A Multipurpose Nude Eyeliner

Nude Eyeliner

Nude eyeliner creates a very dramatic, yet gives you a natural look. It makes your eyes appear larger, brighter and rounder without making them overwhelmed. The result is perfect for everyday wear and also, for making a subtle statement in the evening. Nude, brightens the area around your eyes, opens and creates that large and round look in a subtle way. When applied well, it is hard to find out that if you had even used a liner on the tear line if you use nude eyeliner. So, to add drama or pop to any other look, especially the natural one, simply wear nude pencil on the tear line.

They not only enhance your eyes, but also they are a great way to save on the expenses which would take you to buy different beauty products. You can simply have ‘one’ that can take care of all those functions instead. And one such makeup product is the eye pencil. It makes the perfect item to tuck inside the purse or travel bag.

Enhance A Natural Look And Create A More Youthful Appearance



No matter what, but the color punctuates eyes and makes them stand out, ornamenting their beauty. You can mix eyeliners, using a black or brown eyeliner along the lash line and a nude eyeliner on the tear line. This can change your look dramatically depending on the color that you choose for the tear line which is, the area closest to the eye itself.

2Highlight Your Brow Bone

Highlight Your Brow Bone

You can use it to either highlight your brow bone or clean up any mess in case you made any faux pas while drawing on your brows. This will fix your problem if you’re using a quick dry product for your brows and mess it up as you went wrong. So now, don’t be scared, and use your product to darken the brows. Also, they will help in highlighting your brows as they draw a perfect outline naturally.

3Use It On Your Eyes

Use It On Your Eyes

You can line your inner edges to make your eyes look bigger, it looks more natural than using a white pencil. You can also sharpen your wing with nude aye pencil. If you like to wing your eye, and only one of your eye turns out to be perfect, and the other one always ends up wonky, then use a nude pencil to fix it! On the whole, you’re drawing on it with the nude liner and find no more Errors!

4You Can Use It On Your Lips

You Can Use It On Your Lips

Regardless of having the perfect nude lipstick, or just a great matte natural lip balm, you will not be able to perfect the look with chapped, flaky or cracked lips. Nude or natural shades don’t give much coverage and are very unforgiving. Even the slightest chapped or cracked lips can be so evident. So it’s time to prep those lips for your naturally sophisticated look. Simply, highlight your cupids bow area by defining it with the nude liner. It will make your top lip look poutier. Try it! You can also use it all over your lips to give your lipstick a blank canvas to appear on.\

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5Use It as a Concealer

Use It as a Concealer

Hide a pimple, or cover your dark circles with a nude eye pencil. You can use nude pencil everywhere you use concealer, instead you can simply replace it with concealer. Pencil is easier to carry anywhere and the sharp your tip that is you can just spot-conceal the tiniest of pimples or marks.

When choosing nude eyeliner, look for one that is soft and creamy. It is important that it does not pull on the skin while applying it. It should glide smoothly across the skin in order to avoid irritating the sensitive area.

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