Top reasons why you have Dandruff


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Dandruff is otherwise called as Seborrhea, is one of the most important scalp malfunction that is found in the majority of women nowadays. A lot of women suffer from dandruff and its effects on their perfect hair. At some point in all our lives, we have tried removing lice and eggs from our hair. Schools are the easiest place where children get lice from one child and it keeps growing into multiples. When a girl becomes a woman, she suffers from a scalp disease called dandruff, which is almost always difficult to remove.

Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, etc are easier to go products that you use to take off dandruff, but the sticky problem doesn’t stop after one wash as it re-occurs every week. The problem of dandruff for all of you is not serious, rather it is embarrassing, irritating and most of all itching. The worst part is when you have a chance to get close to our office crush, but all of a sudden, you have to care about the white flakes on your shoulder or the immediate brushing it away action so that no one sees it. Isn’t it annoying to scratch your head in social places and embarrass yourself?

After scratching of head could lead to a lot of other side problems, like having pimples, acne or even worse, it can lead to social problems and lowered self-esteem. Here are some top reasons how you can avoid dandruff because we are going to tell you the top reasons for dandruff in the first place.

Reasons Why You Have Dandruff

1Poor brushing of hair

Poor brushing of hair

Did you know that if you don’t brush your hair properly, you might end up having a lot of dandruff that you can imagine? Poor brushing definitely leads to higher risk of getting dandruff. The dead skin is periodically shed by the scalp and its absolutely a natural mechanism. To get rid of the flakes, you need to properly brush and comb your hair at least twice a day. Air supply and blood circulation to the scalp is important. So, brushing your hair everyday at least twice is the only option that can help you keep your hair nice, neat and dandruff free.

2Shampooing problems

Shampooing problems

If you do not wash your hair properly, it leads to accumulation of those dead cells and forms an oily scalp. The oily scalp will eventually lead to dandruff and you will automatically start itching it. Over itching will also cause dropping of the white flakes on your shirt or shoulder. It is highly recommended that you wash your hair every alternative day with a doctor prescribed herbal shampoo. The chemicals and unwanted detergents that are present in the normal shampoos may affect your scalp heavily and make it frizzy and rough. If there is usage of conditioner after shampooing, make sure that you don’t apply the conditioner to the scalp. It should be at least half an inch away from your scalp. Wash it nicely so that you don’t have any leftover residue after you wash.



Yes, stress could be one of the reasons why your hair has excessive dandruff problems. Excessive work or emotional tension can make you stressful and slowly leads to formation of dandruff. Hair loss is also one of the main causes of stress. There will be an emotional and physical impact on your hair if you undergo stress. So, drink plenty of water, have a healthy regime, eat healthy and nutritious food and stop worrying about anything that is stuck in your head. If you keep stressing yourself with external self, you will definitely lose the internal beauty. Keeping stress under control is one of the most easy ways to reduce dandruff all by itself.

4Extreme usage of artificial products

Extreme usage of artificial products

Herbal is always the best thing that can happen to your hair. But, many women prefer going to the parlor since the work is quick and easy. Working women hit the parlor the most and suffer the most too. Salon treated hair is generally coated with chemical products and styling that leads to oily scratchy scalp. You can use hair mousse, gels and sprays but you have to be careful in using to in the limits. The chemical presence in these products can aggravate the issue of dandruff formation easily. Try not to use a lot of artificial products and stick to ones that are naturally healthy for your hair.

5Not maintaining proper diet

Not maintaining proper diet

Did you know that to a great extent, the diet that you are having nowadays can increase dry skin, frequent hair fall and production of dandruff all at once? Well, that is the truth! The staple food that you eat everyday contains a lot of processed food substance, fat, carbohydrates and less of proteins and vitamins in it. This could easily lead to a flaky hair, causing dandruff. Try to lessen the intake of salt, sugar and other processed food. Take more of fruits and fruit juices so that it is easier for you to have a proper balance in diet. Take foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and intake of minerals like zinc and potassium is important to have a healthy body. Green leafy vegetables and as grand parents say, a good dosage of warm water can clear your system all by itself.

-Pavithra Ravi

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