12 Tips to Lose Weight Faster


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Lose Weight Faster

Are you trying to lose weight? There are many things that help to lose weight. You need proper planning and a lot of determination. Eat Healthy and do activities without sitting for hours. If you make these changes to your lifestyle, then you can surly reach your goal. Anything with weight loss, it really depends on how dedicated the person is. Here are some of the tips you can follow to lose weight faster.

Lose Weight Faster

1Make up your Mind

Make up your Mind

This is very important tip to lose weight faster. Develop a strong determination that you can lose weight. Never think that you cannot. Make sure you set a goal which you think you can achieve. Confidence and determination is the key aspect to reach your goal.

2Stop Eating Carbs

Stop Eating Carbs

Carbs are very harmful to your body. Carbs like flour, sugar, starchy vegetables like potatoes, grains etc are harmful. These foods cause blood sugar to spike and the pancreas to release insulin to turn all that excess sugar into fat. So, to lose weight faster do not eat carbs.

3Increase your Water Intake

Increase your Water Intake

Eliminate soda, sweet tea, highly sugared coffee, processed fruit juices, and alcohol. Instead, drink water. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily will help to flush toxins from your system. Several studies recommend that women consume 2.8 quarts of water and men consume 3.9 quarts of water every day.

4Increase your Fibre Intake

Increase your Fibre Intake

Fibre helps to cut your food cravings and act as the natural appetite suppressant. Also, most of the fibre rich foods are low on the fat content. Try to eat at least 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits that are high in fibre include apples, bananas, strawberries, citrus fruits, pears, etc. Switch to whole grain or whole wheat bread. Avoid white bread as it is low in fibre.

Eat high fibre cereal or an oatmeal for breakfast. Some cereals that are high in fibre include raisin bran, crackling oat bran, grape nuts, all bran and fibre one. Make sure to include peas, beans and legumes in your diet. Foods that will help you add these to your meal plan include lentil soup, bean wrap, chillies with beans, 3 bean salsa and refried beans. If you like pasta eat whole wheat pasta. If you cannot live without eating rice, opt for brown rice. Choose high fibre snacks such as popcorn or whole grain crackers instead of candy bars or high-fat sugary food.

5Eat in Regular Intervals

Eat in Regular Intervals

Eat 5-6 small meals every 2-3 hours daily. It has been scientifically proven that by doing this, you will raise your body metabolism. That means your body would burn more fat naturally and it will become fat burner machine.

6Eliminate Processed Food

Eliminate Processed Food

Avoid eating processed food like burger, pizza, cake, pasta etc. Eat more good carbohydrate such as oats, brown rice, and jacket potatoes to ensure that your blood sugar levels are kept even and you have plenty of energy.

7Avoid Night Cravings

Avoid Night Cravings

At night the body prepares itself for sleep and it naturally begins to slow down. So, you are more likely to gain weight when you eat at night because your metabolic rate slows down and you are no longer active so you don’t burn many calories. So, avoid eating food after 9 pm.

8Exercise Everyday

Exercise Everyday

Do aerobic exercise 4 to 5 days a week. Several studies show that aerobic activities cause your metabolism to stay at an elevated level for a period of time after you have finished exercising.



Running every day is best. Go to jogging track and run daily at least 3-4 times a week. If you are lacking motivation join a running group or ask your friend to accompany you.



Get yourself a cycle and pedal as fast as you can. Running a cycle can help to burn as much as 500 to 1000 calories an hour.



Do about 2-3 set of 20-30 repetitions of squats every day. Squats is important because they target the buttocks and the leg muscles as they are the largest muscles in our body.

12Jumping rope

Jumping rope

This can be a fun exercise and extremely effective as it not only helps to lose weight, but also gives you coordination, build your leg muscles, help your cardiovascular system.

And finally stay motivated. Measure your body by using a measuring tape. Take pictures of yourself for every 2 weeks front, back and side. And if you are seriously looking to lose weight faster, then follow these steps to become slim, fit and healthy.