How to take care of curly hair on a rainy day


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There are a lot of chances that you might get irritated on an important day when you hear the thunder storms above your head. Yes, you have to look absolutely beautiful and you don’t have an idea how to escape the rain. Most of the times what happens is, these functions fall on a rainy day or you get dressed beautifully and end up getting drenched in the sudden rain. If you have a feeling that your hair is going to be a disaster because of the rain, then don’t worry because we are going to give you some simple tips on how to take care of your hair on a rainy day.

Some girls have curly hair and straightening takes hours together for them. Yes, I am one to talk because even I have a curly hair and I literally take an hour to get my hair ready on special occasions. So, if you are tensed about this, don’t worry we have a way to make your hair frizz free and beautiful. Here are some curly hair care tips on a rainy day, i.e., how to take care of your hair.

Advice to Take Care of Your Hair on a Rainy Day

1Dry your hair

Dry your hair

Well, the first thing you should do to make your hair frizz free and beautiful is to completely dry your hair when you come out of the bath. Make sure you blow dry that means no drop of dampness on your hair at all. You can’t take a lot of time drying your hair, so always take help from the blow dryer. Since the blow dryer is electric and machine operated, it gets your hair to dry faster and sooner. When you are done with blow-drying your hair, take a few paper towels if you have and just place it on your hair. This is because paper towels will easily dry off the excess dampness in your hair. If you want the perfect curls, make sure you don’t use a towel for the same because it might affect your curls and spoil it. So, always make sure that you use paper towels for excess drying of your hair. If you comb your hair after drying your hair completely, the advantage is that your hair doesn’t get damaged and doesn’t form frizzy locks.

2ANTI-Frizz serum

ANTI-Frizz serum

The immediate thing to do once your hair is dry is to apply an anti frizz serum. Anti serums are in abundance in the market, but picking the right one makes your hair smooth and beautiful. You can always go for the one that is rich in vitamins, natural oils and ones that are herbal too. When you have creams or serums that are rich in natural’s oils, you don’t have to be worried about damaging your hair. Make sure you gently apply the serum on your hair surface. Don’t use it like an oil or to the roots because that will only damage your hair further. You can massage your hair once you apply the serum and leave it to dry.

3Deport your brush

Deport your brush

If you have curls and you are planning to leave it like that and not straighten it, one main advice is that don’t brush your hair too much. Actually, I would suggest you not to brush your hair at all because your natural curls look way prettier than straightening it or combing it. If you brush your hair once it gets dry, it will look shabby and unruly. Try to untangle your curls using just your fingers if possible and remove knots that way. Remember that if you keep brushing, your hair breaks and leaves you split ends.

4Flat iron your hair

Flat iron your hair

Let’s face it, we all know that flat ironing looks amazing until a drop of water hits your hair. So, if you are sure that you are not going to face the rain at all, then flat ironing is probably the best idea. But if you know that you have to walk in the rain, you better leave it curly and beautiful. The thing with straightening is that it will look amazing and there won’t be any frizz at all. But a straightened hair when undergoes heavy rainfall, everything you did and the pains you took goes down the trash. The hours of time and pain you took is going to be wasted. So, you can either choose to stay away totally from rain or just let it be and not iron your hair. Depends on you, totally!

5Feel good about yourself

Feel good about yourself

You know what? If you can’t help but face the rain, just feel good about yourself and go ahead. Don’t even bother about how you will look because if you put a smile and not care, most of the times you end up looking sexy and good. If you think that your dolled up hair is a mess, just put an up-do style or tress it back and tie a ponytail. Don’t keep touching your hair and don’t keep brushing it. Just leave it and let it look the way it wants to look. Embrace the way you look and start enjoying the rain. There is nothing like enjoying the rain and the beauty of droplets. You will end up looking even sexier in wet hair!

-Pavithra Ravi

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