets. Tell us which one is your favourite. we would love to know.
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