6 Ways To Have A Perfect Anniversary


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have a perfect anniversary

Celebrating a day of love is like celebrating the joy and signifying your bond and relationship. Being with the most special person of your life is like a celebration anyway. The best part of a relationship is that, it involves two people who are made for each other. Wedding anniversary or anniversary of your relationship with your boyfriend, here are some ways to have a perfect anniversary with your ‘bae’ (before all else).

Ideas For Perfect Anniversary Celebration

1Decorate your house or room

Decorate your house or room

Having everything placed in a neat way, and decorating your room or house with some flowers and lights will build up a perfect celebration mood. Women love to decorate their room with pictures and lights. So, on your special anniversary day, add some more decorative items, flowers and aroma candles would be perfect.

Spending quality time with your husband or boyfriend romantically will allow you to have a perfect anniversary. Literally, love will be in the air. With the decorations, some romantic music and tasty food with some classy wine will add to all the perfection.

2Say no to technology

Say no to technology

Spend a whole day with each other, and say a big no the technology. yes! Don’t use your phones, television, laptop…etc. Just you and your bae (before all else) spend a whole day just talking, eating, sleeping and laughing. This will give both of you a chance to know each other more.

This means you will not even take pictures. You can always be more creative and go to the place where he first took you but without your phones. You can also be a little crazy and put on your wedding outfits and repeat you wedding vows.

3Be Lazy

Be Lazy

Being lazy means doing the best things in the easiest possible way. This is the best way to spend your anniversary according to me. You can just spend the whole day in your bed. Get your breakfast on bed, have silly conversations all day long, have some sex too and watch a movie together. Just be as lazy as possible but still make your love special.

You can take a leave, get into your pajamas, then under your blanket and just rest in his arms and talk for the whole day.

4Play a romantic game

Play a romantic game

Playing a game is always fun. When you are with your hubby, the game becomes romantic. There are many romantic games designed for couples. Do your research, just google up for various romantic couple games and play them with your bae (before all else). This will be a fun thing to do all day long on your anniversary.

Putting together all the above ideas will also help you have a perfect anniversary. You can decorate your place, cook some yummy food then say no to the technology and play romantic games.

5Plan your future

Plan your future

People say, if you want to make god happy or make him laugh, just tell him all your future plans and dreams. So, another good way of spending a fun time together on your anniversary is to talk about your future. Be it your weirdest future plans or serious ones, talk all about them.

You can do this on a date too. Just hit a nice restaurant talk while eating.

6Go for some adventure

Go for some adventure

Being at home is good. But, if you are a person who wants to take all the positive energy somewhere outside, you can always hit the road. Go for some adventure. You can always travel to an exciting place and live there. I personally would love to go to a mountain top, rent a cabin, light some fire and gaze at the stars for hours together.

You can go for which ever adventurous trip that suits you. Star gazing is my thing, yours might be sky diving or river rafting. There are many options for adventurous trip, surf the net and make your perfect plan.

There are many ways to have a perfect anniversary. But, the essence of love is the most important aspect of this celebration. You may not have all the resources to go on a lavish holiday or an adventure trip together. But, that should not stop you from being together and spending time with each other. Because, whatever you do being together is what matters the most.

By- Roseleen Aind.

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