15 Things That You Must Avoid For Long Hair


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Women with long hair have the fun of styling it. They go endless with hairstyles twisting it as they want. But sometimes your hair would upset going unmanageable and with drastic hair fall.

What is that you are doing wrong with your long hair? Does it make a difference in care based on hair length? These are the basic questions that come in your mind. The longer one needs a little more care. If you want to maintain the hair length longer and stronger then you must avoid a few things.

All the women with long hair must avoid these 8 things. Your long beautiful hair is less at risk of hair fall and damage.

Things That You Must Never Do With Long Hair

1. Back combing your hair


This is one of the common mistakes women do with their hair. It is a bad treatment for your hair of any length. But long hair comes off the roots easily when you comb from back.

If your hair is tangled, then pulling it out from back directly can weaken your hair. So, avoid doing this.

Separate your hair into smaller sections and put in the front. Now, you must gently run the brush through your hair.

2. Skip to trim hair


If you want to save that last thin tip of your hair, then let me educate you about this- the hair ends you are saving are of no use.

Yes! What you heard is absolutely right. You are just saving the already damaged hair. You wonder why your hair is not growing further or what’s causing hair thinning. It is that your hair ends are damaged and you need to trim it off. That gives your hair a rebirth and a chance to grow.

If you skip the hair trimming then the damage stays there and doesn’t let your hair grow.

3. Tight tie with bands


Managing long is a big task! And hats off to the ladies who maintain it well. But to secure your hair, are you just tying it up tight? Then you are committing a mistake. You are giving unnecessary tension to your hair roots.

Your hair becomes weak when you tie it up tight. That is how you see a bunch of hair when you release it from a tight band.

Securing your hair with a band is a must. But not too tight. Keep it normal and don’t tie it tight for too long.

4. Using plastic brushes


The plastic brushes are generally rough on your scalp. This can affect your hair follicles and lead to hair fall.

The plastic brushes also tug in the long hair while brushing all the way down. Wooden combs and boar bristles or wooden bristle brushes are good for your long hair. This keeps your hair healthy and strong.

5. Unfollowing hair regime


As you have long beautiful hair, you feel there is less need to follow the gh hair regime. The point here is maintaining long hair as healthy and beautiful it is. And unfollowing the basic hair care can make your hair brittle and cause hair loss.

That is fine if you are not so interested in practicing home remedies for healthy hair masks. At least rejuvenate your hair with hot oil massage. This strengthens your hair and prevents frizziness.

6. Going with unbrushed hair


Do you just wrap your long hair and step out? Your long hair takes extra time just like the length is. Brushing it and styling long hair at the last minute is hard to do. So, you end up wrapping it without brushing. But don’t over do this.

Your long hair looks messy when it’s unbrushed. Prettiness with messy hair doesn’t last long. It becomes irritatingly messy in between. Easy chance for tangles as well. So, your hair for a long day.

7. Wrong pillow covers


We sleep for long hours which is around 8-10. You must care for your hair in every possible way. Silk pillow covers can keep your long hair frizz free. If you feel your hair is long but rough in texture, then you must try sleeping on a silk pillow.

The rough pillow covers can make your hair rough too. You will be at loss of hair smoothness and shine. I recommend you use a silk pillow cover for your long hair.

8. Styling hair in the same way


If you are going with the same hairstyle, you brush and fix your hair in the same way.

The natural oils do not distribute well with the same hairstyle. Brushing and styling in multiple ways rejuvenated your hair. The high pony for everyday or the same bun hairstyle is not just boring but also not a good idea to gain hair health.

9. Loose hairstyle always


Loose hairstyle with straightened or curly hair is a good choice for many women. I would advise women with long hair to avoid going with loose hair too often.

Open hair is more prone to split ends. So try hairstyles like braiding, buns and knots. This can keep your styled and hair damaged as well.

10. Washing hair with tangles


Your long hair is vulnerable to tangles easily. So it is a need to brush off your hair before washing it. If you are skipping this pre hair wash tip, then it creates even more tangles.

This is one of the hair brushing tips you must follow for long hair. The tangled hair leads to hair fall as you try to brush after wash. Remember to smoothly and gently brush the tangles and then go for hair wash.

11. Combing in wrong direction


Short hair is easy to comb. It is as simple as brushing through with fingers. Don’t try this long hair. In fact, you must be extra caring with your hair while combing it.

Not just to be gentle but also to comb in the right direction. Combining it in the opposite direction and changing it from side to side can weaken your hair. Don’t over do this. Handle your long hair with care to keep it strong.

12. Over washing hair


As it is lengthy hair, you want to feel the urge to wash and clean it. But remember that over washing can damage your hair.

It is common to lose hair while washing and post washing. This common becoming often can reduce the volume of your hair.

Again do not keep your hair unwashed for long. How often hair washing is a big question as part of hair care. It differs from hair type and length. Ideally, it is better to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.

13. Impatient while handling hair

Long hair can make you feel impatient sometimes. But don’t forget your long hair is your beauty feature. As you want to save your long hair, you must be careful while taking off the hairband. Do not just pull it off harshly. The harshness doesn’t just remove the band but also removes hair along.

Do not scratch your scalp or apply too much pressure while massaging your hair. This affects your hair health. You will see your long hair falling in long term with this impatient treatment.

14. Wrapping hair in rough towels


When you are wrapping your hair in rough towels after head bath, this can cause hair fall.

Do not wrap your hair tight to try. You must get the right towel for drying. The texture of the towel must be smooth and soft. The one which absorbs water well is a great for long and thick hair.

Whenever you want to towel dry your hair, pick a towel with smooth texture. Microfiber towels are the best for your long hair.

15. Skipping hair conditioner


You must condition your long hair without skipping. Your long hair gets knotted easily without a conditioner. To remove the hair tangles, you must condition your hair. The hair texture becomes smooth and silky with conditioning for every hair wash.

The other step that is included in hair conditioning is to apply serum. Serm also conditions your hair and removes tangles. It helps with the texture and shine of your hair. Find the best hair serum for your hair type.

To enjoy the long and beautiful hair, you must maintain it well. These conditions of avoicing for your long can maintain it well and without damage. Now, you know what to avoid and what to follow for your long hair.

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